20 Designs As Crappy As The Radio Dying Thirty Minutes Into A Three Day Road Trip

For every good design out in the world, there are probably, like, 12 different bad ones. Seriously, the amount of bad designs people come up with on the daily is kind of staggering.

And these designs, of course, are no exception. They're every bit as bad as you're probably imagining, and then some. See for yourself if you don't believe me.

It took me way too long to figure out how to read this.

If you've spent too long trying to read this, I'll give you a hint: it's read top down for the left column, and then bottom up for the right column. This could've been a kind of cute graphic if it was executed better.

Speaking of things written in a weird way...

You'd think this sign was read left to right (like any other piece of writing in the English language), but it's actually top down. So, it's "wine list" instead of "wili nest."

Seriously, though, what's up with people designing things that are so hard to read?

Mario and his twin brother... Green Mario.

Yeah, that isn't Luigi. That's literally just Mario painted green, which is very different from actual Luigi. Somehow, people keep getting the two mixed up. You'd think they never played a Super Mario game before in their lives (or, maybe they actually haven't).

Finally, contactless... except you still have to touch the machine to use it.

This is the right idea, but with the wrong execution. For a lot of people, the whole point of contactless is that you don't make any contact with the pin pad. So this... doesn't actually make any sense. I'll give it an A for effort, though.

The way none of these windows are centered with the floors below them.

I can't even tell if the windows are placed like that on purpose, like they're part of a pattern or something. Even if the are, though, they still look bad from the outside. It makes the building look kind of messy.

The placement of the model's face on the box.

Someone during manufacturing must've seen this and wondered why they went ahead and printed the boxes like this. Like, I can't imagine this went completely unnoticed.

The way this guy's face is wrapped around the box is pretty unnerving if you ask me.

I'm pretty convinced that the manufacturer doesn't know what the word "surprise" means.

The whole point of a surprise egg is that you don't know what's inside. But this one is clear, which defeats the purpose. It's actually so pointless.

The way the surprise is ruined is really disappointing too. Like, this shouldn't have even been made.

Is... is every single letter a different font?

I don't understand how such a simple design could go so wrong. Like, it's literally just one word. How could anyone get it so wrong? The answer: using too many fonts.

Next time, maybe just settle for one. You really don't need this many.

It's like whoever installed this post *tried* to make it look bad.

You can't get a post this wrong by accident. No, this looks like the kind of thing you do intentionally. But, why? What's the point of doing something like this? You know, other than making it look bad and annoying anyone who sees it.

Do... do you think they know?

They have to know that they misspelled their own name, right? Because they completely missed the N in McDonald's. And this is, like, their official page and everything.

Like, this is a pretty huge oversight. And on top of it all, the design is actually pretty bad.

"This 'Bicycle Parking' area at a subway station. I checked, there are no holes in the concrete or metal where racks have been removed."

So let me get this straight. This is a bike parking spot, but it doesn't have anything to tie your bike onto? Oh yeah, that totally makes sense. Not!

Hopefully people don't try to use this, because they'd come back to find their bikes stolen for sure.

Bad bathroom designs never cease to amaze me.

The problem with this public restroom is the urinal. It's both in the way of the stall and the sink, so it's like a double whammy. Everything could've been avoided if that urinal wasn't there.

At least the decor is pretty decent.

These numbers don't make any sense.

At first, I thought that they were doing some kind of snake pattern, where the 456 section was reversed. But no. The 4 is in the dead center. That literally makes no sense. This is the most perplexing sign I've seen in a very long time.

Something tells me you aren't actually supposed to sit in this chair.

Honestly, this chair isn't even that nice. It could've been, you know, without all those shells and fishing nets in the way.

Speaking of, you can't even sit on this thing unless you want to get injured on all those shells. Not well thought out at all.

This one actually stumped me.

It took me way too long to realize this is supposed to say "best voted local coffee roaster." The order is very weird.

The sad thing is that this design isn't even ugly. It's just that the word placement is bad. It could've been so good!

When life give you limes, you know what to do.

According to this soap bottle, when life gives you limes, make lemonade. I'm not sure where you're supposed to get the lemons from, but just roll with it.

In all seriousness, someone actually came up with this. And didn't think about what they were putting on this label.

Water stains? Oil stains? Nope, that's just the design of the sweater.

The pattern itself isn't what's so wrong here. It's the color combination. That gray paired with a slightly darker gray makes it look like the sweater is covered in water or oil droplets.

It probably could've worked with different colors, though (or maybe I'm just giving it the benefit of the doubt).

"I don’t see how this could possibly go wrong (They disappeared shortly after)."

I really hope that the people who bought these knew that they were hand sanitizers and not candy. But still, I can only imagine what would happen if little kids got a hold of these, thinking they were candy. Yeah, let's maybe rethink this one.

"This Mothers Day card *almost* works... until you read it out loud."

This card is cute, and almost makes sense. But that reads "beast," not "best." And I mean, if you want to call your mom a beast, that's up to you. But the tone of this card doesn't really match that sentiment, so maybe don't.

Ah yes, because this is what would make a Monday better.

Yeah, this is kind of terrifying. I know it's photoshop and all, but the way each doggy is bent into a different letter is both creepy and gross. I hope this company retires this sign soon, because it's gonna scare a lot of people.