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19 Husbands And Boyfriends Who Are Walking On Thin Ice

No one said that being with a man was going to be easy!

They leave the toilet seat up, start tasks and never finish them, and know just which of our buttons to push. And yet, we love 'em!

Some husbands and boyfriends, however, are walking a very fine line with their tomfoolery.

Someone pls check on these men to make sure they're still alive!

This husband who framed his wife's mistake.

This guy basically pulled a Pretty Woman move by shoving it in his wife's face that she made a big mistake, HUGE. She's definitely eating her words now —and living with them.

This husband who retaliated when his wife said he left a cabinet door open.

We can only imagine the shock on his wife's face when she walks into the kitchen and discovers this. Let's hope the hubbie can blame it on a ghost.

This husband who scared his wife on the nanny cam.

"I got bored and turned on the motion detection on our nanny cam and set it email my wife while she's at work tonight," this Redditor wrote. Then, he dressed up in an old Halloween mask to scare her. "My ear is still bleeding from her phone call."

This boyfriend who just gave his girlfriend what she asked for.

She said she didn't know what she wanted, so he simply delivered. Yes, in a slick way, but this will probably prevent her indecisiveness in the future.

This boyfriend who requested a boyfriend subscription fee.

Ah, Jimmy. We're trying to think about what he's offering in his package. A massage that lasts two minutes? Leaving the toilet seat up? Someone who steals all the covers? DECLINE.

This boyfriend who was asked to sharpen his wife's lipstick.

Someone needs to check on this boyfriend. Is he still alive? Doing well?! Makeup isn't cheap, so this mistake probably cost him around $30.

This boyfriend who gave his girlfriend what she asked for.

"Max made me a plate of bacon, pancakes and banana for breakfast. Isn’t he funny••••• #minifood #myboyfriendhasjokes #funnyguy," the girlfriend shared on Instagram. Well played, dude.

This husband who shrink-wrapped his wife's scissors.

He must've gotten so sick of her constantly asking him to grab the scissors. Now, it's her problem to try and cut something into this to get it out.

This husband who was asked to restock the toilet paper roll.

This husband thinks he's real funny for this. On the plus side, she won't have to bug him to get her a roll for a long time!

This husband who was asked to cut the pizza into fours.

Oh, you clever man! This will likely backfire against him, though, as the wife has leverage against him to say that the three small pieces are his portion.

This husband who took a photo of his wife giving birth.

"My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born today," this oh-so-hilarious husband wrote. "So I took one."

This boyfriend who set up a fake proposal.

"I set a trap for my girlfriend in my sock drawer on laundry day, she fell for it," this guy wrote. Good luck getting her to say yes to the actual proposal!

This husband who was asked to put the new apples in a bowl.

This is the same kind of person who puts groceries in the fridge in their bags?! Laziness at its finest, people!

This boyfriend who bought a label maker.

Of course, this was the first thing he labeled. We couldn't tell that the orange, furry thing wasn't the cat. What else did he label? The fridge? Toilet paper? Himself?

This boyfriend who replaced the toilet paper with this.

"Heard my boyfriend giggling to himself in the bathroom last night, woke up to this," the girlfriend wrote on Reddit. "That, my friends, is a lint roller refill."

This husband who clasped his wife's bra like this.

How is it that guys can practically take bras off by looking at them (hello, Joey from Friends) and yet, this happens? Hopefully, the wife figured this out.

This husband who hung this mirror.

"I am 5'1". I asked my 6'2" husband to hang a mirror for me," the wife wrote. He should lower the mirror and a lot of other things while he's at it.

Ths husband who ate ONLY the muffin tops.

What a monstrosity! It's hard to imagine that a person would think this was okay. They're clearly the same person who eats all the skin from a roast chicken.

This husband who doesn't know what a kitchen sink is.

"My husband leaves a plethora of cups at the top of the stairs for weeks," the wife wrote. "He's run out of room, so now a couple of cups has accumulated in our bathroom."