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People Can’t Decide If Peanut Butter Nails Are The Best New Trend

If there are two things that the internet loves, it is beauty hacks and food hacks — and this beauty/food hack promises to be the best of the lot considering that it also includes peanut butter.

However, while it might be too good to be true for some, this hack has proven a little too disgusting for others!

Of course we are talking about false nails made out of peanut butter.

Peanut-butter lovers have had their prayers answered as one clip shared to TikTok showed a woman sculpting strangely beautiful nails out of peanut butter.

However, the process has left a few people a little unsettled.

This is because the process involves pressing a lot of peanut butter into your nails.

The bizarre video was uploaded to @ilysmnails's TikTok channel, where she showcases unusual nail designs.

The video, as you will see below, starts with her placing a large dollop of peanut butter onto her nail before squashing it down with a piece of acrylic.

She then scrapes off the rest of the peanut butter, and proceeds to dig her nails into the butter.

Digging your nails into peanut butter turned a lot of people off the idea.

The TikTokker who posted the video also helpfully wrote, "Anyone allergic to peanuts? Please be careful and stay away from this nail."

Most people were not exactly sold on the idea...

Concerns about how the nails would feel and age were amongst the main concerns, with people writing the likes of:

"All fun and games until it's moldy."

"Rats at night *starts chewing off fingers..."

"I don't understand why people use food doesn't it smell bad afterwards?"

One person simply wrote, "The ants."

However, the end result is somewhat nice!


The fact still remains though, as someone else also pointed out, "I'm pretty sure there's [already] a polish in this exact color."

While not everyone was a fan, it does seem to be quite a popular hack as it has garnered over half a million likes!

Will you be trying this nail design? Let us know in the comments if so!

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