15 Dumb Things Men Think Are Okay To Say To Women

Men and women have come a long way as far as breaking down gender barriers and learning how to empathize with the opposite sex. But for the amount we've grown, there's still a lot to learn.

Speaking in general terms, the majority of men are still totally out-to-lunch when it comes to matters of the opposite sex. Have a look and check out these 15 dumb things that men is OK to say about women.

It's just basic biology, fellas.

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"One of the nurses from work is trying to have children. During this process, she had to inform her husband that they wouldn't get pregnant every single time they had unprotected sex." - Reddit u/fisty_dingo

"Just pee out all the blood and finish your period." - Reddit u/sebaskinny

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My goodness, there's a lot of stupidity to unpack for such a small sentence. I don't know if this makes me want to laugh or cry for how misinformed this poor man is.

Just to clarify, you have to have a cervix in order to be diagnosed with cervical cancer.

"Recently, my aunt got cervical cancer. My uncle wasn't feeling well and thought he may have gotten cervical cancer from her." - Reddit u/FunkMamaT

An STI exam isn't like an oil change.

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Reddit user HotSauceHigh once had a guy tell her that he didn't need an STI exam because he'd had one three months prior. Yet he was sleeping with multiple partners since that point.

Do dudes not understand how STIs transmit?

You finally did something right and didn't even realize it.

"A coworker once confessed he thought his wife was cheating on him because usually she was tight and opposed to sex, but recently she was wet and not as tense. That poor woman." - Reddit u/user

"Condoms are a scam. They don't prevent anything. And you should learn to take a few risks." - Reddit u/shygirlturnedsassy

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Just to be clear, condoms aren't a scam. In fact, they're the only form of contraception that guards against both pregnancy and STIs.

A makeup sponge — are you kidding me?!

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"This guy I dated wanted me to have sex with him, but I was in my period. He said, 'Why don’t you just put a makeup sponge up there?'” - Reddit u/ironcat09

"My ex said, 'Ew, eating out a women is disgusting. Stuff comes out of there.'" - Reddit u/Bkbee

So what do you think comes out of you, pal? It isn't sunshine and lollipops, that's for sure. Being stupid is one thing, but being a hypocrite on top of that? Come on.

Do you need to sleep with a man to know you aren't attracted to one?

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"I told my ex I was gay. He said, 'You can’t know you’re a lesbian if you haven’t had sex with a guy yet.' Although I knew better and definitely regret it, I chose to take him up on his claim. The end result was that I was most definitely a lesbian." - Reddit u/unknown

"My ex was convinced that he could consciously choose the sex of any children he fathered." - Reddit u/ActualGuesticles

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I hate to tell you, pal, but you're in for a world of disappointment if that's how you think the sex of a child is determined.

Leave it to a man to try and teach a woman about her body.

"My sister had a teacher try and tell her that girls pee from their vagina[sic]. They ended up having a full debate about it because he refused to accept that he was wrong." - Reddit u/Kindofhere

"My ex really believed he could get milk out of my breasts without me being pregnant first." - Reddit u/Mot_20

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Dear God, I hope he didn't believe too adamantly because that would have been an awkward test-run, to say the least. Women aren't cows, guys — how do you not know this already?

Choose your last words wisely.

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"A friend told me that she made a comment about having cramps and a headache to her boyfriend. He got all disgusted and said, 'Well, can’t you control that? Like, make it stop.'" - Reddit u/kitkatobuildadreamon

Believe me, you're in no danger.

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Reddit user Torokinzz was once told by a group of guys that it was dangerous for a woman to have sex while pregnant because the baby's head could be poked by the male penis.

Clearly, these guys had delusions of grandeur.

"He said, 'If a woman doesn't orgasm, she can't get pregnant." - Reddit u/stabbyrum

Fellas, let's make one thing crystal clear: the female orgasm has no contingency on conception. If women needed to have an orgasm in order to get pregnant then humanity would've gone extinct millennia ago.