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20 Random Pics Of Odd Things People Saw And Shared

I see you, reader, about to check out another list of random, unique, odd stuff caught in the wild.

Peruse these pics and enjoy them, but once you're done I have one request: the next time you see something weird when you're out and about, take a pic and share it online.

"Major flooding in Switzerland allowed this strange pic to be snapped."

Reddit | Julices_Grant

It might not be wise, but I'd really like to sit on this bench, just dangling my feet in the water and observing the massive flood. Realistically, I'd probably drown.

"This sewer cover in my city has some odd letter placement/choices."

Reddit | skumgullian

When it comes to the lettering on storm drains, usually things are done in an evenly spaced block font. The placement of the 'Y' is weird for sure, but don't sleep on the unique font.

"Strange lightplay on my friend's wall in the afternoons."

Reddit | OccamsBeard

Unless this person just exhaled a big cloud of vapor or lives in a perpetually dusty environment, these light patterns are weird indeed. I wonder what factors go in to making them happen.

"That odd one out."

Reddit | Bullorg74

I have so many questions here. It took me a moment to look at each package, then I noticed that they all last up to three weeks...except for the one that lasts up to four weeks. I know which one I'm choosing.

"A strange mural found after removing the paint in my aunt's new house."

Reddit | CliffordTDog

Moving into an older house can often be an unnerving experience. I don't know what that art means, but it certainly shifted the needle from "fun old fixer-upper" to "cursed."

"Friend bought an N64 game, found this inside."

Reddit | goodpeopleskills

I learned two things today: Nintendo 64 cartridges have a lot of empty space, and that space could hypothetically be used to smuggle drugs. Consider this a PSA to check your N64 cartridges for potential contraband.

"Vape detection in our school restrooms."

Reddit | FreeDoot

I didn't know that vaping could be detected by any kind of device. Is this just a warning along the lines of, "If you pee in the pool, there's a chemical that will make it turn blue"?

"Little guy I found at work."

Reddit | JnS_THQ

When you spend all day working in a warehouse, things get to feel pretty sterile. There's no connection to nature. Then, when the stars align just right, nature might just wind up coming to you.

"When you clean out the tablesaw after a few jobs it looks straight up geological."

Reddit | happierpanda2020

I don't know if this reminds me more of a layered gem, a cross-section of road, or a delicious deli sandwich. In any case, I'm hungry.

"I found this fence on a walk."

Reddit | Wiskid86

This just gets more interesting the longer I look at it. None of the pillar shapes are explicitly faces, but they're very reminiscent of different types of human face. I don't think there are any doubles, either.

"A receipt found in a book from 1992. Not a vegetable in sight."

Reddit | Dabmasterrick

I don't know if I'm more impressed by the fact that all of this only cost a little over twenty bucks, or by the fact that people in 1992 apparently didn't eat vegetables.

"Building Shaped Like Picnic Basket, Newark, OH. (currently abandoned)."

Reddit | _IAmGrover

This building, appropriately enough, was the headquarters for a basket company. It's a shame they had to move out, because it's going to be hard to find another basket company that might want to move in.

"The Amsterdam Schiphol airport has a 'no balloons' policy."

Reddit | anubiscalls

There has to be a story behind this sign. Were people using balloons to circumvent airport security somehow? Has Pennywise the clown been hanging out in Amsterdam? I need answers.

"So uh, Ikea in Singapore decided to release a completely black hot dog."

Reddit | Currynrice9728

Anytime I go to Ikea, getting a hot dog and ice cream is a must, mostly because they cost, like, 50 cents. I'm not sure I'd be so keen if everything looked like charcoal, though.

"It’s a BBQ truck."

This is either a really weirdly generic BBQ purveyor, or a surveillance van. May as well put "Definitely a BBQ truck and definitely not a surveillance van" on the side in big block letters, because this isn't fooling anybody.

"Snuck into my local, abandoned and vandalized '80s mall. Now tragic monument to a lost way of life."

Reddit | nathanimal_d

Many of us have fond memories of shopping malls, most of which are abandoned like this one by now. When you think of it, the heyday of malls — the '80s and '90s — was a cruelly short period of time.

"My dog, Ginger, has a zigzag pattern of dark fur down the middle of her tail."

Reddit | MechanicalDruid

I wonder if this is just a random abnormality in the dog's fur or if it was caused by something. In any case, zig on, Ginger.

"I don't know who needed to see a 42 lb / 19 kg block of cheddar today, but here it is."

Reddit | jlmckelvey91

You know, considering this block of cheese is heavy enough that it might be a two-person job, it doesn't really look as big as I thought it would.

"These old shaving kits that I found."

Reddit | Kyleforshort

I love how compact these are. Modern razors are all about adding seventeen blades to each razor and having an artisanal blade that can't be disassembled. I appreciate the simplicity of these older kits.

"The range of t-shirt colors worn by these teenagers at the museum."

Reddit | dinnersateight

What, you and your friends never had a "let's dress in primary colors and go down to the museum" day? It's a blast, let me tell you, and it might even get you featured in a listicle.

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