30 People Who Are Going To Need More Stress Relief Candles

Stress is a sadly natural part of life. Although, there are some people who have slightly more stressful existences than others!

So, from people who got their incredibly expensive cars stuck in the worst places to individuals who had some really unexpected encounters with anarchy-loving racoons, here are 30 people who are going to need some more stress relief candles!

The Eternal Struggle...

Why is it that whoever is in the kitchen with you always stands where you want to be stood?

"My partner of 7 years insist she come to the kitchen every now and then so I don't get bored. I haven't had the heart to tell her its infuriating," wrote another long-sufferer.

Always Label Your Jars!

"My wife likes to keep dog food beside coffee beans. Guess what I did at 5:30 am this morning," wrote this person. I wonder if they still actually drank their dog-food-flavored coffee. Perhaps this person should invest in a label maker!

"So instead of getting paper straws you instead make THE CUSTOMER feel it's their fault for using a product you are giving to customers."

This one got a lot of people quite hot in the comments, with some people agreeing that it is the responsibility of the restaurant to provide paper straws and other people claiming that sipping your drink is a worthwhile sacrifice.

"My skin didn't react to any of the allergen test except for the tape."

This must be an incredibly annoying allergy to have for when you get a small cut and need a band aid. Although, the reverse would probably be worse, as someone responded by writing, "Lucky you. I can handle the tape but I was allergic to 55/56 things they tested for."

"Infuriating that a restaurant would need to put a sign up because of TikToks."

I quite like that this reads as though they are saying, "Go on, put your phone on the belt, we dare you. We cannot wait to boil wash the crap out of your devices!" The intimate detail that they go into about the fate that awaits phones on the belt is incredible.

"I bet he has anger issues..."

I love this because you can perfectly picture the kind of person who would be driving this van. It is also hilarious how personal he has gotten in regards to the Frankfort Family Auto, who are apparently crooks and liars!

"Found in my newspaper..."

I wonder what the "loser" at the petrol station did to annoy the person who posted this so much? It sounds like this guy needs to relax a little bit, why not go and have a Calippo and sit on a bean bag.

"Mother Nature decided that this BMW should be a convertible."

That will probably buff out if you give it a good go. Although, maybe mother nature is actually trying to convince you to get a slightly more fuel-efficient car. Although, "convince" may be the wrong word, "bully" might be more appropriate.

"Apparently this was delivered near my 'front porch' where anyone passing by can take it. I'm not off until midnight."

And yes, your eyes are seeing this right, the person who delivered this package impaled the package on the gate's spikes! I cannot imagine how anyone would think that this is an acceptable way to leave a package for someone?!

Get Out Of Here!

I cannot get over how high they managed to launch that bike! That is the throw of someone who has had a truly awful day and just cannot contain their rage any longer! Must have taken the bike's owner a long time to get it down.

"Went to get my 2nd vaccine shot, had to actively ignore this abomination while standing in line."

I can see why this might annoy some people, but I actually really like it. And, I was not alone, as one other person wrote, "Windows on the left are wide and short, on the right they are narrow and tall. The art in the middle flips the window from wide/short to narrow/tall. I think it's amazing and ingenious."

"This 'Giant Burger' advertised at 1.3kg in an American Restaurant in Germany."

Mmmm, I love it when you take that first bite of a burger and you get nothing but bread and a tiny bit of sauce! That is when you know that you have found yourself a great burger joint for sure!

"Of course, the only car without a shade is mine."

It must make it more annoying for this person that if the car next to them had actually parked properly, then this person would have made it mostly into the shade! Seriously, who parks like that black car next to them?

"Someone got their Ferrari Roma stuck in an Italian alleyway."

Wow, that is one hell of a sticky situation, but at least they had the foresight to pull in the wing-mirrors! If they hadn't done that then this would have been quite the expensive fix! This is slightly worse than the poor guy who had racoons eating off his Ferrari as well I guess.


That is a pretty unnecessarily harsh description that this outlet felt the need to include! Although, Jordyn Read did fortunately see the funny side of it. Also, I suppose that there is still time to become an Olympic champion at something...skateboarding perhaps?

"Landlord thought I was a government agent and decided to lock me out to do this. RIP 3080 FE."

Apparently the landlord has since been arrested. I would also be looking into the landlord, as there is something really suspicious about someone who is so paranoid that the government are spying on them. What has he been up to?

"Guess which one I accidentally put on my yogurt this morning?"

I guess that you are having some garlic-flavored yogurt for breakfast then, as you do not want to let it go to waste! Also, this could be the new breakfast fad that everyone loves, you never know! Give it a go!

"Hidden leak found after auction purchase. Previous owner stuffed the compartment with rags to slow the leak from dripping out."

I think that this is actually called fraud in certain circles. I hope that this person is able to fix whatever the problem is at least — I would lend a hand but what I know about large-scale machinery would not cover a small water-biscuit.

"The Stress Is Getting To Him."

Something tells me that this guy has just gotten to the part of the syllabus where he thought, "Nope, that's it for me, I'm getting off the bus." A lot of people encounter this moment, good to see he's using his remaining time wisely though!

"Never park under a tree during migrating season."

At this point, it might just be easier to throw this one away and buy a new one. The birds had a real vendetta against whoever owns this car, this person should clearly have fed the birds some of their scraps!


If you zoom in closely then you can see little beads of sweat forming upon the brow of all of these little eggs. They only know a life of fear, and that is all. Also, I have never seen a plastic egg tray before!

"The trash pandas in my hood set an expensive dinner table…"

A lot of people were very curious about what is inside the garage if this Ferrari is sat outside on the driveway?! If I were a racoon though I would absolutely want to eat on top of the fanciest car in the neighborhood.

"Haven't driven my car since I last got groceries. Found the missing milk under the seat, it rotted for several days."

Dear God, I can barely fathom how bad that must smell. There is no getting rid of the smell of rotting milk either, well it certainly isn't easy in any case. I hope they like driving with the windows down.

Impromptu Landscaping...

"My neighbor's pigs escaped & he won't do anything about it. This is what they're doing to my yard," wrote the poor sod whose garden this is. I am a big fan of pigs, but I can't say I'd be too pleased with one digging up my garden.

"When washing your car and a guy parks behind you, instantly gets out and impatiently crosses his arms..."

I love it when people try and do this sort of thing, as I just find the time to wash my car as slowly as is feasibly possible — occasionally I'll just stop for a moment and check the news or make a phone call.

"Girlfriend's mom accidentally locked these fellows in the sunroom. They do not seem stressed out."

They look like they are having the time of their life! It kind of appears as though they are. about to try and order some room service! You will have a hard time getting shut of these fellas now that's for sure.

"The box said 3000 pieces. A week of quarantine tells me it's 2999."

It is a certainty that you will only find that single missing piece once you have disassembled this puzzle and have put it back in the box. Or, if you have a dog, then you will find it when your dog does its business.

"I'm an idiot and my wife won't stop laughing at me."

That is the hallmark of a terrible morning, and a day of further annoyances to come. I find that, when stuff like this happens, it is much better just to head back to bed and wake up all over again.

"Everytime my grandma's friend gets in the car she takes her shoes off and it's actually very bad smelling."

I never understood people's desires to take their shoes off when going long dispatches in the car. And, even if you are wanting to do it, I would never do it in someone else's car, it just seems a bit rude!

"I am forbidden to remove the plastic on the grounds that it protects the beauty of our microwave."

Nope, there is no way that I could be putting up with looking at that on a daily basis. The best suggestion as to what they should do was, "Do it when no one is around and act like you have no idea how it came off."

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