13 Soothing Pics To Comfort A Perfectionist's Soul

Who here is a perfectionist? I have to admit I am too. There is something comforting when everything looks pleasing to the eye, huh? I hope I'm not the only one who thinks so.

So if you enjoy this kind of thing too, I've got a few oddly satisfying pictures you can feast your eyes on here. Go ahead, get lost in the beauty of it all.

1. This Glorius Sunset

There is something so amazing about bridges, isn't there? I can't be the only one who appreciates them. But if you can see one during a glorious sunset like this, you're really winning in life.

2. These Pens

If you get stressed out from time to time, just try to organize your pens like this person here. They claim that it really calms them down. I should try doing that too. But I don't think I have enough pens on hand.

3. This Perfect Slice Of Cheese

Please excuse the mess in this picture. We are only going to focus on the cheese here. If this isn't the perfect slice to accompany this bun here, I don't know what is, hee-hee.

4. These Ducks

Is it just me, or do these ducks look exactly like a bride and groom? Oh my goodness. I think this is the cutest thing I've seen in a while, hee-hee. They are absolutely perfect together, no?

5. This Avocado Art

I eat avocados pretty much on a weekly basis. However, I've never seen anybody make art out of one of them. And if mine looked as pretty as this, I would have a hard time consuming it.

6. This Perfect Pancake Stack

I love pancakes as much as the next person, but I've never made a stack that looked like this before. What do you think? Was this a total coincidence, or were they going for it here?

7. This Origami Box

Is it just me, or does this look like a box full of origami? That's what I'm going to believe unless somebody tells me otherwise, hee-hee. How cool is it that they all fit so perfectly in there, eh?

8. This Supermarket Display

Oh my goodness, I've never known anybody who takes their job of stacking supermarket shelves this seriously. Whoever this genius is, they deserve a raise. Don't you think? If that's not dedication to your work, I don't know what is, hee-hee.

9. This Perfect Succulent

Who else is obsessed with succulents? I really need to get more of them into my plant collection. I would be so happy if I found one that looked as pretty and perfect as this one here.

10. This Pipe Room

Wow, that is one impressive pipe room. I wonder if the person who installed this did it on purpose. What do you think? Does this look like a happy coincidence to you? I'd like to think it is.

11. This Perfect View

I'm such a sucker for a great view. Are you too? If that's the case, you will probably appreciate this one as much as I do. Awe, when I look at this, I really miss traveling.

12. This Albino Peacock

Animals are such amazing creatures. Am I right? So I would be thrilled if I was able to see this rare albino peacock in person. Whoever snapped this photo is truly lucky indeed. Isn't he so gorgeous?

13. These Gummy Bears

I've never sorted my gummy bears by color, but now that I've seen this photo, I kind of want to. The only question is, did this person end up eating their bears when they were done? The arrangement is so pretty, I would feel bad destroying it.

I hope these stunning shots here put a smile on your face.

I could spend all day marveling at gorgeous pictures like these. For now, I'm going to leave you wanting more until next time, that is. Let's see if I can find more gems like these.

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