10+ Designers Who Need To Brush Up On Their Skills

I'm always baffled when I stumble upon an item that has been designed so poorly that there's not much you can do but to laugh about it. It makes you wonder how nobody spotted such an obvious design flaw. Is it just me? Or do you find it quite irritating?

Well, get a load of these ideas that definitely failed to impress.

1. Curious Meal Choices

Reddit | Siggy778

If the wedding invitation wasn't curious enough, then you have to scroll down to the end and look at the menu options. Come again? Who approved this?

2. Odd Placement

Reddit | u/neeko-boobs

Imagine trying to plug an appliance into an outlet that's conveniently placed right under the soap dispenser. Hmm...

3. Real Estate Nightmare

Reddit | justinerwin

Is it just me or is this real estate poster making your head spin? What are they trying to advertise here? I can't decipher it.

4. Ouch, That Would Hurt

Reddit | SnagSangas

I bet when you were looking for an eye makeup remover you didn't really want to stumble upon a product to remove eyes and lips.

5. 0% Nonsense

Reddit | Avyeon

Why would you buy a jar of sauce that contains 0% sauce? Huh? Now I wonder what they actually meant to say. Oh, what a mystery.

6. Headache Inducing Clock

Reddit | mertxzgul

If deciphering what this clock is trying to say doesn't give you a headache, you must be much smarter than me. This is crazy.

7. Somebody Forgot What An Acronym Is

Reddit | Servalarian

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought an acronym was an abbreviation of multiple words or phrases. How does this make sense then?

8. Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb

Reddit | 28_STAB_WOUNDS_

For a perfectionist like me, looking at this tile is making me angrier than I'd like to be. You too?

9. A Convenient Plug

Reddit | azergyu

Imagine checking into this hotel room only to realize that the only plug is behind this radiator? How the heck are you supposed to use it?

10. Somebody Forgot To Double-Check This

Reddit | boots_and_cats_

I could forgive this if it was just a random business, but this is an actual print shop that's advertising here. What?

11. Word Jumble

Reddit | Nopeasuoli

Why even bother putting up a sign like this when reading it is an absolutely ridiculous undertaking? I'd rather look at an empty wall instead.

12. Leave It To Microsoft

Reddit | ibihadi

Well, talk about circular logic here. Why give a choice of playing offline when clearly you need to be online to play this? Geez, thanks.

13. Spot The Clock

Reddit | hen8

If somebody didn't point out to me that there was actually a clock in this room I don't think I would have spotted it. Convenient location, huh?

14. Choose Which Appliance You Want To Use

Reddit | uheDutchGuy007

Here's another genius example of convenient placement. Now you can fight over which appliance you can use.

15. How Do You Read This?

Reddit | edrini

Apparently this not-so-clever nor easy-to-read card was sent out by, believe it or not, a design school. Say what?

16. Stair Count

Reddit | ScorpionPC

I guess somebody thought it would be fun to have to go up the stairs and then down the stairs to get to this door. Hmm...

17. Stairwell Nightmare

Reddit | Dis-Man-8

Is it just me or do you also have a severe aversion to stairs? Especially when it comes to ones that look like this. This is an accident waiting to happen.

18. Fire Safety

Reddit | KEX0023

Why would anyone think it was a good idea to put a fan right below the fire detector? How is this even safe? So dumb.

19. Of Foot And Hand

Reddit | cinna_bacon

You say hand, I say foot. What? How is it that no one noticed the blunder with this sign? Are you catching my drift?

20. Simply Confused

Reddit | qwertykoala

You would think the bin that says, "Simply Recycle" would be the choice for all the recyclable items, right? You'd be wrong in this situation.

21. Good Luck Finding Your Gold

Reddit | Keiiii

I think they had a positive message they were going with on this T-shirt but they lost me with this word jumble. LOL!

22. Spell Check Needed

Reddit | Kuukkeli123

Fremember to drink water? Okay, sure. Fthank you very much for the sweet and kind reminder. Somebody forgot to spell check or had one too many.

23. Baby In Car

Reddit | skandra1

This is such a cute little sign, but I just don't get the word placement here. Perhaps they were going for a unique style and failed?

24. Now You're Trapped

Reddit | crownedkings

Why is this lady smiling? If the house were on fire, there's no escape because she's trapped in this contraption until the fire department rescues her.

25. Welcome To Our Restaurant

Reddit | ben_gilbert69

Would you be inclined to eat at this Mexican restaurant if this greeted you at the door? Is it a burned burrito or poop?

26. This T-shirt

Reddit | AkiraTheArtist

Somebody clearly didn't think this through when they were working on the design of this T-shirt. I wonder who will wear it proudly? I dare them.

27. An Oxymoron

Reddit | Darren689

Somebody needs to read the description of what braille means because encasing the words behind glass is not how this is supposed to work. Geez.

28. Wired

Reddit | thanis_jpg11

No wonder people in this building can't get decent TV reception when this tangled mess is what you find in the wiring room. Wow, that's intense.

29. Election Ad

Reddit | mungoflago

As if anyone is actually going to vote for this guy after seeing this awkwardly placed ad on someone's car. Yeah, right.

OMG aren't these just the most ridiculous designs you've seen in a while?

I can't believe so much crap is out there. This is making me laugh and cry.

30. When You Combine Your Fruits And Veggies

Reddit | zimmtt

I remember seeing these magnets in my grandma's home, but back then, the banana was just a regular banana. Not a corn-banana hybrid.

31. We Do Really Loud

Reddit | fussy0

Oh boy, I definitely see the potential of endless jokes coming from this odd stairway word jumble. Why would people do this anyway? LOL.

32. Where's A Will

Reddit | kittylc

Honestly, if I already didn't know this phrase, there's no way I could ever decipher it from this. Time to rethink this message, marketing team.

34. Um, Come Again?

Reddit | TheKnowMark

Because everybody buys eye drops to get their eyes infected, right? I thought this was some new thing I had no knowledge of. LOL!

33. This Desk

Reddit | u/Kartingst

When I look at this the first thought that comes to my mind is, "Why?". I don't even understand this. LOL! Was somebody drunk while installing this?

35. Say What?

Reddit | wizard_Mtl

This is the knob on a toaster oven. So if you speak English, rotate past 10. But if you speak French, rotate it past 20. Huh?

36. This Hand Dryer Placement

Reddit | u/champiast

Imagine using this hand dryer while somebody is using the urinal next to it? That's not exactly that sanitary, is it? So dumb.

37. Odd Rescue Message

Reddit | maraudingoctopuspot

I totally get that they want to help animals with this T-shirt. I just don't understand the design of it. Somebody didn't think this through.

38. Mouse Charger From Hell

Reddit | RiggzBoson

So obviously, whoever designed this mouse charger didn't consider people wanting to use it while it was charging. That is so frustrating!

39. Designed By A Five-Year-Old

Reddit | u/alphanovember

This is what happens when you get a five-year-old to design the Police department's logo. Well, it looks that way anyway, ha, ha.