20 Weird Pics Of Things People Found In Their Travels

Everything that happens to or around you is the result of tons of minuscule decisions that influenced events throughout history, moving down the line until they made their way to you. Sometimes these decisions breed new discoveries, which is the phenomenon highlighted in this list.

Here's a few you can check out for yourself with these weird pics of things people found in their travels.

"Last year we had a bag break and it dropped a 1.75L bottle of vodka and the pavements been clean there ever since."

Not the cheapest cleaning solution, but an extremely effective one! I'd be way too tempted to buy enough to douse the whole driveway with. Better yet, fill a pressure washer with it and blast away current stains while preventing future ones.

"This dinosaur was a target in an archery competition."

Archers must get tired of just staring at targets all day, maybe getting the odd chance to aim at a model woodland animal, I don't blame them for wanting to mix it up a little!

Or, maybe, archers know something we don't, and they're prepping for the near future.

"A classroom in my university has a tree growing inside of it."

It's not the school's fault, the room below this one is home to the biology department and they were running some pretty wacky experiments that caused this to sprout up a bit faster than they were intending.

They were so proud of it though, cutting it down would be heartbreaking, so they went with building around it!

"The San Diego Zoo uses special effects for the Bear enclosure."

I wish I had wildlife care specialists introduce some unusual occurrences in my habitat as I'm still working from home. An elaborate system of cues that spark complex behaviors would be the perfect way to mix up my routine and keep me mentally stimulated.

"My sister got a mini starfish in her mussels."

This poor little sea star was just looking to hitch a ride somewhere and ended up getting a lot more than he bargained for. He was only hoping to get closer to the shore, this is way past his destination!

"This fountain looks like a place to sit."

There's no way this wasn't done on purpose. Whoever designed this must work in a building nearby and only put it in so they'd have some free entertainment from their office view as they watch people sit and immediately soak themselves. Evil, yes, but still entertaining nonetheless.

"This parking lot at my grandparents house."

This looks like someone was in the middle of planning this pretty meticulously, they had the layout and were just placing where the pots would go, then someone bumped the table and knocked them all out of place but the designer rolled with it anyway.

"The sands have risen so high, this staircase goes to nowhere."

The sand has finally started its offensive maneuvers. We laugh now at a buried staircase here and there, but we shouldn't take this lightly. It will keep creeping ever forward until it breaches past the beaches, towards our homes! The sand will consume us all.

"My [McDonald's] burger had a bug baked into the bun…"

I'm imagining a comedy skit where a group of employees try really hard to convince a customer that it's a single burnt sesame seed, even if it's still alive and skittering around the bun.

Or that it's a new experimental topping McDonald's is testing out. It's failing the tests.

"Saw it on a bouncing castle. Still can't remove from my system."

This is advice for the internet as a whole. Well, less advice and more of a desperate plea. Just because you see something horrifying that permanently alters your brain forever, does not mean you need to share it with others. None of us wanted to see this.

"A coatrack with titanium total joint prostheses as coat hooks at my work."

The person who uploaded this said they worked at a specialist's office, so thematically it's fitting, but they didn't know whether these were unused manufacturer's samples or something a lot more unsettling. I'd be too afraid of the answer to even ask.

"This restaurant prices children's menu based on height."

I get the decision behind this as it's easy to lie about your kid's age but you can't lie about their height, but I have a friend who's a full-grown adult that's just shy of 5 feet tall. Does he get to pay the child price?

"[We] have a self-driving bus in my city."

Is a small self-driving bus versus a full-size self-driving bus similar to training wheels on a bike versus no training wheels. "We just need to make sure you don't accidentally crash or hit anyone before we let you carry more people!"

"Random old chimney and fireplace in the middle of the woods. Found off trail while fishing in North West Pennsylvania."

Either there is something hidden up in that chimney or you have to start a fire in it to unlock some nearby puzzle mechanic. It might be a bit tedious, but at the end a chest will appear and you'll get some pretty good loot for it!

"The residential neighborhoods in my town are still lit only by gas light."

This is actually so cool. It has to leave the neighborhood with such a neat energy at night, and it must look beautiful in the colder months, too!

It's time we forsake new technology and return to the streetlights of olde. Bring gas lamps back!

"Hotel in Iceland. It's supposed to tell you which rooms are on which floor."

Oh, that's what it's supposed to tell me? Because all it's doing for me at the moment is giving me a headache and making me question if I ever understood how to read in the first place.

"Metal pirate ship lamp my mom 'had' to get at a flea market because 'it was so horrible'."

No, no, I get this. I am also a lover of extremely tacky and quite frankly ugly decor that makes people wonder why you ever touched it, let alone bought it. It has such a charm to it, and they're always truly unique!

"Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. The pigeons at the refinery I work at made nests out of stainless tie wire and zip ties."

Whatever babies are raised in these nests are going to be tough as nails by the time they're adults. Those pigeons will rule all the local streets, taking any food scraps for themselves, and beating up any other birds that try to move in on their territory.

"Maybe a cemetery isn’t the best theme to go with for a Children’s Hospital Ad."

Oh no. I know it's October, but not everything needs a Halloween theme. This just makes it look like those stories waiting to be told all have extremely unhappy endings, and that your hospital want to make those come true.

"This elevator."

What constitutes a small jump? Is that just a stomp? Will a full, regular jump cause the whole thing to go crashing down? You know what, nevermind, I'll just go find the stairs instead.

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