17+ Mistakes That Made Our Day

We all make a bit of a mess of things from time to time. However, sometimes our various screw-ups can inadvertently make our day even better.

From people finding the most hilariously ingenious ways to craft makeshift umbrellas to people accidentally ordering everyone to eat cake while driving, here are 18+ mistakes that made our day!

"I used the wrong lens when taking a pic of my dog."

Nope, no you didn't. This is 100% the right lens for taking pictures of a dog. It makes him look like the dog from Up, which is never a bad thing!

"I hope my kid is half this happy..."

I cannot stop laughing at this. How did the marketing team look at that picture and think, "Yeah, that's the emotion that we want to convey in relation to our product."

"Angry garfields!"

This is the crossover we have all been waiting for. Also, I just love how outright hideous it is, that is such an awful vest that I kind of want one.

"False fart accusations can have real consequences!"

For anyone struggling to make this out, the heartbreaking note reads, "I am running away because you think I farted when I didn't. Ps You are mean." I hate it when a fake fart comes between a family.

Orginial Pirmlges!

I like how they have also given the Pringles guy a nice new 'do as well. He's gone for more of a '70s mullet look here!

The Cutest Mistake Of All!

Ah, but you can't really feel bad for making a mistake and feeding this cat twice when it has a face like that!

"I just feel like someone should've noticed how bad the logo is."

I guess that the quality of the logo depends on what they are actually selling. I'll leave it up to your imagination from here on out actually.

"The mom on the right looks like she got the baby's head but not the baby!"

Every year, countless people tragically lose their lives when people take the game "Got your nose!" too far. Don't be one of those people, steal noses responsibly! And, when the fun stops, stop!

This Tattoo Doesn't Look Well...

Oh, wow, and that is with this person for life! I hope that they're happy with it...although, I cannot see how they possibly could be.

"This hideous statue of Tinker Bell!"

I love it, I think that it really ties that park together! Also, I cannot imagine how many kids this must scare the living daylights out of on a daily basis.

Seems Safe Enough!

There is absolutely no way that something like this can be road legal. Also, can you imagine how much of a nightmare that would be to drive around?!

"A birthday cake gone wrong..."

I wonder what they were going for with this cake? Probably not what it ended up looking like. Also, the choice to make it a chocolate cake has also come back to bite them on the...well, you know.

"That's...not a fox?"

It's kind of creeping me out how they have made it look like that raccoon knows that it is above the wrong text. It looks like it's saying, "Go on, tell me I'm not a fox...I dare you!"

"Caution: Children Are Very Spicy!"

I mean, regardless of whether they're served with chili sauce or not, I really don't think that people should be eating children. Call me old-fashioned if you like, but that's just how I feel.

"Etsy shop sent the wrong apron — now I have an apron with this random guy's face."

I think that this is the perfect present for someone, an apron with a random guy's face on it. Imagine how confused they would be...and rightly so.

"Nutritional advice, brought to you by Target!"

The key here is that it says that you will have a "better" daily routine and not a "healthier" one, so it's not wrong!

"I wonder how many people have backed into this fire hydrant?"

I would hazard a guess that not enough have yet. At least they painted it yellow to warn people about it which is...a thing.

"Highlighted the bad part of family."

I think that the incidental abbreviation that they have created here pretty much sums up how a lot of people feel at family gatherings.

You Don't Have To Tell Me Twice!

Well, if the sign says so! Looks like I'll have to try and get a miniature Krispy Kreme machine for my passenger seat.

"No umbrella? No problem!"

Wait, so is this just a fella using his ingenuity or is this a bus stop ad for a place where you can buy humans?