20 Oddly Satisfying Things To Soothe The Mind A Bit

I don't know about you, but there are some things out there that are just really satisfying to me. Pictures and videos where everything lines up just right, or something just seems really smooth? Those really hit differently.

And that's what this list is all about. Those satisfying things that'll get your stress levels down, even by just a little bit.

"This dead straight line of bubbles in a beer."

Yeah, there's something really special about this one. The bubbles are in perfect alignment with one another, which is too satisfying to even put into words. But that's okay, it's something that you can feel more than you can describe anyway.

The way this black cat looks like it's the white cat's shadow.

What are the odds that two cats that just so happen to be the exact same size, one white and one black, would be sitting side by side in the same position? Don't get me wrong, though; I'm very glad that it happened.

The way this fast food order was carefully packaged.

Most of the time, they just throw all your food in the bag all willy-nilly. But this person actually took the time to put everything in a nice, neat order. It's like they actually cared.

This is one satisfying fast food bag, that's for sure.

The way these donuts are being glazed.

Glazed donuts are satisfying to look at in general. But looking at the glazing process? Oh, man, now that's relaxing. Sure, you run the risk of getting really hungry for donuts, but is that really such a bad thing? They're donuts, after all.

There's something about this thread and how it's being cut.

I have no idea why anyone would need to cut all of this thread, but is it ever satisfying to watch! It's like watching a giant ball of fluff being formed. I can't be the only one who want's to reach out and touch it, right?

The leaves on this plant are oddly symmetrical.

Nature is perfectly imperfect. But every once in a while, it's also kind of perfect. And this plant has some really perfect leaves. It won't last forever in the ground, but at least it'll last forever in our memories (and in this picture).

"The way the water droplets sit on the leaves."

Speaking of satisfying plants, there's this little group of leaves with water droplets on them. The way the droplets form a border around each leaf? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Nature is doing the thing, and I am 100% here for it.

These perfectly peeled hard boiled eggs.

You know when you go to crack a hardboiled egg and end up getting chunks ripped out of it? Not fun. But don't worry about that, and look at these perfectly peeled eggs.

With a bit of patience (and some cold water), you could probably do this too.

The way this cabbage is being peeled.

Eggs aren't the only peel-able thing that's satisfying to look at. Check out this cabbage! That top layer is coming off with no resistance, and all in one piece. If I could ignore my work and look at this GIF all day, I would.

This dog who's laying in a perfect circle.

Man, when dogs do the thing, it's so awesome. This, of course, is the thing I'm talking about. Laying down in a perfect circle.

I for one, am super thankful that we could see an adorable pup doing the thing. Hopefully this dog is comfy, though.

The frost on this statue makes it look like a painting.

I can't get over how amazing this looks. This is an actual sculpture, and yet it looks more like an illustration straight out of a picture book, or a painting on a canvas or something. I honestly don't think I'm going to be able to stop staring at this one.

"Drawing the full life of this pen on one sheet of paper using one line."

Everything about this is awesome. The fact that this pen was completely drained is cool enough. But the fact that it was drained with one continuous artwork? Wowzers, that must've been so satisfying to do. It's amazing enough just to look at.

How this person is cutting this watermelon.

If I had a fraction of the talent this person has in cutting cool shapes into melons, I'd be pretty happy. As amazing as the time lapse version is, it'd be so cool to watch this process in real time. I bet it would be just as awesome.

"The way these two trees line up."

It looks like this is one strange tree, but it's actually two trees, with the dead one in front of the living one. The fact that the one tree lines up perfectly inside of the other is too amazing for words. Seriously, so satisfying.

This moving truck that packed everything up perfectly.

This is, like, a real life game of Tetris. Except a bunch of boxes and furniture were used instead of blocks. I bet everything in this truck is super secure, though I'd probably hate to be the one who had to take everything out.

This machine that chops logs up nicely.

There's something really satisfying about watching someone chop wood (especially if you can't actually do it yourself). This machine takes that to a whole new level, though. It's just so smooth. I could probably stare at this all day if I had the chance.

This incredibly organized cable hub.

We see so many pictures of messy cables, like, all of the time. But this is an impressively neat cable collection, which is such a breath of fresh air. Everything is where it's supposed to be, and it'd be so easy to find what you need.

"This LEGO head fits perfect on this Bath and Body Works candle holder."

Don't you just love when a thing fits perfectly in another thing? This LEGO head and candle holder seem like they were made for each other. And you know what? It makes a great center piece. Like, it's literally perfect.

"Tree roots finding a way through cracks in the sidewalk bricks."

These tree roots are following the pattern of the brick interlocking. And honestly, that's just just so cool. Trees are so cool, what with the way they always create shapes with their roots and trunks/branches.

I guess you could say this is a square root (I know, how original of me).

I'm sure this bath is just as satisfying for the dog as it is for us.

I'm sure most if not all of us have given a dog a bath before. Scrubbing all that dirt off is, like, super satisfying. And I'm sure it's as great for the dog as it is for us human folk.