14 Product Designs That Are So Good, They're Masterpieces

I don't know about you, but product design is something I really enjoy. If a company can create cool packaging, it immediately draws my attention to their display.

It also tells me that they take pride in what they do. So I thought it would be fun to share some genius product designs that recently caught my eye. Check these out.

1. This Cupcake

I don't know if you're as obsessed with cupcakes as I am, but this makes me want one even more, ha, ha! If this doesn't speak to you, you must have better self-control than I do. I really want it now.

2. This Shopping Tote

I recently got new prescription sunglasses, and I honestly wish they came with a tote like this one. I bet everywhere you walk with this, people will notice. And isn't that the point? These guys got it right then.

3. This Bicycle Kickstand

Oh my goodness, if this isn't the cutest bike kickstand, I don't know what is, ha, ha. I would love it if my bike had one of those too. I wonder who came up with that idea.

4. This Cool Barcode

You know that a company likes to have fun when even their barcode is a clever one. This package of smoked ahi tuna has the cutest barcode design. Just looking at it is making me crave some.

5. This Retro Table

If you know what a cassette is, you're really aging yourself by revealing it, hee-hee. I guess I'm about to do the same here. I would love to get a table like this for our house someday.

6. These Paintbrushes

I don't know if these paintbrushes are any good, but the packaging is definitely on point here. I wonder if any of my painter friends would be more inclined to buy these. I have to ask them.

7. This Wine Bottle Barcode

Some people really appreciate the finer details, and I think this bottle of wine would suffice here. Even the barcode looks like a quaint chateau. I bet it's a really good bottle of wine, too.

8. This Milk Bread

There's no mistaking this milk bread because you immediately realize what it is, ha, ha! I think you can't get any more literal than this. What do you think? I really dig this cool design here.

9. These Juice Boxes

Oh my goodness. How cute are these juice boxes here? I bet if you handed one of these to your kid, they would want to drink it immediately. Heck, I wouldn't mind collecting all of them.

10. This Salted Caramel Jar

Why use just a boring lid on a salted caramel jar when you can be quite literal. I like when companies think outside of the box, even when it comes to product packaging. I would totally keep this jar.

11. This Transformative Bench

Imagine if you wanted to hang out with your friends, but all you had was a bench. With this creative design here, you can turn a simple bench into a picnic table. Wow, isn't that so inventive?

12. This Reception Desk

What would you think if you were treated by this reception desk? OMG! Isn't this so beautiful? I love the fact they reused a tree that was cut down and made it to be so visually pleasing to the eye.

13. These Adorable Cups

Who here is a cat lover? I pretty much adore all animals. So when I notice a cool cat-friendly design, I always stop and take a look. I bet that's exactly what happened to this guy here.

14. This Cookie Spoon

"My ice cream came with an edible cookie-ish spoon. It was kinda hard to bite, but didn't soak at all!" said the Reddit user who shared this photo.

This design is such a win-win — you get an extra treat and no waste!

See? I told you cool designs are all around us.

I think more companies are focusing on how things look on the outside as much as they do on the inside. And to me, that's always a good thing, no?

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