Quotes For When Online Shopping Has Become Your Only Hobby

Whether it's due to being at home more during the pandemic or it's actually always been a natural way of life, online shopping has become one of the ultimate hobbies.

Maybe you need what's in your cart, maybe you don't, but there's nothing more satisfying than seeing yet another package arrive at your front door. We've compiled some quotes that embody just how glorious the hobby of online shopping really is.

This quote is for those who are more than a little romanced by online shopping.

Some people wait around the phone all day for a cute boy to text, while others wait around the phone all day for a text that an adorable online order has been shipped.

Online shoppers know their priorities.

Here's one for those dealing with a hobby out of control.

It's all fun and games until...well, we suppose it's always fun even when you've lost track of how much you've ordered or what might arrive at your door.

It's kind of like expecting surprises on Christmas morning.

This is one for anyone who uses online shopping as their retail therapy.

Therapists are expensive and clothing stores can have annoyingly long lines, so online shopping pretty much kills two birds with one stone by being incredibly satisfying and easily performed from the comfiness of your couch in your jammies.

Finally, here's one for those who make grabbing their packages a daily outing.

There are people who go for a jog and others who run errands around town. However, many appreciate the finer outdoor activities, like opening their door, taking in the beautiful day and then grabbing their packages and closing the door until more packages arrive.

Let us know what you think of these online shopping quotes in the comments and if any or all of them resonate with you.

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