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16+ Crappy Designs That Had Everyone Shaking Their Heads

From what I understand from a friend in the field, even construction jobs that don't require you to physically build anything require a lot of long days on site and a lot of different jobs working in tandem to get everything right.

That friend also informed me that even a simple job can suddenly become a hair-pulling nightmare if someone who doesn't know what they're doing gets put in the wrong position of power. They also said that's not a rare occurrence.

Although that doesn't necessarily make the logic behind some of these whacked-out design decisions clear, these insights do make it easier to understand how they happened at all.

We all know that when you're advertising a food company, a lot of your work will involve making it look as enticingly delicious as possible.

Reddit | xingxing123425

One would think that the first step towards that would involve making sure that the sample in the ads doesn't have somebody's hair in it, but it looks like not everybody follows that step.

Ah, what better way to satisfy your wanderlust than a suitcase that brings to mind our romantic ideals of Paris?

Reddit | Spaz-Squad-Lads

And if you find yourself there, don't forget to shower your hosts with everyone's favorite Parisian greeting, "Sample text."

When the uploader saw this top, they figured that tennis balls would have been a more appropriate choice for the eyes.

Reddit | sinop5757

And considering that those would make this face a lot less likely to seem like it's crying blood or staring directly into our souls, they might be right about that.

If there was a plan for this staircase, it appears that it didn't really pan out.

Reddit | biskidd

If there's any good part of this little mishap, it's that the wallpaper is nice and bright so we can tell somebody messed up and we're not supposed to go over here before we put in any effort.

Normally, there isn't anything necessarily wrong with this kind of sink in a bathroom, but context is everything.

Reddit | Brometheus-Pound

For one thing, this bathroom only has a single stall so it's kind of pointless to include a communal sink.

However, the big problem is that the jets aren't actually aligned right. So not only do you have way more sink than you need, but it sprays your crotch.

Aside from trying to write it using only wingdings, it's hard to think of way to fail at making a sign that says you're closed worse than this.

Reddit | CarpeEspion666

Unless this sign was made by Yoda and he was fooled by his own spellcheck into not saying "we're," I'm not sure how this even happened.

If there's one nice thing I can say about this hotel decoration, it's that it makes the place easy to spot.

Reddit | specner_is_i

And it's a good thing I limited myself to just one compliment because there really aren't any other positive things to say about this monstrosity.

Many people have made some valiant efforts to make the Simpsons' faces look realistic, but they all confirm it can't be done.

Reddit | the-spooky-monkey

At least, it can't be done in a way that doesn't mentally scar us all for years to come.

Ah yes, if there's one thing the Powerpuff Girls are known for, it's their incredibly small faces.

Reddit | sibpanon

It's a good thing they decided to color code themselves or we'd have a really hard time telling which one is coming at us.

Whoever put this in totally understood that all electrical outlets should be installed in a convenient place.

Reddit | MarsDoesInternet

But seriously, even if you somehow manage to achieve the right balancing act to charge your device, how do you ensure that someone else doesn't ruin everything by opening the door?

This design project reminds us to use only what we need, unless we need to sit down.

Reddit | deviantnoodle

Based on that extra little sign, we're apparently out of luck if we actually try to use this half-bench for anything.

So it's a glorified poster, I guess?

Unfortunately, I'm not sure where this person can get either of the things they need.

Reddit | Bangaranged

I can think of plenty of places where they could get some lattes and lipsticks, but it's hard to direct anyone to the jatte and jipstick shops when I've never heard of either of those things.

So they really couldn't think of a better place to put this telephone pole, huh?

Reddit | tokyojoe3481

At first, I thought all these stop signs were a little excessive, but now I recognize them for the important warnings that they are.

Good luck turning left here.

Usually, telling someone to have a seat doesn't constitute giving them an impossible task, but here we are.

Reddit | jonatanr2000

Unless you're a baby or a small animal, it's pretty safe to say that you're out of luck if this is the only seat left.

Ironically, this sign ends with the sentence, "Thank you for your understanding."

Reddit | unoiamaQT

And that's what everyone else will say when the person who can actually read this in full puts up another sign translating it.

If your note is going on a clear door, this is why you don't use both sides of one page.

Here's a little perspective for people who hate Minions: At least they don't look like this.

Reddit | Roviez

If Gru was putting these goat-headed monstrosities to work, he wouldn't have to put any effort into convincing us that he's evil.

Apparently, somebody was so into the idea of getting granite counter-tops that they forgot to see if they'd actually fit.

Reddit | thepugrapture

Let's just hope that they weren't keeping anything important in that drawer, because I don't like their chances of getting it back.

There are some good reasons to reinforce the butt like this, but there has to be a less embarrassing way.

Reddit | kan-neigh

Whoever decided on this a darker shade of these shorts' normal color will have to work pretty hard to convince me they didn't dream of a world where everyone looks like they crapped themselves.

I don't envy anyone who gets their mail delivered to the 57th floor in this building.


As weird as it is they also designated two floors "55" and "55M," that's at least some way to tell them apart.

I guess the only option here is to say you live on "upper 57" or "lower 57." Why are you like this, elevator?

I like how they put a lamppost here just so people can perfectly see that they can no longer use these stairs.

Reddit | Dazed_And_MoreBooze

I'd give this idea credit that it works better than any "keep out" sign, but somehow, I don't think this effect was intentional.

Diagonal stairs may not seem like such a big design flaw until you actually try to use them.

Reddit | swol1972

This goes double for anyone who tries to carry something up or down them.

With how awkward that is at the best of times, they might as well just mentally prepare themselves for a great loss.

Believe it or not, this floor is actually pretty clean.

Reddit | Mront

That's right, somebody made it look like this on purpose.

I know Chernobyl is a big show right now, but that doesn't necessarily mean guests are going to go wild for a carpet that looks like someone threw radioactive waste on a Slip N Slide.

Ah, there's nothing like a door that makes you feel unsafe no matter what side of it you're on.

Reddit | Molle2804

Sure, the person leaving this room is pretty much destined to twist their ankle, but they're still making out better than the person they just whacked back down the stairs.

This seems like it was specially designed to make both laundry and pooping as inconvenient as possible.

Reddit | pablo_the_pig

Not only do you either have to stand on the toilet or become an NBA all-star to get your laundry, but you're doomed to bang your head on the washer if you forget to hunch over while doing your business.

Pure sadism.

You may have noticed that this vehicle is missing a few lights.

Reddit | Jet__t

And to that, I'll say that they're technically there, but they're so thin that anyone who really needs to see them will probably rear-end this person before they do.

It's like if the creator of Where's Waldo? designed a car.

A heat lamp can be a great way to adjust to the temperature after stepping out of the shower, but it's apparently possible to overdo it.

Reddit | xTey

Basically, it just needs to be about the size of your fist to get the job done.

Unless you want to either burn your house down or find out how an ant under a magnifying glass feels, this might be overkill.

I'm guessing that whoever did this found out they had to put a wheelchair ramp in and could only grumble their way through it.

Reddit | BearBoi420

I'll admit that I'm no physicist, but that looks too steep to accommodate anybody. Isn't this supposed to make things easier?

Here we see Mr. David Salmon helpfully demonstrating this water slide's big design flaw.

Reddit | PogChampsen

According to Gizmodo, he ended up with some broken bones for his trouble, but it could've been a lot worse considering this slide overlooks some rocky cliffs.

If you must make a turn this sharp, make the neighboring walls a little higher, OK?

OK, take a second to guess which setting turns this thing off and which one turns it on.

Reddit | SunClaw2026

If you guessed that they messed up and spelled "on" backwards and that it still turns it on, I'm afraid you're incorrect.

Apparently, they genuinely meant the "no" because that setting turns this thing off. Your guess is as good as mine as to why "off" turns it on, though.

I'm sorry to tell whoever made this sign this, but it really doesn't.

Reddit | UtopicSpace

I'm not sure what this sign is even promoting, but hopefully, it's not a math tutoring service because multiplying two by one absolutely doesn't get you zero.

When it comes to the ideal bathroom, privacy is a very important concern to everyone except the person who designed this one.

Reddit | AlphaSoftware

Although this curtain is very stylish and fits the decor well, it's pretty hard to understand any non-creepy reasons why it can be opened from the outside.

Unless there's some secret research going on in here, I'm not sure why they installed the windows like this.

Reddit | BigMike019

In fact, even if there is secret research happening here, aren't those buildings generally designed to not attract attention?

Well, at least it's easy to understand why someone decided to fence this area off.

Reddit | downriverrowing

I'm glad the fence guy understood that the customer shouldn't have to suffer just because the pillar guy and the seat guy couldn't get along.

This road sign definitely won't be ignored, but it could stand to be a lot clearer.

Reddit | Breakfast-Persona

A dead turn definitely sounds serious, but I would really appreciate some explanation on how I'm supposed to "end no around."

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