20 Times Online Shopping Turned Out To Be More Difficult Than It Should Be

Modern shopping has turned largely online, which has been a great move for some, and a huge hindrance for others. If you're like me and love to squirrel away in your home and enjoy the thrill of receiving a package, you must love online shopping!

Not everyone is suited for the life of an online shopper though, as seen here with 20 times online shopping turned out to be more difficult than it should be.

"Note to self...check the dimensions of EVERYTHING before ordering on Amazon..."

Trust me, no one in this situation is more confused or disappointed than your cat. Unfortunately, your cat isn't just disappointed in the item, but in you. Every day without a new cat tree he'll look upon you and wonder why you taunted him so with this.

"Accidentally bought my toad 100 top hats instead of one while I was drunk online shopping..."

Having a few of the same clothing item isn't a bad thing, reduces the need to wash them between wears, and those individual pieces will last longer because of it.

A hundred though? That might be a bit overkill. He'll only wear each one three or four times a year!

"Housemate put this sign on our door after Amazon repeatedly posted 'sorry we missed you' cards whilst we were home."

I understand the frustration of delivery drivers, especially for package delivery, not knocking or making their presence known at all. It sucks, it's a real modern struggle.

Do you know what will make them want to do it less, though? A passive-aggressive note like this one, though I admire the sheer levels of pettiness.

"I bought Ikea furniture online to be delivered... and one bowl."

Ikea has the opposite mindset of Amazon. While Amazon will put the tiniest item in the biggest of boxes, Ikea is trying its best to send the least amount of packaging they can with every order. They also have incredibly strong bowls, apparently.

"My daughter had my wife’s phone on a long car ride. She ordered all the Barbie dream houses from Amazon."

All of the Barbie dream houses in this image, or all of the Barbie dream houses that Amazon had in stock? If it's the latter, I fear for your next few delivery days. You could build your own dream house with how many boxes you'll recieve.

"The cheap coat I bought online for a laugh was terrible, but the label made it worth it..."

I appreciate the warning, but what is the smell of the inevitable? Obviously it's peculiar, but in what way? Does it make me question my current path, the future which I'm hurtling towards constantly? Or does it just smell kind of plastic-y.

"Any one from Amazon missing a glove?"

Probably, but they have plenty of 'em! What you need to do is order another package this size and hope the same thing happens. You'll get a pair of gloves for free! Now that's a good deal.

"Always take notice of a product's size when shopping online."

A lesson learned many times over in this list, but always funny nonetheless. That ladle is the size of a bowl all on its own. Forget serving soup with it, serve soup in it, one less dish to wash!

"When you order online, Domino's tells you the name of your delivery driver."

Their intentions are sweet so this isn't directed at them, but as someone who worked a customer service job where I wore a nametag, it was always super awkward when customers would actually call me by my name! I can't imagine how weird it is for Domino's drivers who's names are given away by the website.

"UPS driver wouldn’t deliver to my friends house because of the 'dogs with big ears'."

In the diver's defense, no matter if it were a dog or a goat, if I saw any animal running at me like it was charging, I'd also get the hell out of there. A fence like that can only hold an animal for so long, and I don't want to be what motivates it to bust out of there.

"[When Amazon] randomly sends you 20lbs of playdough but the best part is the forgotten Amazon scanner."

This wasn't a random gift, this is part of their onboarding program. No need to get you to a fulfillment center when they can just train you at home! Now get to scanning and send that Play-Doh to its true owners!

"I deliver packages for Amazon, and came across this high tech security system."

It being poisonous isn't a problem, as that means I'll only get sick if I eat it. Who would break into someone's house just to eat their pet snake? Seems weird to me, you'd think they'd break in to steal something.

"Thought my Amazon app was frozen, guess not."

Like pressing the TV remote button harder when it's not working, we've all over-clicked a button when our computer freezes. However, I've never over-clicked it what looks to be at least 50 times? Did you not notice the 50 separate shipping emails you got?

"In an unusual turn of events, Amazon has decided to mail me 72 Chinese Finger Traps instead of my multivitamin."

Who needs to enrich their bodies when you can enrich your brain instead? Completing a mental challenge such as a finger trap is the brain equivalent to eating three multivitamins. I definitely read that on a medical website and didn't just make it up.

"Amazon shipped six hard drives rattling loose in a box. I attached a note to the RMA tag..."

They make a great point about the comic sans thing. It's hard to read anything in an angry or stern tone of voice when it's printed in Comic Sans. Sorry about your hard drives, but this is actually a great potential life hack!

"My dad bought a wool hoodie online and the proportions were a bit off."

You know when public executions were a thing and they had the masked executioner actually doing it? This is like a modern executioner look. Keeping your identity hidden while staying as cozy as can be in the cooler months, fashion and function!

"Dad made the classic mistake of buying something on amazon without checking it's size. We now have two 10-foot lamps."

I have a lot of questions. Let's run through them. Why do they make lamps this big? Who needs 10-foot lamps? Do they actually work? Are there giant lightbulbs in them? How were these delivered? How much did they cost? How did your dad not notice?

And finally, what was the look on the delivery guy's face when he wheeled these out?

"I deliver for Amazon, this came up halfway thru my route. A little drastic I'd say lol."

Drastic to you maybe, but not to anyone who owns a cat. As much as I think our cats love and cherish us, they're also waiting for the moment we keel over so they can begin their feast. My cat is, at least.

"When your wife thinks she is buying individual bananas while online grocery shopping."

All these bunches and not even one on the hook. That's just disrespectful.

I hope you're ready for banana bread! Lots of it. Just so much banana bread. Endless loaves. Maybe start scheduling a bake sale now so you're prepared when it happens.

"Turns out I’m not very good at online shopping."

Remember everyone, if a price looks too good to be true, it probably is! Your next course of action is to either buy one the right size, or fill in that top half of the wall and pretend that that one is the right size already.

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