15+ People Who Tried And Failed To Fix Our Stupidity

Even after we leave school and our days of listening endlessly to teachers behind, there are still people who try and teach other people and coach them through their adult life.

However, these attempts don't always work! So, here are 17+ people who tried and failed to fix our stupidity!


Well, I'll never walk on grass the same again. Now I'll walk on it and smile at the thought that I'm crushing their tiny dreams!

"Scary? Maybe. Worrying? Certainly!"

Maybe they should solve the slightly more immediate problem of the kids on bikes everywhere first?

Naps Are The Cure For Everything!

I mean, this could be seen as a cure for stupidity...but only in the same way that being, say, burned to death could fix your stupidity.

"Udder terror!"

You see, if I read, "Beware of invisible cows," then I would just assume that it was a joke and barrel by it without reading it, but it actually turns quite serious!

That's A Dangerous Offer To Have On!

"I just wish that people would stop causing such a mess in the restaurant!"

"Well, Dave, I hate to sound like a broken record but maybe..."

"For the last time Steve, this isn't about the offer!"

"Life hack: Park like an asshole to get free condoms!"

Look, you'll get a free condom on the off-chance, but there is also the chance that someone has stuck holes in it as punishment for your bad parking so watch out!

He's Just Chilling!

I bet that they still get a lot of people worried about Jimmy. And, I mean, come on Jimmy mate, that can't be comfortable!

You've Been Doing It Wrong!

Wait, so you're telling me that I'm meant to have been driving with cake in the winter? Damn, so many journeys wasted!

Using A Private Bathroom 101!

Or, if you're inside a cubicle, make as much noise as possible so that people know you're in there. It's a weird strategy, but it'll work!

"Nutritional advice, brought to you by Target!"

You cannot argue that these treats would not massively improve your daily routine in fairness! It's just that you probably wouldn't have many daily routines to enjoy if you went through this every day.

I'll Just Wait Until I Get Home...

The second sign suggests that people weren't heeding the first warning about bees in the toilet. Now, call me crazy, but I always heed a warning about bees in the toilet!

"A happy little sign at my work!"

Yeah, those little smiles in the message really aren't doing enough to stop this being a cripplingly unsettling message!

People Never Listen!

People always underestimate the geese of this world. However, they have no mercy and no empathy, never forget that.

"What is it then?!"

There is not a chance in hell that this is going to stop stoners wandering into this shop trying to buy pot.

"Guys, don't hit Bob!"

Don't worry about careering into anyone else, but just make sure you don't hit Bob. I hit Steve the other week, no one gave a rats ass about Steve.

"Mommy's bad because she interrupted my meal..."

I know that she is trying to help him here, but I know from that face that this kid is going to be eating dirt again as soon as he can get his hands on some!

"My daughter used markers to put 'makeup' on her dolls. I tried to wash them. Cinderella had an especially rough night."

These dolls are now being sold in the Disney Princess x Trainspotting crossover range!

"My Bio teacher's favorite thing about teaching!"

I guess that there is nothing like spending Mondays to Fridays telling kids off for being boneheads all day to make you appreciate the damn weekends!

When You Become The Very Thing You Have Sworn To Destroy...

"You, get back in here!"

"I'm sorry, is there a problem?"

"Yes! This isn't an exit!"

"Oh, sorry..."

"Yeah, you should be, now get the hell out again!"

"This anti-speeding sign!"

I always wondered why they had guys lurking around the sides of motorways in hazmat suits and with big Blood Vacuums.