11+ Terrible Designs That Would Be Funny If They Weren't So Bad

Do you ever stumble upon something that makes you scratch your head and go, "Who designed this?" That seems to happen from time to time. And when it does, I bet it makes you feel like a genius because if you had the job you would do it so much better. Right?

Case in point with these terrible designs that are pretty much only good for a laugh.

1. Clearance?

Reddit | IconXR

Weirdly enough, I like to save money when I shop and not actually spend more. So why would I pay $2.50 for something that was $0.97 before?

2. Want Some Pepper With Your Salt?

Reddit | kauefbonfa

Don't be surprised if you end up putting pepper when you wanted salt because this confusing design is just an optical illusion failure.

3. Awkward Placement

Reddit | cbis4144

Was placing this soap dispenser in the most awkward place really worth saving all that counter space? How tiny do they think our hands are?

4. Slip 'n Slide

Reddit | batataqw89

If this sink attached to the toiled forming a perfect slide isn't an accident waiting to happen, I dunno what is. Oh look, found your toothbrush!

5. Unfriendly Path

Reddit | alien-oracle

I can see some poor soul just riding their bike only to wipe out on this unfortunate sidewalk because ain't nobody making that sharp turn.

6. SAL E

Reddit | awedd95

I guess someone forgot to adjust the font size before they got this sign printed. What baffles me more is that they still decided to use it.

7. Seeing Red

Reddit | Nayib_Ozzy

Because every hotel should have hallway carpets with red line designs on them that closely resemble blood streaks. It's the right thing to do, isn't it?

8. Tiny Steps

Reddit | RealSuccessfulGecko

Is it just me or are these tiny steps that are completely awkward to climb a bit redundant here? I mean, they're not that much help.

9. Feeling Cramped

Reddit | Frankay4inGahz

I know what it's like to never have enough space in my house, but at least none of my rooms have this problem. This is ridiculous.

10. Good Luck Trying To Get Out Of This Spot

Reddit | nesheelahs

I think your best bet is to take your chances and drive over the curb.

11. Prehistoric Pee

Reddit | TooBigTooSTRONG

Not the best placement for this figurine's stand, but I guess it would be accurate, right?

12. What's With All These Bathroom Mirrors?


Stop putting them in the worst possible spots! No one wants to see this!

13. Tile Me Happy

Reddit | TitanShifter02

I wouldn't be surprised if this tile location triggered someone's OCD. I know I'm starting to itch just looking at it. Ha, ha, ha.

14. A Terrible Idea To Begin With

Reddit | wesster

I have no idea why anyone would want a hat that says "Better Late Than Never" to begin with, but then this designer couldn't even get that right.

15. Oops...

Reddit | all2neat

I'm pretty sure no one wants a glass wall for their hotel bathroom. Can't people get some privacy anymore?

16. Not The Safest Design

Reddit | jessuk101

This looks like an accident waiting to happen. How is someone supposed to safely pick this up?

17. Twenty Bucks To Whoever Can Guess What This Sign Is For

Reddit | UltronGods

I'm seriously at a loss here.

18. Come On In

Reddit | pcjcusaa1636

If this is how they handle their outside security, I really don't want to know what's going on inside. A child could climb this.

19. Nasty Meal

Reddit | RCoder01

Let's just make our plates look like they haven’t been washed in four years. Okay, thanks. Now you've grossed me out right before lunch. Yuck!

20. Newspaper Fail

Reddit | i_like_miniwheats

Okay, there would be no problem with this if it was written on a website or something like that, but in a newspaper? Really? LOL!

21. Plug 'Em In

Reddit | PygmyThing

I think I would get pretty tired of pulling out the appliance every time I want to plug in a cord. Who thought of that?

22. Come Again?

Reddit | FanTASticGeronimo

No matter how hard I try to read this sign I can't seem to figure out what they're trying to say here. Please, help! Ugh.

23. Pointless Fence


Um, I dunno about you, but to me, there is absolutely no point to this. Why would anyone walk through this if they can just walk around?

24. Walk It Off

Reddit | ItsAlex_3DS

If you gotta risk your life every time you walk on this sidewalk, I don't think it's worth it. Just find an alternate route.

25. Just Open It

Reddit | aerialsilkss

Try it, I dare you. You'll soon find out the hard way that this window cannot be opened. So why is it even there?

26. Can Anyone Read This?

Reddit | Darth_Socrates

I'm convinced the last line says something about a panda.

27. Again, What's With These Dangerous Cups?

Reddit | CosmeBuzzanito

That must have hurt.

I think the designers of these unfortunate items should go back to school ASAP because who do they think they're fooling?

We're not buying their crap. Are you with me?