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20 Neat Pics People Shared Online Because That's What We Do With Cool Pics Now

I like to think of the time I spend procrastinating online, viewing random pics, as life experience.

Why? Well, it makes me feel better about procrastinating, and technically it does add to the stuff I've seen and experienced.

It may sound lame, but if you can buy in to my philosophy, these pics will increase your life experience by a little bit.

"I made a sword entirely out of price labels at work."

This is the essence of working in a warehouse that's full of random stuff. Sure, you'll fulfill the duties of your job, but that isn't going to stop you from getting creative.

"UV damage on a red plastic box sat in a window for 15+ years, vs one (same age) away from sunlight."

Reddit | mi-nigle

Pics like this always blow my mind a bit because in real time, you'd never notice that box getting more and more bleached out by the sun.

"Loofah sponges start off as vegetables. The fully developed plant is peeled and the fibrous sponge is harvested. (Walgreens card for scale)."

Reddit | buzzbot235

I knew that loofahs were naturally occurring, but I'd never really thought about what they looked like before they were turned into shower products.

"We have a self-driving bus in my city."

Reddit | norwegianlife

If this was a normal-sized self-driving bus, I don't know if it would be interesting enough to include in this list. But something about the diminutive size of this little yellow bus is just delightful.

"This book has an intermission."

Reddit | electroniclola

This is an interesting idea, but I might resent this as a reader. If I'm enjoying a book, I'm going to keep reading. I'm not sure what two weeks of quiet contemplation could add to the plot.

"The way the tail light refracted a ray of sunlight this morning."

Reddit | moshawn

I can't even begin to understand what's going on here. Did it look this way to the naked eye or is it a trick of the camera? In any event, it looks like some kind of vehicular ghost.

"Someone turned a stump into a little box of books."

It's always nice to see these little libraries set up in neighborhoods. No disrespect intended to the standard boxes these usually come in, but incorporating one into a tree stump takes things to another level.

"I made a little tower with my vitamins & ADHD meds and I actually balanced the pill on top!"

Reddit | TapiocaVoid

There's no real reason to make a teetering tower out of meds, but I appreciate the effort nonetheless. It's a delicate balancing act.

"Friend is at a Ronald McDonald house and the books are color sorted."

Reddit | GingkathFox

There are so many ways to organize books on a shelf (my favorite, for the record, is to not organize them at all). Color coding certainly creates a unique visual look for a room and is particularly suited for kids.

"This clean color spectrum on my floor right now."

Reddit | memecomperator

I love it when you can see the spectrum split up and show all of its colors in such an orderly way. Sometimes, all it takes is sunshine hitting things at the right angle.

"Stephen King reading a book at the Red Sox game."

Reddit | dukebailey

Stephen King is a prominent New Englander who pulls for the Boston Red Sox. However, his claim to fame is writing, so it makes sense that books would take precedence over baseball.

"This Volkswagen Golf ‘Harlequin’ I spotted today."

Reddit | neddity

I really like the playful aesthetic of this car. I wonder if it was intentionally designed this way by Volkswagen, or is just an amalgamation of random leftover spare parts. Either way, it looks cool.

"We visited the largest bench in Germany."

Reddit | hobbyhoarder

The world is full of objects that have been blown up to ludicrous sizes. I don't know who built Germany's largest bench, or why they did so, but it at least makes for a good photo op.

"Found an overdue rental at my mom's house from 1994."

Reddit | StcStasi

The nice thing about finding this, apart from the nostalgic endorphin rush, is the knowledge that Blockbuster will never call you to return it. This copy of Dazed and Confused totally belongs to OP now.

"The crack on my wife’s windshield looks like an airplane from the front."

If you hadn't been paying attention and suddenly looked out the front windshield, it would be understandable if the sight of a rapidly descending aircraft surprised you a bit.

"Local plant nursery has a Notice translation for teens."

Reddit | _MothMan

I'm not sure whether to applaud this sign for its attempts to communicate (and subtly troll) young people, or if it's just trying too hard. In any case, at least it's trying.

"The little ball inside spray-paint cans are regular marbles."

Reddit | boredsans

I've always been a tad curious about the rattly thing that's inside a spray paint can. I've never been curious enough to open the can, but thanks to this person, my curiosity is now satisfied.

"Last year we had a bag break and it dropped a 1.75L bottle of vodka and the pavement's been clean there ever since."

Reddit | 48jrej

Who knew that the secret to a pristine driveway was just breaking a big jug of vodka on it every now and then?

"Some mornings, for just a few minutes, my warehouse window looks like a painting."

Reddit | PYIT-Antelope

There's something about the stark whiteness of the walls and the bland junk along the bottom that makes the view out this window pop even more.

"A classroom in my university has a tree growing inside of it."

Reddit | Everdale

Palm trees don't seem to increase their diameter exponentially, so this tree is probably safe to continue growing. It's wild how they literally built a building around it.

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