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12+ Interesting Pics That Prove Mother Nature Is A Perfectionist

Our planet is chalk-full of fascinating and tantalizing things which the internet in particular cannot get enough of. Whenever Mother Nature shows us something beautiful, awe-inspiring, or just downright weird, you can be sure that someone will be grabbing a quick pic to share on the internet - and thank God that they do!

However, one thing in particular that fascinates people about Mother Nature, is when it becomes apparent that Mother Nature is the sort of person who can't leave the house in the morning without making sure that the bed has been made for the evening. So, here for your viewing pleasure and wonderment are 12+ pics that prove that Mother Nature is a perfectionist.

"The geometry in this Aloe Vera"

Reddit | Shahnawaz_

Look deep into the Aloe Vera, and find yourself drifting slowly off to sleep...

"My neighbors tree has the perfect fall gradient"

Reddit | OrangePoppy24

It's hard to believe that this tree actually exists and wasn't simply painted by Bob Ross!

This Bird Singing In Freezing Temperatures

Reddit | Bragapple

I wish any aspect of my life could be as aesthetic as this... especially my singing.

"A crack in the Earth's magnetic field over the weekend allowed the Solar Wind to pour in over Norway."

Reddit | GallowBoob

"The result? A fantastic display of the Northern Lights, that look like it's almost flowing to the ground! Very cool."

Looking at this makes me feel the same as how I felt when I first saw Independence Day: amazed, thrilled, and glad we have things like this and Jeff Goldblum on this planet.

"Owl using a mushroom to stay out of the rain"

Reddit | Zusical

I now refuse to believe that mushrooms were put on this Earth for any other purpose than to be umbrellas for tiny owls, and nothing will convince me otherwise.

This Perfectly Clear Ice

Reddit | ManueleRocca

Move over Windex, Mother Nature is here.

"Skull forming in the ash clouds of a Mount Vesuvius eruption."


If only the 1987 Masters Of The Universe film had looked this good.

"Mohoe hibiscus perfectly split"

Reddit | Layinglowfornow

When you just can't decide between two different outfits.

This Succulent Plant...

Reddit | E-catherine

This succulent plant is like a visual representation of the internet, my eyes can't stop following it's hypnotically circles over and over again.

"This Opal Looks Like A Sunset In The Clouds"


You could leave me with all the resource on Earth for all of eternity and I would never be able to create something this beautiful. You've got some real talent Mother Nature!

Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Reddit | 5MikesOut

This is so perfect I just want to take a slice out of it and eat it... really I'm just hungry, but this is cool too.

"Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher posing in the rain"

Reddit | Khrime

"So, what colour do you want this bird to be Mother Nature?"

"All of them I guess... just make sure they're symmetrical."

This Attacus Atlas Moth

Reddit | Creativemermaid

Is there anything more satisfying than such perfect symmetry? Just imagine how many cashmere jumpers this bad boy could go through!

The Reflections Of These Sticks In A Pond Making Cool Shapes...

Reddit | leohpeoh

It's as though Mother Nature is trying to write to us but is far too drunk... go home Mother Nature, you're drunk!

"This volcano looks like souls being dragged to the depths of Hell."

Reddit | cking145

This is Mother Nature's version of the naughty corner.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Reddit | jusalurkermostly

I hate it when I get tan lines as savage as these, don't worry Bryce Canyon, they'll fade out!

"The skeleton of a 28ft Anaconda!"

Reddit | Top-t-shirt

It's oddly hypnotic following the evenly spaced bones from the head to the tail, I can't say it would be as pleasantly hypnotic seeing it from the inside though.

"These four identical, evenly spaced birth marks on my eyeball"

Reddit | FancyFlavor

I'm fairly certain that this is one of the things that they check for when assessing whether someone is a replicant in Blade Runner...

The Eye Of A Daddy Long Legs

Reddit | torplot

Look at the minute detail of this. There is so much fascinating stuff on this planet that we cannot even perceive. It's also fascinating to know that Daddy Long Legs do in fact have eyes considering the fuss they make about trying to fly through and opened window in my apartment.

This Car That Was Struck By Lightning

Reddit | Civilized_drifter

I couldn't draw a circle that perfect with a pencil, let a lone a bolt of electricity. Good for you nature with your dangerously magical electricity pens!