Unsplash | Juliane Liebermann

15 Parents Having Very Bad Days (But I'm Having A Laugh)

Being a parent is a lot of hard work. There are so many things that can go wrong and so many messes that we are cleaning up constantly. Our kids are amazing and we would die for them, but we also sometimes can't help but blame them for the terrible, no good, very bad days we can have. Like, these parents.

This husband complimented his wife on the design on her dress.

This husband/dad was trying to help out and compliment his wife who was having a pretty long day by saying that they really like the design that was on the back of her dress. Turns out, it's not a design, it's just baby puke.

Kids who try to be helpful...but...just don't.

Some kids want to try and be helpful to their parents because they are all helpful to them. But, sometimes we would rather have our kids not help us rather than help us. Like, this dad who ended up with a chicken tender in his coffee.

This mom who had a huge scare.

These parents looked into the baby monitor and saw that there were two babies, not one, in the camera. Clearly, that would freak any parent out. Turns out, they forgot to take the mattress sticker off of the mattress. Oops.

This mom who accidentally washed a diaper.

Imagine accidentally washing your child's diaper in the washing machine? Sounds like a big mistake. Turns out, this is what happens when you wash a diaper in the washing machine. It's not a pretty sight, and it takes forever to clean out apparently.

Toilet paper shortage? No problem.

The whole world may be fighting and arguing about toilet paper and who is going to find what, but this kid knows that toilet paper doesn't matter! So much so, he threw the entire pack right into his bathtub. Yikes!

Kids, so endearing.

If you ever want to feel really good about yourself, stay away from your toddler. Kids are brutally honest and they'll tell you exactly what's wrong with your face and how wrong it truly is.

Of course you're not...

Why is it that whenever we are trying to give a little white lie and get some discounts going, our kids decide THAT'S the right time to be totally honest? Every other time, they lie to our faces. But, to others? Nope.

Nothing to see here.

Some people don't get kid humor, so "special nose medicine" can be a lot of things to certain people. Some people may think it's a joke, others may think Mommy does most definitely have a drug habit.

How sweet?

Nothing sweeter than a kid making mom and dad breakfast in bed. That is definitely something sweet and thoughtful. There is nothing better to have for breakfast than uncooked pasta, right? Delicious and crunchy. Yum!

Surprise, it's dad!

Kids during home school were absolute savages. They had to be on top of us at all times. So much so, that one kid decided to put their dad on camera in their Zoom class while he was in the shower. Hello, class!

Where did it go?

Our kids lose things like it's their job. If they were to get paid for anything, it should be for losing everything they need. Like, this mom who is bewildered (and so are we) that he lost his entire cello. Where does it go?!?

Down the drain.

How is it possible that kids will think it's okay to throw out our "dirty glasses" because the lenses look dirty but they won't put their dirty laundry in the hamper? Or clean their dirty hands and faces? How?

An artist.

This dad said his kid called him outside to come quick and see what work of art he created with a rock. On his car. In white, scratches, all over the car. Good job, son. That's coming out of your college tuition fund.

And, I'm up.

Word to the wise: if a kid comes saying they didn't do something, it's a fact that it means they did that something. This dad knew immediately that his kid "definitely did peepee" somewhere if he said he "didn't go peepee anywhere."

Ah, sibling love.

Once a kid seems like they are being too sweet and insightful, know that it's most likely because they did something wrong and they are covering things up for something they did wrong.

Like, hitting their sibling.