Parents Are Using Their DIY Skills To Give The Classic Cozy Coupe A Modern Makeover

No one loves a good DIY like a parent does.

Kid toys can be pretty hard on the eyes, especially when it comes to big-ticket items — think play kitchens, for example.

Some clever parents have decided to upcycle another big ticket item into something way cooler. Yup, Cozy Coupes are headed into the shop for some serious makeovers!

So, let's say the thing we're all thinking.

Cozy coupes are kinda ugly. And by that, I mean they're super ugly. No offense to those who did that bright red and yellow combo, but I'm happy leaving those colors to McDonalds, you know?

Thankfully, plastic is not hard to paint.

With a little elbow grease, a lot of sanding, and a lot more priming, parents have been turning cozy coupes into kid dream cars.

(Actually, let's be real — they're the parents' dream cars.)

People have seriously balled out while redoing these.

I mean, this one has panelled siding. Parents, you guys are so creative and only a little insane for doing this level of work. I respect you so much.

Some parents went the comic book route.

Even the Joker needs a sick ride from time to time. I'm loving this makeover, even if it reminds me of Scooby Doo more than anything DC-related. Oops.

This one was made over for Pride month!

I'm going to be doing this exact thing for my niece. I just decided that, yes, but I am determined to remember to do this like two years from now. That pink? Those vinyl decals? Adorable.

I am so about this mint makeover.

This one is proof that you don't have to do too much to make a cozy coupe look cool! The mint and the white really pop, and the surfboard on top is ADORABLE.

This one had some next-level work done to it.

"I took the cozy coupe and did some stuff to it started with making it lower, some avant-garde f134’s, detachable steering wheel, and you can take off the roof it also has a roll cage," @jdmcarrenders explained.


This one got a brand upgrade.

Goodbye, cozy coupe, and hello to this VW coupe! I'm not sure how they got ahold of a VW logo, but damn if this doesn't look awesome.

So, what do you think?

I'm so about this, and I can't wait to do it for my niece! It's the perfect, low-stakes project for aspiring DIYers. It's also budget-friendly if you thrift your cozy coupe!