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Viral Video Of Kids Playing On Restaurant Floor Sparks Debate: 'Hate The Parents'

Being a parent can be a lot of hard work, especially when you want to go out into society and be a normal person—like, going to dinner—but you have to bring your kids.

The biggest change many parents go through is having to bring their kids everywhere and anywhere with them, if they don't have a sitter of course to watch them.

There are tons of parents who prep when going out to eat with their kids.

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Many parents discuss what is "right" and "wrong" behavior with their kids in public places, such as restaurants.

Other parents even prepare bags for the kids to bring with activities and toys to keep them occupied and busy while they are out.

And, then there are those types of parents who don't care.

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There are also other parents, on the opposite end of the spectrum, that truly do not care whether or not their kids are entertained or if they are causing problems at restaurants.

Some kids straight-up scream and cry in the middle of dinner, and parents let it all go down.

Recently, one viral video on TikTok sparked some debate amongst users.

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A video posted on TikTok has opened up the conversation amongst many on the app whether children or their parents are to blame for poor behavior, especially in public in places like a restaurant.

Some people believe it's the kids, while others feel it's the parents.

Giovanna Plowman uploaded the video to her TikTok channel.

Plowman, who was notably known as the "tampon girl" in the early years of YouTube, shared a video to her TikTok channel showcasing what was going on when she was out to eat at The Cheesecake Factory.

A popular restaurant, the establishment is usually rather busy.

The video showcases a young girl, probably around 5 or 6, on the restaurant floor.

To entertain herself, the girl was on the floor playing with what appeared to be straws, napkins, and even sugar packets from the table of the restaurant. No one seems to be stopping her or telling her "no."

Plowman points out, "it's the parents."

Plowman makes it a point to say it's "the parents not doing anything to stop it for me," meaning that she thinks it's100% on the parents to get the kids off the floor and back to the table, away from everyone's dinners and tables.

People online in the comments were also shocked.

One person was appalled that the parents would let their child just play with sugar packets and even empty them onto the floor, which costs the restaurant money to order and supply.

Clearly, this kid is wasteful and has no concept of right and wrong.

Others pointed out this is "embarrassing" for the parents.

Others commented saying that the way in which this child is acting showcases that the parents allow the child to do "whatever," and it showcases what kind of parents they are behind closed doors at home. It definitely is embarrassing to see.

Another pointed out the biggest issue here.

A TikTok user pointed out that it's a safety hazard and violation to have a child just on the floor playing around.

Not only is it dangerous for the child, but also for the person who is walking around serving tables, who can trip and fall.

Many parents commented that they always go out prepared with things.

Parents who saw the video were also shocked that other parents would allow this to go on.

Many pointed out that they also go out prepared with things to entertain their kids, such as books, toys, and even snacks if they're hungry.

Overall, many said "don't hate the kids."

Many users were in agreement that it's not the kid's fault, as they're young and oftentimes do not know any better.

However, the parents are 100% to blame here, as they are supposed to be teaching their tiny humans.

"Hate the parents."