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20 Spooky Photos That Are Keeping Me Up Tonight

Whether you're currently in the midst of the spooky season or not, there's always a place for getting a little bit spooked.

Remember, you're viewing these pics through a phone or computer screen. They can't hurt you.

...that said, you might not want to go through them late at night.

"Looks like a demon possessed her."

Reddit | Toxic_deadeye

This pic would be unnerving enough if she just had two smiling heads. The fact that her right head has that expression ups the creepy factor significantly, though. It's just a photographic trick though, I hope.

"Woman designs masks that are custom printed with your own face."

Reddit | ladyabercrombie

I'm so unnerved by this, and I can't say why. I mean, the mask just shows the same face that's underneath. I think it's the fact that the fabric can be manipulated to change the smile.

"Just some regular rubber gloves washing accidentally opened the gate of hell."

Reddit | jfrchen1207

I guess I'll add "putting a bunch of rubber gloves in a washing machine" to my list of things I'll never want to do. It looks like the grasping hands of hell.

"This.. this isn't right.."

Reddit | fallinaditch

I'm sure this dentist thinks that showing Gollum with a full face of teeth is an endorsement of dental hygiene. It might be in theory, but Gollum doesn't look any less terrifying with a mouth full of pearly whites.

"Inflatable life-sized whale outside my neighbor's house."

Reddit | BooBerries2

It doesn't matter why there's an inflatable life-sized whale outside this person's neighbor's house. All that matters is that there is an inflatable life-sized whale outside their house, and it's downright creepy and weird.

"Amazing Halloween costume."

Reddit | frenchy614

Yeah, this is an amazing Halloween costume. It's also a Halloween costume that's a little bit too creepy and realistic for me to want to see at a Halloween party. If this person was trick-or-treating, I'd probably just lock the door.


Reddit | Master1718

I like how OP captioned this one simply, "Costume." I also would have accepted "Halloween costume that shouldn't exist" or "Costume that makes me question both the person wearing it and the parents who allowed it to happen in the first place."

"The Danish Special Forces are just militarised Sleep Paralysis Demons."

Reddit | Reverend_Giggles

I don't know what a sleep paralysis demon looks like, but it sounds terrifying. These special ops dudes look terrifying, so on a certain level, the comparison seems to make sense.

"This school project someone's kid made."

Reddit | cherrythrow7

Most parents can appreciate the hard work that their kids put into a school project, but some school projects really ought to be left at school. This thing is pretty clearly a cursed object.

"Just poppin' a squat."

Reddit | deadlefties

Contrary to some folks, I believe cats ward off spooky situations rather than bring them on. That said, there's something distinctly unnerving about this cat's posture. An x-ray of this position might be too much to look at.

"Potatoes left in a net for three months."

Reddit | Dr_Oster

This is a really good reason to throw out your potatoes after they start to sprout a little. A small sprout is no big deal, but a larger sprout makes them look like demon tentacles.

"I work graveyard at the mall alone this was in the middle of the floor at 4 am this morning."

Reddit | Wheezybee

This is obviously creepy in the Pennywise the Clown context, but I'd say it would be creepy even if It had never been a thing in the first place.

"Imagine seeing them in real life."

Reddit | beastmodekyler

Um, I'd actually rather not imagine seeing them in real life. That said, now that I've seen the photo, I can't stop imagining them in real life. I guess I can look forward to nightmares tonight.

"My boyfriend fell asleep making pizza, it cooked for NINE HOURS."

Reddit | Ipreferpintrest

This might ultimately be the least spooky item in this list, but I still find it a tad creepy. It looks like the pizza you'd be served in the bowels of hell.

"This person's child built a cicada skin army."

I want to see unlimited potential to change the world in this kid, but instead all I really see is unlimited potential to grow up to be a serial killer. Let's hope I'm wrong.

"They're actually putting guns on robot dogs."

Reddit | americanthaiguy

Robot dogs that hunt you down with merciless efficiency are already a terrifying concept, but now we're putting guns on them? More and more, our world feels like a creepy and dangerous dystopia.

"Sweet dreams with this Jesus lamp."

Reddit | tiptoeSwell536

Man, this lamp looks slightly creepy even in natural light, but things are upped a hundred-fold once the lights are turned off. Jesus is watching you. He'll never stop watching you. Look into his heart.

"Found this in my apartment while living in Japan. They are FAST!"

Reddit | Saucy_Lemur

These things are horrifying enough when they're only an inch long. Knowing how fast the miniature versions can move, I shudder to think of the speed (and sound!) of this one as it runs.

"Double dare you."

Reddit | aidboi7

This is how horror movies start. Honestly, I think even being in a position to see this, let alone enter it, is a bad move. If I saw this, I'd probably just start crying and crying.

"Somebody added a picture of their neighbour's dog. Absolutely terrifying."

Reddit | Rhododactylus

Hey, it's just the neighbor's yorkie. It's not a big deal. I mean, is it going to scale the fence and murder your family while you sleep or something? Probably not, but I wouldn't bet against it.

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