75-Year-Old Suzanne Somers Is Rightfully Proud Of Her Nearly Nude Pic: 'It Was Natural'

Taylor Sakellis

Suzanne Somers is undeniably the queen of looking amazing at any age. Her commitment to health and wellness is almost as iconic as her role as Chrissy, the blonde bombshell in the beloved '70s sitcom, Three's Company. While her role in Three's Company landed her global recognition, her career as a candid wellness advocate has kept her in the headlines for decades.

The 75-year-old opened up about a recent nude picture she reshared on her social media (back when she was 74).

There's no denying Suzanne Somers is known for a lot of things, most notably her role as Chrissy on *Three's Company.*

To be honest, I never cared to watch the show post-Chrissy, no matter how much I loved John Ritter.

In addition to Three's Company, Suzanne is known for being very in love with her husband, Alan Hamel.

Having been married since 1977, it's clear the pair's passion for one another hasn't died down yet!

As you may recall, Suzanne admitted back in March she and her hubby have sex 3 times a day!

I know, right? I have a headache just reading that.

Despite people always telling Suzanne that she should stop talking about her sex life, it's undeniably so important!

Giphy | TV Land Classic

Her honesty about her body and intimacy is what lead her to post a beautiful, au natural photo in honor of Earth Day a few months back.

The picture, which was originally posted for her 73rd birthday, still made a huge splash online.

"I love the earth," Suzanne captioned the nude pic.

"I choose organic and toxic-free whenever possible because I know it’s better for me… and better for her! Happy Earth Day."

Now, the actress is opening up about her decision to pose nude, and how empowering it has been for her.

"To make it look like I was in the grass, I pulled my straps down and it was pretty cleavage-y. I wasn't nude," she clarified to Yahoo Life.

"I had no idea it was going to go viral, but it went viral because I was 73 and it was natural. I am proud of that picture."

When asked about her ageless demeanor, she responded: "Chronologically I am old, but I'm not old. I'm looking forward to the next three decades, honestly."

"Whenever I feel any negative coming into my brain, I push it away and exchange it with something positive, something that reeks of gratitude and has served me so well," she added.

"I have good hair and I have good skin and I'm not terribly wrinkled. And the wrinkles I have don't bother me because I deserve some at 74." In regards to those who want her to cover up, she says she is unphased by the hate: "I love the way my body looks."

As she should! Let Suzanne inspire us all to embrace the skin we're in!

h/t: Yahoo Life