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30 Times People 'Fixed' Things In Suspicious And Sometimes Creepy Ways

Some people like to fix things whenever the opportunity presents itself, be it fixing a broken piece of equipment or even a situation. Although, these people are not always...well, great at thinking on their feet.

So, from people who thought the best way to solve a problem was painting over it to individuals who didn't understand how skin works, here are 20 times people 'fixed' things in suspicious and sometimes creepy ways!

"Had to improvise when the door-handle broke..."

I think that the person who "fixed" this might have forgotten how doorhandles work. Mainly the part where they are not meant to be able to cut through your skin and all that.

"Can't fix the clock? Just tape a new one on top!"

When this clock dies I hope that they are planning on taping another clock on the top of this. Just endless clocks being taped one on top of the other in an ever more precarious situation!

What A Workaround!

The drive-thru is a way of life for some people. I wonder if they actually served him, or if he had to come back with a wheel taped to the end of each limb and making a honking sound.

"This bathroom stall at my school is less than ideal."

Anyone who is out there installing "doors" like this in school bathrooms really needs keeping an eye on. Although, I suppose it is better than having no door...or is it?

It Does What It Says On The Tin!

"Hey Dave, did you manage to fix my recliner for me?"

"Yup, it does around 25 mph now and handles like a dream. Just make sure you don't corner too hard in it or you'll tip."


"Introducing The Tesla Cedartruck!"

I don't really think that this looks any more daft than the real cybertruck. I wonder how waterproof it is though, and it doesn't look like it would be much good in the event of a fire.

"Fixed it for ya!"

You would have to have nerves of steel to drive over this bridge. I wonder what metal that is that they used to "fix" this, or is it actually just wood? Either way, maybe close the bridge!

"I spotted this I'm my town… And I'm not sure what to say."

Yep, those are stick-on coat hooks. If you want to get your car a vortex generator then I suppose that this is definitely a cheaper option, although I don't know how much it will work.

"Fixed the mirror, boss."

Is that supposed to be mistletoe? If so then this will work a lot better when Christmas rolls around I suppose. It is a little obvious that they are trying to cover something up either way though.

"I had to do something drastic when my daughter's Monster High Doll's elbow broke."

At least this weirdly unsettling aesthetic works with it being a Monster High Doll. This would be a pretty strange look for a Barbie doll for instance.

"Banana tree planted in a pothole to protest road condition in Florida."

This is better than painting a phallic image on the pothole I guess. At least you will be able to harvest some fruit from this form of passive aggression.

Sometimes You Have To Use Whatever You Have At Your Disposal!

You really have to look closely, but you can just about see where this person has used plastic box lids to fix their trucks panelling. It is beautifully elegant work.

"I broke my grandma's crappy ornaments and fixed it."

This really adds a Lovecraftian element to a quite ordinary ornament. I hope that this isn't a collectors piece that is actually worth a fortune, although that would be hilarious if so.

"Oh, it's fixed..."

I think that more of life's problems should be solved by just painting over them. For instance, if you don't like your job, then just paint over the office block and all of your coworkers.

"First we break your legs, then we fix 'em."

Apparently MOB actually stands for Medical Office Building, just in case there were any police officers out there thinking that they had the easiest bust of all time on their hands.

"Why cut up a perfectly good sign? You didn't need to fix it!"

Maybe they really wanted everyone on the road to know that they work frequently and this vehicle can turn. It's good news that it can turn, otherwise all their journeys would be very linear!

What Was The Thinking Behind This Design? The Pipe Isn't Fixed!?

"Designer: Can you describe the logo you'd like? Client: It should have a leaky pipe. But instead of fixing it, our plumber just puts his finger in there. And btw, it should still leak after he does that," wrote the strangely furious person who posted this.

"Sidewalk dips lower than the street, so where does water go when it overflows the curb? That's right folks, under the door."

Although, this does mean that the door has less chance of catching on fire if there is always water pouring underneath it.

"Newest swimming pool heating technology."

Another pool innovator added, "I know a guy who put the radiator in his attic and set a circulator pump to the pool. Now, in the summer it flushes cold pool water into the attic, cooling the house down, and leaves into the pool warmer, making the pool slightly heated and much warmer through the night. Brilliant."

"I couldn't find any washers that would fit over the heads of screws... So, yep."

A lot of people said that they use pennies instead of washers. I cannot attest to how effective they are at the job, but they are definitely cheaper than actual washers.

"A Pretty Interesting Fix..."

They are still protecting a screen of sorts, so they're fulfilling their purpose if nothing else! I think that maybe a few more may be needed to be really effective though, just putting three on seems irresponsible!

"Feast your eyes… My Brother's gaming chair."

Another gaming enthusiast added, "Best gaming chair I ever had was a piece of patio furniture with that weird spun plastic style cushion? It was supportive, breathable, durable, and cheap. I have a nice rolly chair now with the lumbar support and everything, and it's not nearly as good."

Dear God, Why Would Anyone Do Such A Thing To A Car?

I don't like how it looks as though it knows my deepest, darkest secrets. Some people thought that it looked "cute," but I can assure you that this thing is anything but cute!

Perfect Placement!

There are few things more important than good posture, and clearly the person who placed this bench felt the same way! If you sit on this bench then you will sit up straight or feel the wrath of that lamppost!

"It's all in the details."

This was clearly placed by a master craftsman. Such attention to detail, such precision engineering, truly this is a work of art. Actually, I suppose that you really could say that it is a work of art, as it's impressive to mess something up this badly!

"A metro pillar literally in the middle of a highway in Delhi, India."

That was a pretty intense choice to make when designing this road. An individual more experienced with these types of roads added, "I am from India. I don't even notice these things. It is just another thing I am trying to dodge among the other thousand obstacles."

"Needed a lid without a hole. Didn't have a lid without a hole. Screw it."

They wanted to make sure that they could steam their dumplings at any cost! The screw can also add to the flavor of the meal that you are cooking as well, give it a nice metallic aftertaste.

"Could someone explain to me how this is legal?"

That must make parking an absolute nightmare though? This person must really be into gladiatorial combat for them to have committed to this design, as I cannot think of another reason why they would subject themselves to this.

"My grandma's knife is probably older than me..."'

The individual who posted this did explain, "I told her I was gonna buy her a nice new one for her birthday and she was like, 'why? This one works very well. Besides it needs a thick handle otherwise it hurts my hands. And I can use this one although I'm left-handed. It has never betrayed me.'"

"My sunglasses broke while working on a roof two days ago. So far, so good.

Ah yes, that looks incredibly comfortable! One other person did ask why they didn't just tape the arm back on instead of the screw, but this innovator pointed out, "It wasn’t rigid enough, it kept flopping over. I threaded the screw into the slot where the piece was and taped over the threads to keep them from rubbing my skin."

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