30 People Who Wanted To Fix Everything, But Forgot They Didn't Know How

There are people out there who can fix or improve any object that they turn their hand to, and then there are those of us who...well, can't!

So, from people who tried to fix park benches yet rendered them somehow unusable to individuals who attempted to send out positive messages but left us scratching our heads, here are 20 people who wanted to fix everything, but forgot they didn't know how.

"This borderline unusable seashell chair."

If you are thinking of making one of these for your own front room, then always make sure that you are wearing incredibly thick, padded trousers when you go to sit on it. Trust me on that.

"A very interesting way to fix a windshield."

Those iPhone screen protectors are pretty sturdy for sure, but they are far from cheap! It would probably be cheaper to just get a new windshield fitted instead of buying three of these!

"I think that my book is frozen..."

I wonder what was in the bonus chapter, hopefully nothing to integral? It would be particularly annoying if they made it so that the bonus chapter was actually the ending of the book.

"I know this person is drowning, but how was your day?"

Apparently people have been known to tamper with emergency throw lines, hence why such a process is necessary. You would have to be the lowest of the low to tamper with one of those.

Thank God For Post-It Notes!

One person added, "These are eventually gonna come off, then some poor soul is gonna get diet Pepsi when they wanted water." Diet Pepsi would even ruin the day of someone who thought they wanted a Diet Pepsi!

"I just found this in my high school's TOK teacher's classroom."

What a wonderful sentiment. I think that a lot of the teachers in my school believed in teaching kids this mantra as well and it never did me any harm...probably.

"This toilet stall door..."

There is going to be some awkward eye contact between people using this toilet and the people who are waiting, that is for sure. Seriously though, who green-lit this monstrosity? And who decided on that paint color as well?

"My sister-in-law just posted this. She told my brother, 'Use those DIY books and fix the chair!' Done."

And yes, I suppose that he has technically used the books to fix the chair, as he was asked to do, but I don't think that it is the most aesthetically-pleasing fix!

"Not the right way of doing this..."

People love finding the most dangerous ways to wire up buildings! Why do anything properly when you can do it quickly and cheaply? Or, maybe the people who live here are just really, really into electric shocks.

"Nope, the handles are not wood, it's metal painted on with wooden texture. Learnt it when I was cooking."

Good God, this has got to be one of the most stupid and irresponsible design choices that I have ever seen. I wonder how the ends of this person's fingers are looking.

They're All Really Healthy!

Now I can eat as many packets of Peanut M&M's and Cheetos as I want while not giving up on my diet, this is the best news I have had for ages! Thank you, whoever did this.

"Painted the wall, boss..."

Someone who had experienced something similar wrote:

"I bought my condo a couple years back from this couple who had been renting it out but couldn’t find renters anymore and were real close to foreclosure. The whole place looks/looked like that. I’ve been slowly fixing it. They took nothing down when they painted and painted around nothing. Over door hinges. Over the edges of light fixtures. Over vents. Paint on windows, over switches, outlets, everything."

"This nurse-themed sticker pack with a temp of 98.6 C(209 F)."

I am assuming that this is the sticker that you are meant to stick on people who have been sat in an oven? I much prefer my humans to be cooked a lot less thoroughly though.

"Got this new hoodie and everybody has asked me why I am wet and I have to tell them it's just the design of the hoodie..."

One of the best ways to avoid this sort of thing from happening to you is to not buy a hoodie that looks as though you have sprayed yourself in coffee.

"Someone stole part of this bench for some reason."

What could anyone possibly need with a few pieces of a park bench? Maybe they are assembling their own park bench out of pieces of park benches from all over the city?

"Our Vodka Tastes Like Dog Piss!"

Why did they go with yellow?! Also, for a moment there, I thought that this was vodka for dogs. They do ice cream for dogs now so I guess it wasn't that daft an assumption!

"Don't let your dreams..."

Was this supposed to say "Don't let your dreams be dreams"? Or was this going to say, "Don't let your dreams take over," shortly before the designer was murdered by a dream to silence them!

"Migraine at school can help!"

I think that the person who designed this sign might have been the one who has a migraine! It does also kind of read as though you should be giving your kid a migraine at school.

"There is a psycho who did this in my art class..."

Did the devious person also clean the keyboard in the process, or was this already the cleanest keyboard in existence?! How does anyone ever keep a keyboard this clean?!

"Instead of actually turning off, this scale just says off."

I feel as though this scale is now just pretending to be asleep, like a kid who has been up way passed their bedtime. Surely this will just drain the batteries?!

"Better to be safe than sorry..."

Why did they not just build this house out of cable ties? That would really have saved money in resources and the structural integrity of the building would have been in no way compromised!

"New chairs in Starbucks, specifically designed so people won't hang around for a long time."

Another individual pointed out, "Seating that slightly slopes forward is what you have to watch out for. Those places really want you to f*** off quick like."

"This ATM in Egypt can electrify people. Instead of fixing it, they put a sign saying 'Use the wooden stick.'"

I love this so much. This just goes to prove that there is not a single problem in life that cannot be solved with a pointed wooden stick!

"Natural is a trademark."

Life would be so much simpler if people simply stopped looking at the back of a product's packaging. Although, none of us would ever really get what we paid for I suppose, which is a bit of a trade off!

"This chicken 'sandwich' I bought from a convenience store."

Yeah, I would not be too keen to eat that if I were them. I think that I am getting food poisoning just by looking at this weird, chicken-filled bread testicle.

"I didn't notice what was wrong till I gave it a tug."

This is actually pretty impressive origami skills, especially considering that they were using gorilla tape as their medium. This person went on to add, "Worked great, it just felt weird having the handle go tense from the weight of the door like rope."

"This cup design that makes the drink look like it has actual fruit."

Wow, now this is a real crappy move on behalf of the designer. This is one of the most deceptive marketing tricks that I have ever seen.

"My in-laws temporary fix for a broken light fixture."

Cable tying a table lamp to a broken fitting is one of the most bizarrely ingenious fixes! I wonder how "temporary" this fix turned out to be, I bet that it was up there for years.

Wait, What The Hell Is This?

"Husband thought he was buying a mask with Pink Floyd album art. Turns out he got a mask of the woman who was wearing the mask on website. And also Charlie Brown?" wrote this befuddled individual.

"Notice the extremely small 'up to.' It could have fooled me if I wasn't at a stop light."

A lot of people pointed out that even $12 per hour was too low to even hit the minimum wage requirements in their locations.

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