20 'Accidents' That People Totally Did On Purpose

The rise of social media and Instagram celebs has led to a rise of dubious 'accidents.' I'm talking mostly about the cringey pics that OP tries to play off as an accident.

Some of these may, in fact, be accidents. But I don't buy that story for any of them.

"Never seen that mirror there before..."

Reddit | DieEneBart

Look, if you want to post a pic of your butt on Snapchat, just go ahead and do it already. Caption it, "This is my butt," rather than, "Tee hee, how did that mirror get there?".

"I was hacked, not that I'm unpopular."

It kind of seems like she's trying really hard to promote her song, but not enough people care, so she's falling back on a story about hacking. I mean, she didn't get 100,000 retweets, but 1,381 is nothing to sneeze at either.

"OMG guys don’t look!!! 🙈🙈🙈"

Reddit | [deleted]

I'm not sure what the gameplan is here. Did they want to post nudes while maintaining plausible deniability about posting nudes while also acknowleding that they posted nudes? Did they, in fact, delete the account? I have so many questions.

"Accidentally smiled at the neighbor’s dog while snapping ya go🤪🤷‍♀️."

Reddit | JohnWeed4-20

This is a nice posed pic and should be treated as such. It does not look at all like someone who just randomly happened to see a dog while messing with their phone.

"Silly kids. Always adding people on Facebook."

Reddit | SaltOnTheFan

I know the military has trouble recruiting, but this is taking things to another level. This is the 21st Century equivalent of cornering someone in a tavern and forcing them to join the navy.

"Some phones start taking photos when they sense you're drinking coffee."

Reddit | ergoegthatis

I have to get myself one of those phones. I've got one of those older dumbphones that has no idea whether I'm drinking coffee or not, and therefore won't take automatic selfies.

"Sure thing, Casey."

Reddit | SleepyDumplings

I'm not a particularly observant person, and I don't pay a lot of attention to fashion. Despite this, I'm pretty sure I'd notice if I was twinning this hard with a person for a whole half a day.

"I'm just gonna accidentally lead this parade I didn't know about."

Reddit | WantTacos

So they work somewhere that requires rainbow capes, were unaware that there was a big Pride parade taking place outside, and said parade was so desperate for a leader that they started following a random person?

"The farthest stretch I've ever seen."

Reddit | paulblartmallcap

Yes, I also find myself in the company of toddlers and say things to them that could be misconstrued as a pickup line, only to find that speech to text has inserted the line into a random chat. Happens all the time.

"How do you accidentally buy a car?"

Reddit | AnticShroom

Getting a new car is nice, but the actual process of buying one is like going through several layers of hell. It isn't fun, it's very deliberate, and there's zero chance you could do so accidentally.

"YouTube 'accidentally' gives mass notifications about a Logan Paul video to people that aren't subscribed to him."

Reddit | tiltedlens

As someone who spends a good amount of time on YouTube, I'd be absolutely mortified if it started pushing Logan Paul videos on me.

"Oops it was my toddler!"

Reddit | Purple_Pistachio

One common theme with these accidentally on purpose photos is that the person posting them often pawns responsibility off on their toddler. I mean, maybe a toddler took the pic, but only because they were told to.

"So quirky."

Reddit | mistefmisdononm

If their friendship is close enough that they're posing for prom photos together, the chances of them being totally unaware that they'd bought matching suits for prom are somewhere around zero percent. That said, the suits look nice.

"Can't fool us."

Reddit | AlwaysShip

This one is satisfying because a commenter calls out exactly why this couldn't be an accident, then OP responds. It isn't creepy to understand how angles and phones work, but I appreciate her effort to save face.

"Not like it was a photoshoot or anything."

Reddit | sgtsandwich

Most of the 'accidental' pics you see are at least taken by amateurs and look like they're taken by amateurs. This is the first I've seen that's very clearly a professional photoshoot.

"What a tragedy 🤷."

Reddit | steevkelp

If you're dying your hair blonde, you should need some blonde hair dye and maybe some bleach, right? From those two ingredients, I'm not entirely sure how the end result would be a shimmering rainbow of color.

"I hate it when that happens."

Reddit | ILoveSpoons4

It's so frustrating when a random homeless person steals your phone, decides to creepily interact with just one of your contacts, then sees the error of their ways and returns the phone to you the next day.

"Bugs caught me slippin'."

Reddit | garnaches

When they both fall asleep, I guess the phone's flash is illuminating their face for...reasons. Look, it's a cute pic. You don't need to add fake backstory about how you were asleep when it was taken.


Reddit | NoO0ah

This is one of those totally normal situations where your phone slips out of your hand and still takes a pic despite the fact that there are no hands on it to activate the shutter function. Happens all the time.

"Phone fell and took this accident selfie."

Reddit | ergoegthatis

Here's another example of a phone falling and just randomly taking a pic at the perfect time. It's frustrating when phones do this, but at least it always seems to result in the perfect photo.