Random Acts Of Kindness That Restored Our Faith In Humanity

In a world where everything is always changing and sometimes for the worst, it's nice when we see people who still spread kindness and joy.

It doesn't take too much to do something kind for someone else, whether it's someone we know or a complete stranger, spreading kindness like confetti is a wonderful move.

We're smiling ear-to-ear reading about these people who spread kindness and how they did it.

This cop deserves an award.

Some kids don't always know where they are meant to go in life, but thankfully, they have some people looking out for them.

This was definitely one of those instances.

This person gave back in the best way.

Unsplash | Michael Marsh

One person stepped in when they noticed someone at their school having a breakdown.

"Out of the blue, while I was walking on my way to class I said, “You look like you need a hug.” She stopped pacing and stared at me for a bit, then gave me one of the most desperate hugs I have ever received," said Reddit user WorkinAndLurkin

What a nice stranger!

The last thing we want to do is show up completely soaked to an interview and have to sit there wet and uncomfortable.

A stranger taking the time to drive someone to their interview is so sweet.

This businessman means business.

Unsplash | Denny Müller

When one person was about 18, they were stuck with a flat tire in the pouring rain, and none of them knew how to change a tire.

"All of a sudden, a businessman in a suit stops and gets out of his SUV, changes the tire in about 30 seconds. We thank him and he runs back, soaking wet, to his SUV," said Reddit user n1ch0la5.

Sometimes, we judge too quickly.

Driving at night can be dangerous and sometimes can put us in a compromising situation. And, when we feel like people are too close, we think the worst, and something can go south.

But, many times we judge too quickly and people are doing the right thing.

A simple act of kindness can change someone's day!

Unsplash | Murillo de Paula

While one person was biking in Japan, their tire ended up busting.

"I started walking with the bike when, out of nowhere, a Japanese guy pulled up in his pickup, put the bike in the back of the truck, and told me to get in the passenger’s seat," said Reddit user SDSF.

Find a penny, pick it up.

Some people believe in bad luck and some people believe in good luck, but passing on that good luck to someone who needs it is even more meaningful than anything in the world.

Everyone could use some luck!

We love women supporting women.

Unsplash | Ankush Minda

"One time. A woman walked up to me, hugged me, and asked how my mom was, and then after a couple of minutes, she whispered that she had noticed a man watching/following me and wanted to scare him off. She then walked me to my destination. I was only 14," said Reddit user gleefulthoughts.

That's the good stuff.

Losing your entire wallet can be a huge problem. Not only do you lose your money, but also your ID and your credit cards.

So, it can be hard to put everything back in order. But when someone helps you out, that's everything.

This one is incredible.

Unsplash | NeONBRAND

When one user was wrestling his brother in the front seat of a jeep at a young age, it started to roll down the hill.

"I was too young to know what to do. Suddenly, a guy runs up to the car, opens the door, and pulls up the e-break, stopping the truck from rolling. He never said a word to us," said Reddit user d420down.

It's the effort that counts.

Seeing someone who is struggling is hard, but trying to help in any way they can is something important.

Even though milk can't always help everyone, it's a kind thing to see people trying their best.

This dad is a hero.

Unsplash | Flavio Gasperini

"My dad once pulled an unconscious guy out of a flaming car wreck and made sure he got an ambulance. Even though he has terrible back problems from the incident, he says he thinks about the guys sometimes and that he has never regretted it," said lolingroflcopter.

With all of that money?! What a great person.

Like we said, losing your wallet is rough. But losing a designer wallet with $20,000 in it?! That is truly a nightmare.

This stranger was more than generous enough to give it all back AND not take a reward.

This stranger saved a child's life.

Unsplash | Mick Haupt

"When I was getting off the bus in high school. Someone decided they didn’t want to wait behind the bus so they tried passing on the left. I should have been hit, but right before, some guy getting into his car whistled at me. I stopped and turned around to see who it was. That gesture probably saved me from being hit," said Reddit user BAM225.

A true savior.

When someone saves your life, it's a whole other kind of gratitude.

Even when you're a child, having this memory, you'll never forget who that person is and you'll always look back on it forever.