Fans Think Princess Charlotte, 7, Looks Just Like Dad Prince William In New Birthday Pics

Taylor Sakellis
princess charlotte new pictures 7th birthday
instagram | The Duchess of Cambridge

It's hard to believe HRH Princess Charlotte has just turned SEVEN years old.

It feels like just yesterday the middle Cambridge child was born and now, she's just three years away from double digits. As you may recall, dad Prince William joked with the press last year that his daughter was telling everyone she was six going on 16, and the latest photos released for her birthday show just how grown-up Charlotte really is!

I know I'm getting older when every time I see a child I remember being born I have to tell them: "OH MY GOSH LOOK HOW GROWN UP YOU ARE!"

I remember being so irritated whenever I heard that growing up but hey — it's the circle of life!

With that being said, I remember when Princess Charlotte was born.

princess charlotte waving
Giphy | BBC

Prince William and Kate Middleton were already parents to their eldest son, George, by that point and were just glowing while showing off their baby girl.

I may or may not have called in sick that day just to wait for those hospital doors to open!

Now, here we are seven years later and Princess Charlotte is looking just like her dad.

In new photos, taken by the Duchess of Cambridge, Charlotte can be seen smiling with the family dog and posing in the beautiful flower garden.

The comments from Royal fans soon came flooding in, with many pointing out the family resemblance.

"William’s mini me," commented one fan alongside a heart-eyes emoji.

"I usually think she looks like The Queen but in this first one she resembles her dad," said another.

"She is the double of William, I can't believe it!" commented a different fan.

I love how laidback and "normal" these birthday photos for the children are, and I love that Kate is such an amazing and naturally gifted photographer!

Happy birthday, Princess Charlotte!