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20 Times Someone Perfectly Executed Something Truly Awful

With enough practice, anyone can become a master at anything. People will spend years honing their passions and hobbies until their skills are worthy of showing off to the world, their achievements known by all.

This list here highlights those who have mastered their craft, but chose to display said mastery in the worst ways by perfectly executing something truly awful.

"I have a skull. I have a pineapple."

The evolution of Halloween decorations has truly been a sight to see. It went from purely outdoor decorations to these completely wild indoor decorations that consist of literally any object, but now it's bones. I'm here for it, I'd buy skull pineapple in a heartbeat.

"Welcome to carb hell!"

Speak for yourself, some of us like bread a little too much and would gaze upon this table like a woodland carb heaven.

Unless you're referring to the sculptures, then yeah, it's a little off-putting. While very well done, the thought of slicing into those little creatures isn't the best.

"Limo Jet."

This is the perfect vehicle to confuse people about what level of rich you are. Rich enough to book a fancy limo, but not rich enough to book a private jet. But still rich enough to book a bizarre fancy limo, not just a normal one. A true blurring of the lines.

"An ad to redesign a bus shelter to make it look more rugged to advertise the Nissan Pathfinder also covered up the CTA arrival time display."

"Here at Nissan, we not only want our advertisements to be effective, but intrusive. Can't see the bus times anymore because of our presence on your streets? Well, you wouldn't need to worry about that if you purchased on of our Nissan Pathfinders!"

"Fake grass around toilet in the man's bathroom."

When will people learn? When will people understand that bathroom floors should only ever consist of tile? Or at the very least, not carpet. fake grass is carpet-adjacent. It's unsettling and so much worse to clean in the place that needs cleaned the most.

"Duck tape paint job."

Objectively, they did a pretty good job with it, I'm just left questioning if it was worth the effort, you know? Sure your car is highly customizable now, if you're willing to go through the effort of a tape wrap every time you want to change it.

"Guy in our town won a few million in lottery. He decided to plate his Hummer in 14k gold."

Cool, that's the perfect way to not only single yourself out as someone with way too much money, but also make sure everyone in town knows you're an absolute tool.

Surely there was something, anything, that this money could have been better spent on than this.

"This unbearable chair."

The way this photo was taken makes it seem like the person was trying to take it without the chair catching them.

That's too bad, though, because bear chair sees all. Bear chair has eyes everywhere. No angle is missed by bear chair.

"Bloody knuckle tattoo."

Perfect for frightening your friends, confusing doctors, and making every cashier you hand money to think you might have bled on the cash that they're now holding.

They are pretty well done though. I'm hissing just looking at them, and I know they're fake.

"This mug I 'inherited' from my grandfather. He was a potter, and one of his potter friends made this."

That's a mug? Like, you're supposed to willingly bring that to your mouth multiple times and drink from it? No way. This guy can't even move, but I still don't trust him to not mess with my drink when I'm not looking.

"I don’t think you can jump into this bed."

No, but it is leagues better than your standard race car bed, meaning it's a worthy trade for being the coolest kid in class.

That bar in the middle will probably start causing more and more problems, though. I'm seeing a number of bumps in this kid's future.

"Crepe barbie."

She looks great! Fully covered for the chilly fall months ahead, and the construction is beautiful. Not to mention if she ever gets lost, she has an emergency food supply on her at all times!

"Gorgeous, darling."

This reminds me of those moths that have eye-like patterns on their wings so predators think they're watching them, but it's in a totally inconvenient spot and offers no defensive properties.

"Excuse me, my eyes are down here. No, further down."

"First house, first piece of furniture."

So this user actually made this TV console, presumably because they hate their family and their life goal is to give everyone headaches all the time.

Seriously, though, it's a very cool piece and looks to be incredibly well made, so congrats!

"[I] found this at a stores claw machine and it has two mouths..."

I was going to make a joke about it being some sort of insert-bird-species-here unicorn, but then I realized I can't actually tell what type of bird it is. Toucan? Is it a toucan? Wait, why is the other beak smaller if it was a manufacturing error?

"These mugs."

These look like the world's most uncomfortable mugs. Actually, how would you even hold the one on the right? The one on the left looks a little pinch-y, but the concept is the same, the one on the right throws an absolute curveball your way and expects you to catch it.

"[...] this carpeted guitar my friend and I made [...] here is the 'Guitarpet'."

I'm almost mad at how incredibly well-made this is. The patterning is crisp, the colors are great, the drippy effect is well done and looks really cool, but it's all...carpet. It's all carpet. I don't know how to feel about it, which I think was the outcome they wanted.

"Shrek Car."

That sure is a Shrek car. Again, this is so very well done that it's mind-boggling. It's fully matte, the sculpting of the custom pieces is great, it looks clean. I definitely know how I feel about this one, though, I absolutely hate it.

"NYC pest necklace."

Some people just need a little reminder of what guests to not welcome into their home. I know the pigeon that hangs out on your balcony looks cute, but if he starts coming over he's going to want to bring all his friends, and then you'll never get rid of them.

"This awful mug I found at hobby lobby."

If it's early in the morning and I open my cabinet to see this, I'm going to assume I'm still sleepily delirious and imagining things.

Then I'll make my coffee in it, sit down and drink it, wait for it to kick in, look back at my mug and be like wait, what?

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