10+ Husbands Who Are Trying Their Absolute Best

We've gotta give it to husbands: they're really doing the most out there.

They are dutiable husbands and fathers, provide for their families, and still manage to juggle everything with a smile on their face.

Sure, they don't always follow directions to the T. But what matters is that they're trying.

Don't believe us? Just look to these 10+ husbands who are trying their absolute best.

This husband who tried to cut back on his cellphone use.

Ever since Apple started letting users know how many hours they're spending each day on their phones, people are looking to cut back. Enter this idea that's 100 percent terrifying but effective.

This husband who tried to nail a TikTok challenge.

It's hard enough on TikTok for 30-somethings. But middle-aged dads?!

One dad got put through the wringer when his daughter asked him to try and stop a ceiling fan like other brave users.

This husband who got super creative.

"Sent my husband to buy a baby shower gift bag. Dammit," wrote Reddit user MangoBlisters.

We'd argue that what he has here is even better. Aren't homemade gifts more special?

This husband who is simply thinking ahead.

Let's be honest: if it weren't for Facebook, we wouldn't know the dates of a lot of people's birthdays.

So this husband deserves a high five for going the extra mile.

This husband who tried to iron his wife's pants.

"I asked my husband to iron my pants and he gave me 1980's creases #ThunderOverLouisville #CreasesConnie," this wife tweeted. Hey, at least she'll be the most sharply dressed one there!

This husband who bought everything to avoid messing up.

This wife sent her husband to the store to buy green onions and grape tomatoes.

But since he wasn't sure what those were, he bought everything — except for the green onions LOL.

This husband who tried to fix the cable.

Bless his heart! It's not easy waiting on hold or having to argue with the customer service people from call centers. But if someone was going to do it, it was going to be him.

This husband who tried to deliver when asked to bring home "fish food."

I mean, this is super adorable. The wife asked for "Phish Food," which is a type of ice cream from Ben & Jerry's.

Instead, he brought her this. Hey, at least she won't go hungry!

This husband who used yard equipment inside.

LOL. Some Twitter users pointed out that he might actually be onto something here.

Why sweep the floor when you can have it disappear into the air in seconds?

This husband who tried to give his wife a bowl of ice cream.

We've all been there: you want to eat something out of a bowl, but you have no clean ones left.

Instead of cleaning one out, this husband gave her a bowl with a handle! Okay, a measuring cup. Still genius, though.

This husband who tried to write a romantic love letter.

Sure, it's not something William Shakespeare would write, but it has potential.

There are rhymes and a heartfelt apology in there! Besides, food is clearly more important.

This husband who tried to do a TikTok dance with his daughter.

We've already seen what happens when celebs try to make TikToks with their kids.

Regular parents don't perform much better, but we still love them for it!

This husband who tried to decorate.

This could be a total home run, depending on who you ask.

While the wife probably isn't too pleased with his taste in décor, a Star Wars fan would totally dig it.

This husband who tried to buy his daughter a birthday card.

Some fathers forget their kids' birthdays in general, so this guy is one step above the rest, mistake and all.

Once again, we emphasize that it's the effort that counts!

This husband who found a new way to mix.

Work smarter, not harder — that must be this guy's motto.

Instead of tiring out his arms, he got the job done in 0.2 seconds. Sure, the batter probably went all over the ceiling but look how proud he is!

This husband who tried to make the family toast.

A gallant effort! It shows that he was willing to do something nice for his family.

Sure, it tastes a little burnt and extra crunchy, but it's delicious spits out.

This husband who just tried to follow directions.

I mean, there are six potatoes there.

Whether you could classify that six one as useable for a recipe is still to be decided. But the gesture (and mini potato) are adorable nonetheless.

This husband who tried to bring his wife matching socks.

Maybe he's color blind? It's the only explanation, really. That, or he's really in a Halloween mood. Either way, he tried and that's all that really matters.

This husband who tried to put up the Christmas lights.

If you think about it, he followed instructions: put up Christmas lights.

However, like the wife pointed out, he didn't do what she had in mind. Points for creativity, we guess?

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