20 Pics Weirder Than Uncle Greg After His Second Glass

There sure are a lot of strange things in the world. That one cousin you only see on holidays. The neighbor's dog. That feeling of Deja Vu you get every now and then.

And of course, these pictures. They show some pretty strange, pretty random things that people have actually found out in the world. A little unbelievable, but also perfectly believable.

"My mate actually made a comfortable grass couch."

I'm having a really hard time wrapping my head around this one. It's a whole couch made of grass. Seems like it would be comfy, but I'd be worried about all the grass stains that'd end up on my butt from sitting on it.

"The feet on this bench at my gym look a lot like an impaled iPhone."

So... we're sure that this isn't just an impaled iPhone after all? Because to me, it just looks like someone stuck a phone underneath this bench leg and called it a day.

And at a gym, too. How random.

"Rodent is storing acorns in my car’s vent."

Sure, it's not really that weird for a rodent to store acorns somewhere. But finding a stash in your car vent is really unexpected. Wish these tiny critters would just dig holes or something.

"This ornate column in Bank of Ireland reminds me of Tim Curry."

See, now I can't unsee it. I'm imagining this as what Tim Curry would've looked like if he was cast in that Cats movie from a few years ago. And now you can't unsee it either. My work here is done.

"Maintenance guy at a building I'm contracting for does check marks backwards."

This just means he's left handed. How do I know? Because I used to do my checkmarks the same way as a kid, until I got shamed by my right handed classmates into turning them all around (tragic, I know).

"Found a snake on my pineapple plant outside."

Finding a snake isn't really that weird, since snakes kind of exist and all. But what is weird is finding a snake outside, and then bringing it inside your house to take a picture of it. Hopefully it doesn't get lost in there.

"This huge leaf we found on a hike today."

If it weren't for the caption, I'd probably just assume that someone with an incredibly tiny hand was holding that maple leaf. But no, it's just a really big leaf. Surprisingly, that isn't as weird as a person with tiny hands.

"This giant tortoise was born in 1884."

Unless modern medicine progresses a lot in the next few decades, I doubt any of us are going to live to 137 or beyond. How does it feel, knowing you'll never be as old as this tortoise?

"This extra long squash!"

Are we sure this is a super long squash? Are we sure it isn't a broom handle, or some kind of incredibly sturdy baguette? Or literally anything that isn't a squash? Because I'm not so sure.

"The city sent a sign crew instead of a clean up crew for broken glass. 7 days and counting."

To be honest, this seems like the exact kind of weird, counterproductive thing a city would do. Why clean up a mess when you could just put a sign up and call it a day?

"If Charlie Brown grew tomatoes..."

Funny enough, this looks almost exactly like the tomato plants I grow at home. The only difference is that it actually managed to grow a couple of tomatoes. How it did that is beyond me, but it's better than nothing at least.

"My cats turned the sign from dirty to clean after I started the dishwasher."

I wonder if these cats actually know what they're doing, or if they just like turning the knob for fun. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it was some kind of combination of both of those things.

"Found at Walmart. I will not try."

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that pumpkin spice is a great flavor. But this might be taking it a little too far...

I can't imagine a universe where this would taste good. It's just plain unappetizing.

"This tiny pineapple along with this tiny apple."

I honestly thought that the pineapple and apple were regular-sized. That is... until I saw the coin. So, unless that quarter is abnormally large, we have some cute, tiny fruit on our hands.

"The way the rain eroded this pile of sand."

I wonder what the pile looked like before it got rained on. Like, was it just a pile-shaped pile, or did it have a fun design to it, like a sandcastle? I guess we'll never know.

"Heavy rain last night made my wall 3D."

Sure, it looks kind of cool, but this is definitely the kind of thing you should probably get a professional to take care of. Water bubbles appearing in your walls after rain means it might be time for a new roof.

"This sign I saw in a neighborhood."

I'm not doubting the fact that a stray toad or two have been known to wander onto this street. But I want to know how often it really happens. Clearly, it happens enough to warrant a whole sign, but still.

"These two hollow ice cubes fused together trapping some iced coffee between them."

The coffee that ended up in the ice isn't a problem. What is a problem, though, is the fact that it made what looks like a human toe. How can you even drink that iced coffee with a toe staring back at you?

"This brand new Chik-Fil-A near me has an order window that is also a door."

This is, like, one part weird and one part cool. After all, regular drive thru windows are always too far from your car window, which means you end up having to lean over to pay or get your stuff.

Still... it's just so strange to look at.

"Walked into the kitchen and saw the box of upside down penne and my eyes went immediately to 'Kay.'"

Those pasta pieces are literally spelling out the name Kay, which is super uncanny. I wonder if it was some kind of hidden message for someone named Kay. This box could hold all sorts of other secrets, too.

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