18 Pics That Perfectly Sum Up The Phrase 'You Had One Job'

I'm what they call a "perfectionist", which means that I can't settle for anything less than — well, perfection.

So when I see people drop the ball on the job, it really infuriates me. I mean, would it kill you to get it right? Apparently, yes, ha, ha. The following examples are the worst of the worst, and all we can do is just laugh.

1. This Electrical Outlet

Don't you love it when somebody thinks that installing an outlet like this is sufficient? Wow. If I saw this in my kitchen, I would be quite ticked, and there's no way to fix it now.

2. This Welcoming Sign

I have to admit I didn't enjoy shopping at Walgreens when I was in the U.S. Everything was so expensive, and now this? Yeah, no thanks, Walgreens. You're not getting me in your door anytime soon.

3. This Birthday Cake

Here's why I never order a cake on the phone. It's especially true if you have special instructions to convey. You never know what can get lost in translation. I'd love my 30s to start with stars and sprinkles, too, hee-hee.

4. This Security Message

Oh, no! Say it isn't so? Did they just disclose this person's password? That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, eh? Who is the genius who designed this security system here? They need to get fired ASAP.

5. This New Color

Did I tell you that my favorite color is gray? Oh, yes. However, I never heard of whatever they're trying to pull off here. Leave it to Amazon to invent a brand new color right in front of our eyes.

6. This Airport Screen

I bet whoever arrived at this airport, was pretty peeved off when they expected to check on their flight status on this screen here. Hello, IT person, you had one job, and you failed at it miserably.

7. This Paving Job

Oh my! What kind of paving job is this? When you look on the right, everything looks okay, no? But then you glance at the left, and this is what you find. It must be one wild ride, though.

8. This Fortune Cookie

You really know your life is going down the drain when you get a fortune cookie with no fortune inside of it. Whoever packed this must've not realized how depressing getting one like that could be to someone. How sad!

9. This High School Locker

As it turns out, you have to be one tall kid to use this locker here. In my high school, lockers were assigned randomly, so I would have had a hard time using this one being only 5'3.

10. This Odd Questionnaire

It's pretty clear that whoever set up this questionnaire had no idea what the word allergies even meant? So they left this as is even though it makes zero sense whatsoever. Pat yourself on the back, sir.

11. This Emergency Alert

Wouldn't you think that when you get an emergency alert, it would be for something important? Am I right? Well, if that's the case, then this person here really doesn't take their job seriously. What a total joke.

12. This Sink

Is it just me, or do you also think the engineer who installed this must've gotten licensed online? If this is the way things are going, then I fear for all of our future. Isn't it unbelievable or what?

13. This Movie Display

Who here is a fan of nonfiction? There are so many interesting stories to learn from, huh? Unfortunately, whoever set up this display here clearly needs to go back to school hehe. Ah yes, l love the biography of Paw Patrol.

14. This Starbucks Drive-Thru

Oh, my. What the heck is the deal here, huh? Did I miss something? Is Starbucks doing an invisible drive-thru for Hogwarts students or a coven of witches? Otherwise, I don't understand what exactly is happening here.

15. This Rushed Mail Delivery Job

It's really cool that Door Dash provides you with a photo of when your food gets delivered to your door. However, this driver here was clearly in a huge rush to provide something as unusable as this. WTF?

16. These Ceiling Panels

I get it installing ceiling panels may not be the most exciting job out there. But still, would it kill them to at least attempt to do it right, so it aligns perfectly? I guess it's asking for too much.

17. This Parking Lot

Wow, this is indeed one unusual parking lot. Perhaps it's because it's located at a seniors' building that they designed it this way. But then again, it doesn't make too much sense to me either way.

18. This Spaghetti Sauce

All this person wanted was to make some spaghetti. But I guess after opening this can here, they realized they're pretty much out of luck, ha, ha! How does that even happen, huh? I guess we'll never know.

I don't know about you, but these examples here infuriated me to no end.

I really can't stand it when people don't take their job seriously enough. How about you? Does it annoy you too? I mean, let's all put more thought into what we do every day. That way, all of our lives would be easier. Deal?