18 Times The Internet Successfully Tricked People

Ever since the internet came into our lives, it has been amazing for all sorts of reasons. It's allowed us to shop right from our couch, and who doesn't love the convenience of that? Um, hello, that would be me, ha, ha!

However, as with everything, there are pitfalls of shopping online. And the people in these examples learned that the hard way.

1. This $126 Bouquet

When you spend over a hundred dollars to order a flower bouquet online, you expect it to at least look decent, no? Well, how would you feel if you received this instead? A little disappointed? Oh, heck yeah.

2. This Toy Fail

You would think that shopping for toys online would be a breeze, no? Well, as it turns out, even something as simple as that can still be a giant failure. This toy doesn't even resemble the cuteness of the original picture.

3. This Witch's Hat

This lady was very excited after she ordered a witch's hat online, but what arrived definitely surprised her. Then, she found out she got scammed by a knock-off item. Thankfully, she did receive a refund for this subpar product here.

4. This Ill-Fitted Mask

I see people ordering all kinds of funky masks online. However, they expect them to fit their face perfectly when the reality is much different. Ha, ha! I think this lady learned that pretty quickly here, huh?

5. This Shark Costume

Truth be told, I ordered a Halloween costume online. And needless to say, I was on pins and needles until it arrived. To my pleasant surprise, it actually fits like a glove. I bet this person here was hoping for that too, hee-hee.

6. This Bait And Switch

Speaking of costumes, this person took a real shot and sadly missed. They thought they would receive the exact piece only to get stuck with this much cheaper and crappier version. Oh, boy! That's not cool. Am I right?

7. These Shoe Cabinets

I recently ordered a nice shoe cabinet from Amazon. I read the reviews thoroughly, though, before I placed my order. So I'm not sure what happened when this person was expecting two cabinets to arrive and got this instead. Holy, moly!

8. This Obvious Joke

Oh my goodness, what the heck is going on here? I've never seen anything like this, to begin with, but what arrived is more baffling than the real thing. Whoever received this must be quite disappointed.

9. This Ring Switch

Here's the thing, I've never shopped at Wish. I have seen my share of crazy items to know better. So I'm surprised this person actually thought that they would get a ring that looks as good as that, ha, ha!

10. This BOGO Sandwich Deal

This person had a BOGO Subway coupon and decided to try their "premium" $9 steak sandwich. This is what they got instead. Um, where's the steak? That's all I want to know. This is not right at all.

11. This Kid's Onesie

Our little niece is obsessed with Peppa Pig, so she would totally go crazy for this cute onesie here. But if she got the other one instead, I bet she would have quite the fit, hee-hee.

12. This Cat Tower

One day, I would love to get a cat tower like this one for our little rascal Mayu. I bet this lady was super excited to treat her cats, too, until all she got was this piece of cloth. WTF?

13. This Clothing Fail

You too would be very excited if you were expecting a gorgeous top adorned with pearls. But to get something like this instead, must have been quite the shock to the system, no? Oh my gosh! That is so crazy.

14. This Plush Alpaca

I don't know why but I'm absolutely obsessed with alpacas lately. So if I saw this plushie online, I would want it too. However, what turned up is nothing like it at all. What a shame, huh?

15. This Baby Yoda

Speaking of things that are adorable, I would count Grogu (aka baby Yoda) among them, too. And I, of course, want one for myself. Hopefully, it won't look as awful as this one here. What the heck is that?

16. This 'Deadpool' Costume

Again, word to the wise, be careful where you order costumes online. If it's not a retailer you know and trust, I would stay clear of it all. Unless you think this Deadpool here is acceptable.

17. This Wedding Dress

What could go wrong when you order a $100 wedding dress online from Wish? Everything, ladies. Everything! I wouldn't wear this thing to any event, much less my own wedding. Perhaps it's best to use it as firewood.

18. This Wool Hoodie

Buying clothes online is always a gamble. Am I right? It's especially so when you don't know the retailer. This guy bought a hoodie, and when it arrived, it looked quite different than the picture, ha, ha!

Ah, the joys and aches of shopping online.

I'm so thankful that I haven't had such bad experiences with buying stuff on the net. The worst I've ever got was a wrong size or something I just didn't like. But I always managed to get it sorted out. How about you? Did you have any bad luck?