19 Embarrassing Cringe-Worthy Moments We Wish Weren’t Real

Imagine the most awkward moment that's ever happened to you.

Now, double that by 1000 because that's pretty much the scale for these 10+ people who endured the most cringe-worthy moments.

We're talking public rejections, accidental roasts, and uncomfortable misunderstandings. Heck, one girl accidentally sucked her dentist's finger...

If you're up for the challenge, see how far you can make it through this list without cringing!

This poor comedic timing.

Kyle may have died, but this person died inside over their poorly-timed joke.

It's really hard to say how you get yourself out of this uncomfortable situation. Maybe crack another joke to lighten the mood?

This man who played his PlayStation while his wife was in labor.

Annd Year's Worst Husband Award goes to... this guy.

We get that labor can be long and boring at times, but how about tending to your wife's needs?

This student who didn't grade well on his looks.

This Twitter user wrote, "i literally uploaded an image of myself to imgur for a computer science project and it got 11 downvotes and someone calling me ugly what the [expletive] lmao."

This guy who got publicly stood up.

Being rejected is never fun. Now, imagine being stood up before it even happened by a girl asking people on Snapchat to help her out.

Yikes. He dodged a bullet, at least.

This very uncomfortable misunderstanding.

This is why you take the time to read someone's post before replying. This would have saved everyone a whole lot of discomfort.

Maybe a game of Uno will cheer them up?

This person who found themselves on a very awkward date.

Dating is rough. Just ask this Twitter user:

"My roommate went on a bumble date and was nervous so decided to pound shots in her car once she got to the place they were meeting and the guy was parked next to her and watched her chug vodka for 5 minutes."

This accidental roast.

Now that's how you create an ex Capitals fan.

We are curious, though: what does this girl and her father look like with a face swap? Well, one Imgur user decided to find out.

This one-way friendship.

Ah, the cringe. We can relate: we write love letters to Ryan Reynolds all the time, but he never returns the favor.

Let's hope this guy tucked that story away, never to be read out loud for all eternity.

This guy who was ranked fourth.

Thanks to the popular video-sharing app, Tik Tok, we have a new way to feel awkward about ourselves. Hooray! Looking in the mirror was getting old.

Now we have strangers on the internet giving free ego checks.

This person whose gift wasn't appreciated.

"Former friend," we assume?

A lot of work goes into handmade gifts, so we can only imagine this person's disappointment. They need to hide it in that friend's house to mess with their mind.

This boyfriend who tried his best.

Bless his little heart! And bless this girl's mother for encouraging her daughter to do the right thing.

So many girls would kill for a man who cooked for them.

This insult to injury.

Happy Birthday, Gary! (Said no one ever).

To be fair, fewer people are wishing people "Happy Birthday" these days. We know that because we keep an Excel spreadsheet of which people wished us "Happy birthday" each year, and no, we're not crazy.

The backfired goodbye.

Oh, boy. This is kind of like the time Ross from Friends threw himself a fake funeral and no one really cared...

When you're putting your emotions on the line, be prepared for the potentially disappointing results.

This guy who's pretty behind in life.

Poor Troy. Many people set time markers for their life only to not accomplish them.

The only difference is most keep those numbers in our head, not actually scheduled in our calendar.

This person who is probably single now.

"Found for sale at a second hand store," wrote this Redditor. Yikes! "No matter what happens. No matter where we are," certainly takes on a new meaning now.

This person who needs a new dentist.


This person who was just trying their best.

This is a blessing, really. School makes for a hungry student.

So instead of sitting there learning, they could begin prepping all the ingredients for a nice lunch.

This guy who just doesn't get it.

Sorry to tell you this, but she's not into you, bro!

She either replied with the two options below, "That's weird" or "Ok, I'll check it out," or left him cluelessly believing she was hacked.

This guy who was rejected.

This one is too painful. He got served the fake "wrong number" letdown.

Let's hope Camryn is a more reliable group member at school than she was a potential girlfriend.