15 Badly Designed Items That Are Flat-Out Impossible To Clean

I LOVE bad designs.

There's something so entertaining about seeing people blow it at designing or DIYing very basic thing. There's no end to the amount of bad designs in this world — even dangerous ones, if we're being honest — but the ones that take the cake are the ones that are so bad, they can't even be cleaned.

Let's check it out.

I am once again asking for people to stop tiling things that aren't floors or showers.

"Hey, let's make our restaurant tables tile, food particles totally won't get stuck between the edges and be impossible to clean."

You KNOW that grout started out white, too.

This bathroom is a nightmare.

"My bathroom vanity and glass shower screen form an impossible to clean crevice."

Oh HELL no. Tell me you live in a house someone flipped without telling me you life in a house someone flipped.

We did it, guys. We found the world's worst backsplash.

Not only is this insane, it's behind the stove. I don't even want to try imagining cleaning between all those broken crevices. That's the stuff of nightmares.

Hey, quick question: what?

My god, whoever did this is a monster. I want this to be an art piece so that I can sleep at night knowing no one tries to use that bidet.

Crate & Barrel? You okay?

"Cutting boards with a fake split sawn into the board, with patching wedges that don't actually fix the split. Not only is it ugly, the gaps are perfect for trapping food residue so as to be impossible to clean."

Sadly, this is not a joke.

"Saw someone trying to sell these easy to clean countertops on Facebook."

Easy to clean? Sure, if you're planning on sanding down your counter every time food touches it.

This lamp is wrong in so many ways.

Unfortunately, it's a rental, so it can't be replaced. I have never been so mad at a light in my life. Why would anyone design my headphone cords as a lamp?

Wish I hadn't seen this, tbh.

"Why would someone design the handle of a fridge to have inch-deep ridges on the backside? This is 10+ years of buildup, I had to remove them to clean. Just make them solid!"

I need people to leave bathrooms alone.

The only saving grace here is that all those awful seashells were adhered with hot glue, so odds are they'll fall off quickly. I can't imagine trying to clean toothpaste flecks from those. Hard pass.

How are you meant to reach that window?

"These windows dont line up with the floors inside this stairwell and the architect clearly did not consider how extremely difficult cleaning the windows is."

Gonna need a long mop for that one.

This is straight up awful design.

How do you forget to build an entire lip for a shower? This isn't so much hard to clean as "needs to be cleaned constantly" and that makes me angry.

Whoever did this should have their DIYer license taken away.

Sure, why not add glass gems to a counter and then poorly epoxy over them? That seems like a solid idea. That toothpaste is definitely going to balance properly on them. (Spoiler alert: it doesn't.)

Imagine designing a sign that can be used, like, once.

While this looks cool as hell, it's quite possibly one of the worst sink designs I've ever seen. I can't decide if I'm more concerned for the person who has to clean this, or that poor amethyst.

That grass better be disposable.

To make things worse: this is a toilet in a men's room. So... yeah, that astroturf is definitely getting peed on. Good luck to whoever has to clean this room, I salute and fear you.

Imagine trying to get under those tentacles.

The only thing I can think of to clean this is maybe one of those straw cleaners? But even then, it won't get all the way under there. Ew.