Quotes For When Procrastination Is Your Superpower

Fun fact: I've had this article sitting in draft form for three days and am only just getting around to writing it.

Normally, I wouldn't admit to that sort of thing, but since this is a bunch of quotes about procrastination, the honesty seems apt.

I just kept putting it off in favor of other articles, and admittedly, household chores.

Avoiding other tasks is the only sure-fire way that my house stays clean.

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There is also the fact that I do my best writing first thing in the morning, before the coffee fully takes effect.

I think it's because my inner overthinking editor is still half asleep.

Once the caffeine has saturated my bloodstream, every sentence seems to take three times as long to write.

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And so, I tend to put off anything I haven't finished until the next morning burst of speedy writing energy.

Which is why I'm writing this at 6:45 AM.

The other thing pushing me to finally get some writing done is that I have a larger task I'm avoiding.


I love home DIY projects, but there's a kitchen backsplash waiting to be installed after two years of procrastination. I finally started it, but now that just means I have to finish it if I ever want my kitchen to be fully usable again.

So instead, I'm finally getting some writing work done!


In the end, as long as I don't miss deadlines, it's all productive in some form, right?

If I'm not tiling my kitchen, at least articles are being written, and if I'm not writing articles, at least my laundry is getting done. Right?

Is productive procrastination even procrastination at that point?

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