25 Pointlessly Gendered Products That Made Us Roll Our Eyes

We've all heard that saying, "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus." Am I right? I mean, I get it men and women are different.

But we are all human beings that often need the same things, like, for example, toilet paper. Do we really need a pink one for women and a blue one for men? I don't think so. Here are some other examples of pointlessly gendered products we can collectively laugh at, ha, ha!

1. These Halloween Costumes

When was the last time you visited the hospital and saw a female nurse wearing pink scrubs? Um, never! So why does this child's costume assume that girls (who can only be nurses and not doctors) wear pink?

2. This Protein Powder

I guess this company knows something we don't know. Like for example, that only women (who obviously only love pink) eat strawberries, and only men like vanilla. Um, whatever happened to chocolate then. This is too funny.

3. These Push-Up Bars

Attention ladies who work out. Guess what? Apparently, you're not allowed to use push-up bars. Why? Because it seems that they are only made for men to use. Oh wow, I certainly didn't know that fact.

4. This Breathing Machine

Here's the description straight from the manufacturer. "The AirSense™ 10 AutoSet for Her CPAP Machine with HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier is designed with women in mind. From the ivy leaf design to its special algorithm, this machine is a woman’s dream." Um, ok.

5. This Store Decoration

It's pretty obvious to me that whoever made this store display thinks that only guys do BBQ and only girls like cupcakes. So what happens if a man turns out to love cupcakes, too? I'd like to know.

6. These Magazines

Wow! So this is really what our lives boil down to, huh? Girls do girly things like caring about their hair, fashion, looking pretty, and boys. And men, well, they do manly things, like becoming astronauts, artists, and firefighters. That's not gendered at all.

7. This Manly Fork

So let me get this straight his "man fork" was created for men who eat a lot and want to get bigger faster? Is the actual fork larger than any other standard non-gendered fork? I guess so.

8. This Scratch Toy

How sad that if a girl wants to scratch, she better find something else because this is for boys. Don't you find this gendered labeling so silly? I mean, it's a scratch activity, for crying out loud.

9. These Globes

I have to admit it's been a while since I've shopped for globes. So I had no idea they were now gendered. It makes total sense since, in the girls' eyes, all the oceans are obviously the color pink, ha, ha!

10. This Tea

Check out the descriptions of these gendered teas. "Men: Strong, down to earth and spicy" and "Women: vibrant, compassionate and wonderful." Wow, really? So if my fiancé drinks the same tea as me, will it make him less manly?

11. This Chapstick

Honestly, Nivea, since when is chapstick even gendered? They basically contain the same exact ingredients. So to save you some embarrassment, just make one that's for both genders. No need to specify either of them, okay?

12. This Party Accessory

I could understand if these two crowns looked different for a queen or a king, but these are the same exact thing. So why even make two versions of it? I don't get it. Can somebody enlighten me?

13. This Sad Reality

If you're the type of guy who still thinks women are the only ones that should be in the kitchen, I guess you'll be asking for a book like this, too. But why do books like these even exist?

14. These Dog Toys

It shouldn't matter if a pinata is for a boy or a girl. But here's the real kicker — these are toys for dogs. Say that again? Oh, yes, that's right. If you can make sense of that one, you're a genius, ha, ha!

15. This Toothpaste

Ah, ha, ha, ha! Now there's a toothpaste created just for men? I mean, what? I guess our fragile female mouths can't handle the power of this super-strong peppermint here, huh? I wonder what flavor they think is suitable for us then.

16. These Water Bottles

If there's one product that's pointless at being gendered, it's bottled water. And this one is targeted towards babies. Babies, people. Way to start them gender typing everything as soon as they leave the womb.

17. How many times have you seen this in a store?

It is still pretty common to see products with sayings like these on them. I guess some people find them cute and funny, but a lot of us have no choice but to roll our eyes at them.

18. "I can't tell if these are the most self-aware or the least self-aware greeting cards."

These cards are definitely borderline when it comes to the joke they are trying to make. At the end of the day, I do think they were trying to be cheeky with the whole "baby boys get blue and baby girls get pink" trend that has been around for oh, the last 50 years or so.

19. These Eggs

Yes, apparently even chocolate Kinder Surprise eggs need to be gendered these days. Back in my day, they made all the toys gender-neutral so they never had to worry about this. I wonder why they changed?

20. Why do people still think only moms clean?

Modern parents know that it takes two to keep a house clean and to take care of the kids. So why do we keep insisting on this idea that only moms clean?

21. This Sign Advertising Gin

Why did this brewhouse feel the need to call out that their gin bar is "for the ladies"? I think men like gin, too. I mean, if you've had a long day and need something to take the edge off, it doesn't matter what gender you are: a drink is a drink.

22. "Found these in my garage and couldn’t even fathom a reason as to why they exist."

Is there anything special about these golf balls for women besides the color pink? The last time I checked, I don't recall seeing any female pro-golfers using special balls.

23. "I didn’t know there was a need for gendered Q-tips..."

Q-tips for men? What on earth?! I think when it comes to a product like this, we can all safely assume that a gender-neutral product will suffice for everyone. After all, how long have both genders been using the same Q-tips up until this point, huh?

24. These Bathroom Doors

OMG! Are they kidding me with this or what? As a female, I feel quite offended by this. I mean, not only is the door gender-colored but check out the wording. So only men do epic s***, and ladies clearly live to lose weight. Come on!

25. This Personal Care Hotel Kit

Oh, how thoughtful of this company to make a special kit for men and women. Notice that they contain the same exact items, but the women's one is 30% more expensive. Why? Is it because it's pink? Ugh!

Seriously, I actually thought the world was moving in the right direction here.

But it seems that I was wrong. I guess we still have a very long way to go in terms of gender stereotypes, huh? It's kind of sad when you think about it, no? What's your take on this subject?