30 Strange Things People Have Come Across While Out And About In The World

I don't think any of us really expect to find random and strange things during our daily travels; it just kind of happens. And when it does, there's a pretty good chance we'll remember to take pics.

Like these people. Thankfully they thought ahead and snapped some shots, because I don't think anyone would really believe these strange things existed otherwise.

"I packed my breakfast while very sleepy and realized I am having apples three different ways."

Sometimes, when we're really tired, we end up doing some pretty strange things. I guess this person had apples on the brain, even during the wee hours of the morning, because they ended up giving themselves a very apple-y meal.

"These clouds shaped like shark fins."

I can practically hear the Jaws theme in my head every time I look at this picture.

At least it doesn't look like there are any storms coming in, or else we may have witnessed a real life Sharknado moment.

"This dinosaur was a target in an archery competition."

There are definitely weirder things to have as an archery target, like a replica of the Mona Lisa made entirely out of LEGO blocks, or a giant hand sanitizer statue. But this dinosaur is definitely up there, too.

"Ordered crayons on Amazon, this is how they arrived."

Weird and disappointing, even if the melted parts of the crayons do make a surprisingly cool piece of art. On the plus side, they look like they'd still be kind of useable (or they could just get their money back).

"Found this cool moss covered shoe in the woods."

Finding a lone, moss-covered shoe in the middle of the woods probably isn't a good sign. Even if the shoe is super cool. I'd probably watch my back, in case there are any ax murderers wandering around.

"This mushroom that grew perfectly centered on this log."

To be fair, though, pretty much every mushroom in existence is kind of weird looking. This one looks like a curly umbrella, which is at least kind of fun.

It's always so funny, how they end up growing in such random, specific places.

"Blockbuster sign still up in my town because nobody wants to pay for the removal."

The worst thing about this picture is the fact that I can hear it. And it sounds like a bunch of small kids asking their parents, "What's that sign for?"

They should just leave it up forever, though.

"This bar stool in the form of human legs."

I wonder how many people walk by these kinds of barstools in real life, thinking the people sitting in them actually look like that from the waist down. I'm sure they've fooled at least a couple of people.

"Pine growing weirdly, like in some haunted forest."

I've seen plenty of strange trees in my time, but never one that also happened to be a pine. This is, like, a new level of strange. I half expect a ghost to pop up from behind it or something.

"A Hungry Bug's Progress."

It looks like exactly one bug was hungry enough to munch on this leaf. But the real question is: which way was it moving when it started to eat? Because it could literally have gone either way.

"There are two cats in this photo."

The cat in behind the other cat looks a lot like the first one's incredibly sinister shadow. Which honestly isn't even that surprising; as much as we may love cats, you have to admit that they're kind of evil.

"Largest black widow I’ve ever seen."

Oh yeah, nothing like taking a cool picture of a dangerous, venomous spider next to your lighter. I mean, it probably won't bite or anything, but this person is still a lot braver than I'd be.

"A microwave cookbook for lonely people."

This cookbook makes me incredibly sad. I mean, I'm sure the woman who wrote it isn't cooking for one all the time, and the food on the cover actually looks pretty good. But it still makes me incredibly sad.

"My friend has amassed a collection of over 100 copies of Shrek on VHS."

I'm not going to lie, I admire the dedication. Shrek is, after all, a cultural icon and one of the defining films of the early 21st century. But... that's a lot of VHS copies. Like, a lot. Some may say too many.

"A group of black cats out in the wild."

Some say that crossing a black cat's path is bad luck. But... what happens if you cross the paths of at least a dozen black cats? Like, at once. Eh, you'll probably be fine.

"I found a keyhole in a brick wall."

I'd say that this was probably a door at one point, but why would they leave the lock and take everything else away?

The only explanation left is that, if you have the key, you can unlock a magical door to another world.

"Deer ate our Jack-O-Lanterns last night. They mostly left the bigger one alone because it had sharp teeth."

At least it was just deer, and not some kind of pumpkin-eating demon or something. Then again, why would demons want to eat pumpkins to begin with?

"A rather expired jar of Karo syrup in my mom's pantry."

If that best before date says what I think it says... then that Karo syrup has been expired for more than 38 years now. Yeah, something's telling me that this bottle should never be opened again.

"A mammoth lobster claw I found on the beach."

That... sure is a large claw. I don't know what unnerves me more, though, the fact that it's so big, or the fact that it isn't attached to the rest of the lobster's body. What even happened to it?

"Ultrasound of a baby looking at the camera."

Ultrasounds are actually so strange. Like, obviously the baby that you're looking at isn't going to look like an actual baby (yet), but why do they all end up looking like weird aliens?

This one is... especially creepy.

"I found this piece of popcorn on the floor at work & it looks exactly like a dog."

I'm a bit weirded out by the fact that this person found a dog-shaped popcorn kernel and decided to pick it up and take a picture of it. More weirded out than by the fact that the popcorn kernel looks like a dog, even.

"These gloves came with uncut playing cards inside of them to keep their shape."

Sure, you're going to need some kind of insert to keep gloves from losing their shape. It's just strange that, in this case, the things they used are uncut cardstock, which was then cut in the shapes of hands.

"Candle didn’t stand up straight in holder, melted weirdly."

Is it just me, or does the now-solid candle wax look like a strange person either trying to climb into the candle, or escape from it? Not just me? Okay, that's good.

"Saw these little guys while walking out of my local Rite Aid just now."

Seeing puppies at any point in time is a treat. Seeing seven of them tied up in front of a drugstore, though, is kind of random. Hopefully they didn't have to stay in that spot for too long.

"This was a fairly large Soccer field before the weekend’s rainstorm turned it into a nice lake."

Funny enough, this really does look like nothing more than a nice lake. The soccer goalposts kind of give it away though.

That must've been one bad storm, if it left a whole field flooded this much.

"The vending machine at my work has sat on but unused since March 2020 so all the snack packaging has faded from the vending machine lighting."

So, those snacks have been sitting untouched in that vending machine for well over a year and a half... Yeah, wouldn't be touching them.

"These urine drug tests I found at my old job cleaning office spaces. Thought the name was amusing."

You know what? They had an opportunity and the took it, and you can't help but appreciate that. It wouldn't make taking a urine test any less awful, though, which is just too bad.

"I saw a badger and coyote hanging out together yesterday."

This is the exact kind of unlikely duo that you'd see in an animated kid's movie. Apparently it's a thing, though. It looks like they might even be more effective hunters when they travel together. Who would've thought?

"Not every day you see random cows walking down the path behind your house."

I'm guessing there's a dairy farm nearby, or else this would be really weird. Like, weirder than it already is, and it's already pretty weird.

At least someone's with them, and it's not, like, a random horde of cows that got lost.

"The tiny screaming robot on my big robot at work."

This is the kind of thing that would probably give you a heart attack the first time you found it. The face is a little too uncanny if you ask me.

At the same time, though, I want to know who hurt this poor little guy.

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