20 Cool Pics With More Backstory Than We Can Fit On The Preview

There are some pictures out there that are begging for a backstory. Lucky for us, these pictures come with them. They may not be very long or detailed, but they give us a little more information, which is pretty important.

And honestly, they're all pretty fascinating. After all, the only thing better than a cool picture is one with a story to go with it.

"This house is a converted indoor pool, the basement is the bottom of the pool."

Yeah, it's pretty strange. But it's also pretty cool. I mean, how many people can say that their basement used to be a pool? Sure, you can't turn it into a rec room, but at least it has a lot of storage space.

"My pencil sharpened irregularly so when I tried to write an 8 it came out as a bubble character."

I feel like something like this has happened to all of us at least once during our school days. Pencils sure can be strange, but they end up making the coolest-looking effects, completely by accident.

"Old analog gas pump still in use, Orting, WA. Probably made in the 1970s."

I'm amazed that things like this still exist out in the world. Like, this pump is so old, my youthful eyes can't really understand how to read it. But at the same time, it would be kind of cool to try and get gas from it.

"My local Dairy Queen (regularly) gives out coupons that expired in 2007..."

I mean, if they give the expired coupons away, then that means they probably still accept them. Even though they probably shouldn't.

I'd definitely try to use that coupon, just to see how they react. They better put their money where their mouth is.

"A penny hiding in my desk with a AAA battery on top of it for months corroded like this."

If I didn't know any better, I'd probably just assume that this penny oxidized horribly. But nope, it's actually covered in battery acid. I probably wouldn't touch the thing with my bare hands, but at least it's cool to look at?

"I was finally able to get my cellphone mount off my windshield after record 119 degree heat here in Portland, Oregon basically melted the suction cup and glued it to the glass over the summer."

Yeah, that's kind of freaky. It's amazing though, that this person could finally get the mount off their windshield without breaking it. At least they didn't have to spend money on a new windshield.

"A leaf on my succulent broke slightly off the stem and it has started to grow a whole new plant."

You probably wouldn't know it just by looking at it, but this plant is pretty resilient. I mean, it's a succulent, so that shouldn't come by surprise. But really, who would've thought a leaf could grow into its own plant?

"This fell out of my book today. It is a Cleveland Transit System fare pamphlet from 1969."

Library and thrifted books are so cool. They can be like time capsules. People will leave the strangest things in them, and while we won't know their whole story, we can at least take a peak into the lives they would've lived.

"My AAA membership is older than I am. I renewed in February but I won’t actually be 41 until next week. My parents joined before I was born. That means when my boys start driving their card will say 42 years of membership but they will only be 16/17."

I honestly didn't know you could transfer you AAA membership like that. I want to see someone with a 100-year-old AAA membership someday.

"The woodchips in this park where replaced with recycled car tire chunks."

Looking at the ground in this playground, you'd probably just assume that it's covered in wood chips. After all, that's what's usually there.

But no, this one is covered in shredded car tires. That's actually really cool. Great way to recycle tires, too.

"Needed to trim my son’s hair and my mom gave me these scissors made in West Germany. My grandmother bought these probably 70 years ago in the 1950s and they’re still the best (and sharpest) pair of hair shears we’ve ever had."

It's kind of amazing how much history is in this pair of scissors. It comes from West Germany, which doesn't even exist anymore. And the fact that it's still so sharp just shows how good the quality is.

"The double yellow lines, previously at the side of the road, have been scattered in a random pattern after the setts have been relaid."

This road has a pretty cool pattern. And to think, it wasn't even intentional. They just relaid the bricks in a different way. Talk about breathing new life into an old road.

"I’m a resin artist and I make little miniworlds like this. The size is 25mm (1 inch)."

Resin is such a cool medium to work with. You can make the most amazing things with it. And since the stuff is so sturdy, it'll basically last forever.

I wish I had a pendant like this!

"My Two-Year-Old Daughter Surprised Me With A Sick New Skin For My PS5!"

Considering how hard it is to find PS5 systems right now (I'm still trying to find one), you'd probably want yours to be in the best condition for as long as possible. But I guess toddlers have other plans...

"A minivan has been discovered on the top of a bus shelter in France and no one knows how and why."

I think the strangest thing about this van on top of that bus shelter is the fact that no one knows how it got there. I'm hoping people come up with the most outlandish theories, just for fun.

"My mum painted this for my dad in 1999."

This 22-year-old painting is still really nice, even if it didn't quite stand the test of time. But knowing that it was made by one person for another makes it so much more personal, which makes it all the more special.

"While on a morning walk two years ago I saw a rain-soaked photo album in a box on the side of the road. Curiosity got the better of me and I opened it. Every single page was completely filled with selfies of the same woman in roughly the same pose."

I have to say, this is probably the last thing I'd ever expect to find in a random photo album at the side of the road. But, well, it exists.

"Kiwi, my best friend, getting ready to claw my couch to shreds, but looking lovely while doing it."

This picture shows this couch's last moments. It's like the calm before the storm.

And check that kitty's face out. She knows that the couch's days are numbered. I think we all know at this point.

"Local Bookstore."

This book store looks like its fighting back. Places like Amazon do have a bit of a Monopoly on books (and, like, everything else at this point), but that doesn't mean that we stop going to small book shops and supporting local businesses!

"My son and I used molten aluminum to cast an anthill. These are the tunnels and rooms they built under ground."

I (almost) feel bad for the ants that essentially got burned alive, but this is also a really cool look at the way ant colonies build their homes. Yeah, it's pretty amazing.

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