15 Bad Designs That I Can't Help But Laugh At

Whether or not we want to admit it, all of us are slaves to advertising. It influences everything from the clothes we wear to the food that we put in our fridge.

It's a powerful force that when used incorrectly can often have detrimental consequences. Have a look and check out these 15 bad designs that I can't help but laugh at.

Putting the baby's head in the corner was probably a bad idea.

If I was shopping in the grocery store and saw the stretched-out face of this terrifying baby glaring at me from atop the shelves, I would run away screaming and not look back.

When you take "keeping up with the Jones'" too far.

Old buildings fall down, that's just a fact of life. But why on earth would anyone choose to repair a 150-year-old castle with sky-blue vinyl siding? That just seems wrong somehow.

The perfect bench for a hot summer afternoon.

I'm no brainiac but even I understand the basic concepts of thermal conduction. If you leave a bench made from pure steel out in the hot sun all day — it's going to burn the absolute crap out of someone.

What else can your pet clippers do?

Once again, I get the motif that they're going for here — pulling a cleanly shaven dog out of its own coat. But why did they make it look as if the dog was being pulled from out of its own butt?

Is it stairs or a ramp?

It's almost impossible to tell! Apparently, they are in fact stairs but it's easy to see how the stripes might make some people (especially intoxicated people) lose their depth perception and fall. Thank goodness for the handrail.

That's an odd place to put your AirPods, don't you think?

Clearly, someone has yet to master the art of Photoshop. Either that or the model in the photo has an extra set of earlobes growing out the sides of her head.

Is this where you throw your children away?

According to Redditor alphaMrWave, the sign translates to "teaching kids good manners," but it totally looks like the little man is chucking a baby into the trash. Which I admit is horrible yet also pretty hilarious.

What the hell is going on?

I cannot be the only person who sees this: the little man on the sign totally looks like he's peeing into his own mouth! I still don't even understand what this sign is trying to express.

That's pretty crappy tile.

This is the kind of flooring that must drive custodians absolutely mad. How on earth would you be able to tell if someone had an accident on the floor or whether it was just the plain old tile?

Not the best advice you could give a person.

These should really be two separate signs. When you put them together, not only is there a grammatical double-negative — but the sign is also essentially telling people to drive high.

Someone has clearly mixed up their colors.

Imagine if the next time you got behind the wheel of a car, the traffic light colors were all of a sudden inverted: green was "stop" and red was "go." There'd be more than a fair amount of accidents, undoubtedly.

What could possibly go wrong here?

It's only a flooded downhill slope with a speedbump precariously placed right in front of it. I hope nobody ever has the misfortune of speeding down that street. This setup could launch a car 10-feet into the air.

Clearly, you've never played with puzzles in your life.

It doesn't take a genius to look at these two puzzle pieces and figure out they most certainly do not go together. I wonder how many people point this out to the staff on a regular basis?

Probably the worst place you could've put a door handle.

I probably would've put the decal wrap on the opposite end of the truck. That way, you avoid giving the young blonde model an inadvertent Charlie Chaplin mustache for all to see.

Not the kind of message you want to send to prospective clients.

First of all, could you have picked a worse picture to advertise your services? That kid couldn't look any unhappier. The barber probably did cut him, just as the sign promises.