18 Satisfying Pics That Made Our Inner Perfectionists Jump For Joy

Humans crave order in times of chaos. That is a fact. So it's no surprise that looking at objects that are perfectly aligned evokes a satisfying emotion, especially when you're a perfectionist like me.

So I thought I would give your brain a mental break while you feast your eyes on these little gems here. You're welcome. I hope you'll enjoy what you see indeed.

1. This Frosted Sculpture

At first, I thought it was two people sitting on a bench, but then I realized it was an actual sculpture. Doesn't the frost make it look like it's a painting or a picture? It's absolutely stunning how it got highlighted here.

2. This Perfectly Glazed Cake

Cake decorating is an art. You can't deny that. I not only struggle with baking but forget about decorating. This perfectly glazed cake here is making me feel inadequate, but I love it anyway, hee-hee!

3. This Plant

If you're a fellow plant-lover, you'll appreciate this picture here. What does that make you think of, huh? For me, it's either Minecraft or the definition of a square root. How about that? It's pretty clever, right?

4. These Two Cats

If you thought this was a white cat with its shadow, you would be wrong. It's actually two cats sitting side by side. Oh, my! Isn't it so cool how this picture turned out? I absolutely love that.

5. This Denim Display

Is it just me, or do you also feel quite satisfied when you see a nicely arranged product display like this one? The person who folded and organized all these pants must feel pretty dang good about themselves.

6. This Vacuuming Job

If you're a clean freak like me, I bet you'll rejoice after seeing this. Isn't it so amazing when your vacuum cleaner fits perfectly into a gap you're trying to clear? Oh, yes, a job well done indeed.

7. This Truck's Parking Spot

Well, what do you know? What are the odds of this truck being able to fit perfectly into this parking spot in Tokyo? I say about one in a million, ha, ha! Does that sound about right?

8. This Curled-Up Dalmatian

I'm not sure about you, but I love to watch my cat curl himself into a ball to sleep. I'm always amazed at how animals can easily do that. Take this dalmatian, for example, doesn't he look like some kind of vortex? Ha, ha!

9. These Croissant Dragons

Speaking of cute animals, what do you think of these croissant dragons. I don't know if I should just stare at them in awe or eat them? I can't believe somebody went through all that trouble to make them. Amazing, huh?

10. These Coffee Grounds

I admit I wasn't sure what I was looking at here. And then the person who posted this picture explained it. This is actually the way the grounds come out of their coffee maker. Isn't it so cool?

11. This Cornucopia Of Mushrooms

Oh my goodness, I don't think I've ever seen an awesome array of colorful mushrooms in one place. If I were the one who found all of these, I would be taking a million pictures.

12. This Moving Truck Stacking Job

Moving sure is a pain in the arse. Do you agree with me on that? But I really wish the movers I hired could do a stellar packing job like this one. It's a thing of beauty, no?

13. These Cotton Candy Clouds

Oh, my! I absolutely adore cotton candy skies, but these clouds over Mount Tamalpais State Park look like a dream. Don't you think so too? I would love to see it with my own eyes.

14. These Rocks On The Beach

Who here loves to collect rocks on the beach? I do, I do. I even brought a bag back with me from our latest beach vacation. Now, next time I need to do something like this instead.

15. This Blended Smoothie

I don't know if I told you, but I have a smoothie pretty much every other day. That's how I like to roll, hee-hee. But in all my blending history, I've never made one turn out like this.

16. This Cable Arrangement

Oh my goodness, looking at this awesome cable arrangement here makes my heart sing. My dad is a retired electrician, so I'm sure he would feel the same way about it. And I love the color of these cables, too.

17. This Gift Wrapping Job

Christmas is just around the corner. Oh, yes, I said that out loud, ha, ha! I don't know about you, but I'm not ready at all. I do, however, wish that I could do all my gift wrapping as smoothly as this person here. Wow!

18. This Snow Covered House

I hate to say it, but winter is on its way. And I'm not looking forward to it one bit. However, if I could see scenery like this every day, I might tolerate it much better. So dreamy, right?

So, how do you feel about these pictures here?

I hope they made you feel a lot more calm and serene. They sure did that for me and then some. It's definitely a great way to start the week, and that's for sure. So have a good one.

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