30 Clutch Ideas That Need To Be Adopted ASAP

People who come up with awesome ideas deserve raises. They're the true everyday heroes that we need. They're the ones keeping the world turning, even in our darkest days.

Melodrama aside, these really were some incredible ideas that we need to get out to the world as soon as possible. Like, these could possibly change the way we do things.

"This new A&W location (Canadian fast food chain) has a handwashing station in the seating area."

Why doesn't every fast food place have something like this? Or every restaurant, bar, and cafe for that matter. Sometimes you want to wash your hands, but don't want to have to venture into the restroom to do so.

I'm definitely team "hand washing stations for all."

"This is a clock made by using books with numbers on the cover page."

This idea is just super clever, and would fit right in at any library or bookstore. Plenty of books have numbers and stuff on the cover, so what better way to make a book-themed clock than to include a bunch of relevant titles? It could also be inspiration for someone's next read.

"This shop trying to immerse you with cool air next to products to keep stuff cool."

Now this is the kind of immersive shopping experience you won't get by looking through pages on online stores. You want to keep cool this summer? This store wants you to as well. And they're doing everything they can to make sure that you get the message loud and clear.

"This grocery store has a map of where to find items on every cart."

Anytime I go grocery shopping, I end up spending way too long looking for one thing that isn't where I thought it would be. Having an item directory right on a shopping cart will definitely help us cut down on the time it takes to find everything on our lists.

"This radio station has piano keys as an awning."

I just love when storefronts take the opportunity to decorate in totally specific, thematic ways. Sure, this is a radio station and not a store, but it's doing the same thing. If I were a local of that area, I'd want to tune in just because of their great decor.

"This is a heated horse drawn school bus from Northern Maine in 1930."

Am I sure if this is a good idea? No. Do I want these to be a thing anyway? Yes. Even though we don't really do the whole horse drawn carriage thing anymore, there's no better way to ride to school, work, the store, a friends house, etc. in style. And comfort.

"Old laptop used as a doorstop at a Salon."

Using an old laptop may not seem like a good idea, but you know what? It's recycling, and recycling is always a good idea.

Okay... maybe this isn't some genius level thinking right here. But at the very least, the person who did this should get some points for thinking creatively.

"Canadian IGA grocery store has a 25,000 square foot rooftop garden and is distributing the goods directly in store."

Now, you just know that the people who shop at this store are getting the freshest produce possible. Rooftop gardens should be a thing everywhere they can possibly go, but this one in particular makes so much sense, because it's directly on top of a place that sells food. Genius!

"Dubai underwater hotel project 2023."

Dubai is always on the cutting edge of innovative buildings and stuff. I'd be really excited to see how a project like this would turn out. Imagine sleeping in a hotel that's underwater. It's like having the best parts of submarines and cruise ships, without being either of those things.

"This JBL charger has a 2 way USB plug so you never put it the wrong way."

Finally, a charger that doesn't leave you guessing! Though technically, if you look at the base of the plug, there's usually a logo or something on one side, and that's the side that goes up. But I like the idea of being able to plug one in without inspecting it first.

"This compact knife set."

I wonder how well these knives work. In theory, this makes so much sense, especially if you live in a small apartment or something. But how well do they cut? From the pictures, they look pretty sharp, so they probably get the job done just fine. They also look really cool.

"My local supermarket is selling airplane food because nobody is flying."

Airlines are starting to get their business back, but that doesn't mean we should have to fly to enjoy their food. I can't really say if airline food is actually good, but you know what? I think that's pretty neat. If I saw airline food at the store, I would totally buy it.

"Found a double toilet paper strip twice the size of a normal one."

This is technically just some kind of manufacturing error, but it gives me a great idea. Why don't we have longer strips of toilet paper? Nobody uses a single square, anyway, so they might as well let us grab more at once without it tearing apart at the wrong spot.

"6,000 Year Old Hollowed Out Tree is a Bar Inside."

I really love when things are also other things. Like this tree that's also a bar. And from the looks of it, the tree is still alive and kicking, so it's probably not the worst thing in the world for it.

I just really want to go to a bar that's also a tree. Just once.

"Bridge Burger."

Those highway bridges? Kind of boring and long. Necessary, but still boring and long. But who would've thought that adding a Burger King or any other fast food joint to the mix would make it so much more interesting? Suddenly, I want to walk through this bridge. And maybe make a stop.

"This sign in a public toilets in a park."

I don't think anyone needs to be told how to sit on a toilet. But I'm still sort of glad these kinds of signs exist, since they add a little fun to the world. And in a world like ours, we need all the fun we can get.

"This cupcake pan/carrier we bought has a built in seat belt clip."

This is something that we all need. Like, this is something that could potentially change lives. Imagine being able to leave a tray of cupcakes on a car seat and not have to worry about them flying all over the place after every little bump in the road. That would be perfection.

"Some wooden pallets repurposed as planters."

There are a so many different things you can do with the spare pallets that stores literally give away (or sell for dirt cheap). From furniture, to fixtures, to planters, apparently, there's a project for everyone.

Instead of buying all new materials for your next DIY project, try to find the cheap stuff you can recycle.

"Missing Cat Owner posted a follow up where the previous missing posters were."

I love how wholesome this is. You see so many missing posters for lost pets, but we never really know if they get found or not. This owner did their neighborhood a favor and let everyone know that Wilma is back home.

We could use more signs like this in the world.

"In Denmark, some of our light signals are small Vikings."

Of course, this makes perfect sense in a country like Denmark, which is where vikings once lived. But they're so cute! I wish we had them here. Though, it would make a lot less sense to have Viking cross walk signals anywhere like, say, Minnesota.

"These batteries are flavored so kids won't eat them."

I never thought kids would try to eat batteries of all things, but they do like to put random small objects in their mouths, so I guess these would count. At least the fact that they're coated with a bitter taste means they're going to be much less of a choking hazard.

"My blueberry raisins came in a Velcro bag."

I don't think you know how much I need something like this in my life. Ziploc closures are kind of difficult to use sometimes. Velcro is literally the easiest thing in the world. And as long as it can keep a bag sealed, it'll work way better. These better start appearing on every bag.

"A cheeky message near recycling symbol."

Well, that's one way to get people to remember to recycle. Recycling is definitely better than just throwing things out, but I feel like most of us forget to do it from time to time (or more than a few times). The slightly comical, cheeky approach of this bottle is definitely a good idea.

"The bar I went to last night has a Bob Wall."

I've decided that the Bob Wall is probably the greatest thing I've ever seen. It'll probably be the greatest thing you'll ever see, too.

It has so many famous Bobs! From Bob Marley, to Bob Ross, to Bob the Builder. This isn't a complete Bob Wall, but it sure does have a lot of them!

"A customer mailed this tube with a tongue depressor attached to it to prevent it from rolling around."

A solution so simple, yet no one's thought of it before. Tubes are annoying because they roll around everywhere. But what if there was a way to keep them from rolling. Apparently, there is, and it uses simple things you could probably get from home (or from the dollar store).

"My local restaurant has implemented a foot ‘pull’ system in the toilets, so you don’t have to touch the toilet door handle."

Seeing as people are gross and walk out of public restrooms without washing their hands, these need to be everywhere. I hate touching door handles knowing that someone else's dirty hands have touched them too. It's so gross. Anything that'll keep us from using our hands to open doors is greatly appreciated.

"Movie theater tells you if there's a scene near the end of the movie."

In the age of movies that aren't quite over when the credits roll, it's important to know whether or not you need to stay for any potential post credit scene. This sign lets everyone know when to stay and when to go, and it's absolutely perfect. We need these in every theater, ASAP.

"Eco friendly fillers instead of bubble wrap."

I have a love/hate relationship with bubble wrap. On one hand, so much fun to pop. On the other, it's pollution.

As much as I'll miss popping bubble wrap, I also wouldn't mind carboard fillers. And they'd be way better than packing peanuts (which are annoying) any day of the week.

"This road sign in California shows both miles and kilometers."

Did you know that, including the US, only three countries in the world use the imperial measurement system? The other 2 countries are Myanmar and Liberia. Most other places use metric, including the two countries that sandwich the lower 48.

This kind of signage is so good for tourists. It gives people a sense of scale. It might be easier for someone to gauge a kilometer than a mile.

"Wendy's in the Republic of Georgia sells pizza."

Why can't every Wendy's sell pizza? Why does it just have to be in Georgia? (We're talking Georgia the country, not the state, by the way).

I always find it funny how American chains get experimental around the world to cater to other countries' tastes, but they don't bring any of that over here.