16 Pics That Prove There's Nothing More Satisfying Than An Organized Home

This post is a 100% guaranteed source of satisfaction.

Home organization can be hard. Hacks help, of course, but the thing that inspires me the most? Seeing other people's setups! It makes me want to take everything out of my cupboards, closets, and drawers and organize like a mad woman.

Let's go get inspired, shall we?

I love a good before-and-after.

"This happened! Donated 3 bags of clothes that did not 'bring me joy' and ended up with a very organized closet!"

I'm telling you, purging clothes is the easiest way to create more harmony in your life.

This is so satisfying.

That looks so GOOD. All of those neatly labeled bins fit perfectly on top of each other. I love when people use the same style bin for storage. It looks so tidy.

This bathroom storage is next-level.

"Doubled up on bathroom closet storage by using stackable drawers."

Can we talk about the fact that those drawers are labeled by different body parts and different uses?

I wanna be this guy.

"My wife wanted a custom pantry so I built her one."

Being able to build your partner whatever they want is such a boss move. I have nothing but respect.

This pegboard is #goals.

"Sewing room... still a work in progress, but I leave the door open now so when I walk by I can peek in at my pegboard and smile."

I LOVE the way the thread is organized by color!

Slide-out storage is a must.

"Finally tamed the spice cabinet with some pull out organizers."

I cannot express how helpful slide-out storage is, guys. It saves you emptying an entire cabinet to look for ONE thing.

What a garage!

"Father-in-law's power tool section in his shop."

I am jealous of that father-in-law. Not only does he have color-coded organizing, he has a collection to die for.

This is one of the best glow-ups I've ever seen.

"For the past two years at work, I’ve committed a few hours a week into organizing the basement. This is where I keep I.T. and audio equipment for 19 radio stations. It’s all inventoried in Microsoft Access for easy finding."

Weird times call for weird measures.

"Colleagues drawer of pre-packaged face masks in the clinic."

Remember the before times, when we didn't have to wear masks or have mask drawers? I miss those times. (But I don't miss getting colds, so I kinda like my mask.)

I want a room like this.

The organization. The filming setup. The collectibles neatly arranged in glass cases. There isn't a single thing about this room I don't love. In fact, I covet it all.

Excuse me while I go do this to my own cables.

"Purchased these containers for cable management and electronic parts organization. $0.88/ea at Walmart. 21 containers will fit in the Ikea Alex drawers perfectly. What do you think?"

Organized pantries hold a special place in my heart.

My pantry looks nothing like this. I'd love for it to, tbh. This looks like so much work, but damn does it look worth it. And that neat labeling? Ugh, so good.

No one knows how to make a mess like kids do.

"I cleaned the damn playroom."

This is such a frickin' victory. It can't be easy to tackle a playroom, especially knowing it'll turn into a disaster again.

Imagine having your life together like this.

"First closet is now complete! Jeans are organized by size but everything else is by category/color."

I dream of a closet that doesn't look like my wardrobe exploded in it.

You gotta love some well-organized craft supplies.

"Revolving spice rack for my loose glitters."

There's nothing better than seeing how crafters store their supplies. This is way better than what I do, which involves a really messy glitter drawer that I'm scared to open.

Using doors as storage is the key to an organized space.

"Maximizing cabinet doors. Spices on the left and measuring spoons and cups on the right."

As someone who has hooks attached to her cabinet doors to store things, I endorse this method.