11+ Designs That Aren't Just Bad, They're Dangerous

Have you ever stumbled upon an idea that was not only bad but also outright dangerous? Unfortunately, it happens a lot more often than we would like to see.

I've combined a list of unsafe concepts that never should have happened. If you ever see anything as awful as these, make sure you tell somebody. It could prevent someone from getting hurt.

1. This Staircase

When I first saw this staircase, I thought to myself, "This can't be real." But upon further inspection, I see that it is. Why would anybody think that beautifying the stairs with rocks was the right thing to do? Have they broken any bones lately?

2. This Sprinkler Placement

I don't know if the person who decided to place the sprinklers right here was looking for trouble. From the looks of it, that's what I would think. This is not what "clean energy" means, people.

3. This Pavement

If you're thinking you're slightly dizzy looking at this pavement, don't worry. It's the pavement and not you. Can you imagine if all the streets were like this? We would all be walking in zig-zags. Isn't this crazy?

4. This Sink

If you thought you were looking at a urinal you're not alone. I bet a lot of people have made that mistake. I don't envy the people who have to come to clean this place. Oh boy!

5. This Shower

Okay, yes, why not put a sharp object right in the shower where it's totally slippery. Can you believe somebody actually found this in their house? Wow, what is this spike even for, huh? I have no idea.

6. This Socket

Whoever thought placing this socket underneath the dryer was a good idea must have skipped that safety class. Go ahead, try to dry your hands. On second thought, better find some paper towels instead if electrocution isn't your thing.

7. This Wheelchair Accessible Stairwell

These so-called "wheelchair-accessible" stairs are giving me all the wrong feels. I can't even imagine anybody trying to go down using these. Is this some kind of cruel joke, or was somebody just sleeping on the job?

8. These Bumps In The Road

I don't even understand why these bumps are there on the road in the first place. But I know that no cyclist could ever see them in time. It's definitely an accident waiting to happen.

9. This Curved Slide

OMG, who is the genius that thought it would be fun to put curves on a child's slide? Are they a monster or what? This poor child wanted to have a good time, and instead, they got banged up pretty bad.

10. This Traffic Light

If you missed this traffic light, it isn't just you. Whoever thought that hiding it behind an electrical pole was a safe idea must be mad. I wonder how many accidents happen at this corner, huh?

11. This Carpeted Mess

I'm lucky enough that I've never broken any limbs before, but if I lived here, I'm sure that wouldn't be the case. I honestly, don't even get how this would work. Do you? I'm totally baffled at this.

12. This Stairway

If you always wanted to tumble to your death, you might as well book a room at this hotel. I already have a hard time going down the stairs, but now it would be a life or death situation.

13. This Bike Path

Whoever came up with this bike path clearly didn't think things through here. Am I right? I can't imagine trying to get anywhere using this path. I really feel bad for all the cyclists in this area.

Wow, I can't say that I've ever encountered stupidity like this.

It might seem funny to us, but if somebody gets injured, it won't be a laughing matter. Have you ever seen anything as bad as these designs before? Let me know.

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