30 Times People's Obliviousness Was A Sight To Behold

Ah planet Earth, it is teeming with such incredibly wonderful things and amazingly smart people. However, by the same token, it is also filled with some dense individuals as well.

So, from people who didn't want to poison their bodies in an improper way to individuals who did not know what a bagel was, here are 30 times people's obliviousness was a sight to behold.

"Not even the creator of a technology has enough experience to apply for this job."

Sadly this sort of thing is more common than you may think, as one ex IT recruiter explained, "I used to do recruiting for IT jobs with a tech firm in the late 2000's - this was so commonplace it was laughable. They’d ask for 8 years of experience in something that came out 2 years before, [and] make up newer versions of programs that didn't exist yet."

"Poison all right!"

Maybe she just likes to inhale her poison instead of drinking it, is that so insane a notion? Well, yes it is, but it is still her choice! Wake up sheeple, don't let the lizard people control your brain any more!

"Plot twist: he's the only one there."

I do not think that I would be able to resist doing different voices if I worked in a call center and had to call the same person twice. People will do anything to try and spice up their work days.

"An apartment in London that has no front door. Just a set of stairs leading up to a window."

Oh what, so people are just meant to be entitled to having a door for their apartment now are they? What's wrong with clambering through a window like a cat? This delightful landlord even rolled out the cardboard carpet for this showing!

Yel... What?

Yes, this absolute monstrosity of a sign is supposed to read "Yellow Edge" from both the bottom and the top. I really do not know how they expect anyone to know that without having a puzzle master on hand to help them.

"God damnit Mac."

Something tells me that Mac must be a very exhausting person to spend any great amount of time around. It must be an exciting life for Mac though, every new thing and animal must be amazing to him, like being a child forever.

"Some absolute weapon put a cup in the 'pizza boxes only' bin, right next to two other bins."

This is so wilfully stupid that I can only come to the conclusion that this person did this on purpose. Perhaps them putting the cup in there was some sort of low-stakes protest against... Oh, I don't know, the government or something?

"My wife sits and eats all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms and puts the barren cereal back in the pantry."

It was pointed out that you can actually get bags of just the Lucky Charms' marshmallow bits. I suggest that this person buy his wife the bags of marshmallow going forward, otherwise I cannot see this marriage lasting very long!

"Recently found in a hospital lab, I just can't anymore."

I guess that they are going to have to start putting an extra question on job application forms that reads, "Are you the kind of person who wipes the contents of their nose on the wall?" It is a question which I never thought would have to be asked of anyone, yet here we are.

"On this notebook x had already won and therefore did not have to think outside the box, like the cover suggested."

One weirdly intense noughts and crosses enthusiast also went on to write: "Beside the fact that X won normally, the overall state of the board is strange. Since there are five O's, O has to have gone first, but for some reason elected to not make their first move in the center square thus sabotaging themselves for no reason. Also, that means O went last to complete the board, meaning O moved after X won for at least one turn."

"The handle on this mug is hollow, so when you have a hot drink, it's impossible to hold."

They had one job to accomplish when designing the handle for a coffee cup, and that is to make sure that it doesn't get bloody hot! Also, how on Earth are you meant to clean inside the handle properly? It must be hideous in there.

"Just looked at my suitcase and it was made in Norway and has an Australian map."

Someone else who had experienced something similar added, "I have a Geographical Norway jacket with three different Longitude/Latitude reference points on labels inside it, none of which is in Norway, and one of which is in the middle of the North Atlantic." Perhaps the reference points are buried treasure?

"A smooth black table without shade in a hot city."

I think that this was designed specifically so that you could fry an egg directly onto it when you are sitting there. In fact, if you bring sausages, bacon, some beans, hash browns, eggs, mushrooms, and some tomatoes then you could do an entire fry up.

"I had to stop while ordering food at a local restaurant because I saw this poster."

How many other ideas did they have for the design of this poster only for them to land on this one? I can only assume that the other ones were so bad that they had to be destroyed as they destroyed the brains of anyone who looked at them.

"But...the baby?"

Well it is common knowledge that a baby is not a person until their fifth birthday, at which point they undergo the development of the soul ritual. During this ritual, the soul demon comes forth from a fire and provides the baby with their new soul. Didn't everyone else do this?

"Did you want salt or pepper? Wrong!"

Reddit | Mr_Marrama

I think that the only option here would be to repaint the caps and swap them over, otherwise you would just constantly be getting these two things mixed up...something which you really do not want to do in certain recipes!


I am sure that everyone would like to meet the absolute donut of a human being out there who is the reason why they have to put this warning on. They may just be defending themselves from lawsuits of course.

"This parking lot… Don't know how any cars expected to be able to park here."

I mean, I suppose that there are still a lot of things that you could fit into that spot: a motorcycle, a slender tricycle, fourteen shrimp on a scooter, two large men perpendicular on pogo sticks, or even the nightbus from Harry Potter.

Just taking a little trip...

You really have to wonder what this guy's plan was. Maybe he's looking to get his bags before everyone else, or maybe he's looking for the next flight to Narnia. But, either way, he definitely didn't get what he expected.

"This pizza we ordered in Greece."

Do pizza cutters work differently in Greece? Is the server mad at the table that ordered this pie? Because it looks like you'd have to take a special kind of care to cut it this badly.

"What on earth is this saying??!?!?!?!"

I think this was supposed to say "Say No To Drugs, Say Yes To Pizza," or vice versa, but the sign maker got things a bit jumbled up, to say the least.

"How my comic arrived."

It seems like such a simple direction to follow, doesn't it? And the packaging even used the magic word! Guess "please" doesn't hold the power it used to. This really shouldn't be as difficult as it looks!

"Waited 3 hours for this… 'pizza'"

I don't know for sure, but this might be even worse than that travesty sliced up in Greece. It's not like pizza is so old and familiar that it needs to be re-invented or deconstructed or whatever is going on here, either. It's pizza, for crying out loud!

"My father-in-law's adamant refusal to remove the protective film from the tablet he received last Christmas."

I guess the factory coating that comes on a tablet is somewhat like getting a free screen protector, but at the same time, you've gotta take the training wheels off your bike sometime, you know?

"My sister asked if I wanted a bagel, she is 31."

I have so many questions. So, has this person's sister just never eaten a bagel before and doesn't know that you're meant to cut them? Or, do they just prefer to eat them like this? Also, what kind of a spreading technique is that anyway?!

"DoorDash Dumping a Bag of Tea on My Porch (No Refund)"

That's just cruel. What is the recipient even supposed to do with this mess? This has got to set a new record for lowest effort by a DoorDasher. Couldn't even be bothered to put it in a cup.

"Truck lifted too high to see the Porsche in front of him."

I'm no traffic incident expert, but if I had to guess who was at fault here, I'd have to go with not the Porsche. And if there's anything you don't want to be on the hook for with your insurance company, destroying a Porsche has to be right up there.

"A dumpster in St. Louis filled with unused plastic straws."

Ah, the great logic of, "Well, we've got the paper ones now so we may as well throw all of these plastic ones right in the bin instead of using them all up first!" What a wonderful waste of straws!

"At some point last night someone hit our neighbors mailbox. Nobody heard anything. Just a stab in the dark here, but I'm willing to bet they were drunk since they left PART OF THE FLIPPIN CAR!"

Not just any old part of the car, either, but part that might just have the license plate attached, which provides a nice trail back to the owner.

"Imagine thinking you could make this turn."

Well, the driver certainly was bold to try. Although I doubt the reward of actually making the turn would have been worth the risk, given the scale of damage and the setback in timing at play here.

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