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30 Things Done So Perfectly It Gave Us Goosebumps

Years of the internet showing us satisfying videos and perfectly executed maneuvers means we know perfection when we see it. It gives us a little tingly feeling, and we nod our head knowing that yes, that was well done.

The images on this list aim to recreate that sensation, leaving us feeling good and maybe even amazed with 30 things done so perfectly it gave us goodebumps.

"Hit 111,111 miles on my car while it was 111°F."

This feels like some serendipitous type of moment, especially since you were able to capture it, but at temperatures like that... it's more like a curse.

"This bag from my eye doctor’s office incorporated the handles into the design."

The amount of time I spent staring at this thinking it was a 'g' before I reread the title.

"The air filter I just took out of my lawnmower vs the one I replaced it with."

Why isn't there something like this we can do with the human body? Just a slot with a replaceable filter that catches all the nasty stuff so we don't have to worry about it.

"The rocks at the bottom of Lake McDonald make it look like a real life fish tank."

This is a dangerous place for me to be. These all look like candy and I only have so much impulse control.

"I found glacier water so clear you can barely see it."

See, this is safe! Cool, clean water with no edible-looking rocks.

"This license plate with all B’s and 8’s."

Every time this person recites their license plate, they turn into Porky Pig for a little bit.

"I got way more excited about this than I should have."

No, don't limit your excitement like that, this is a nice moment. Enjoy the beauty of it as much as you'd like.

"The packaging for this towel."

I appreciate the visual appeal, but it does worry me that they thought we needed instructions on how to use a towel.

"The staggered mag strip on sequential bills."

Such a small, small detail that feels so, so good to look at.

"Just got our bedroom walls painted. They put the screws back in facing the same direction."

Something about this is attractive. Like, I want to look at it. I don't feel that way for every switch plate.

"This rock I found with a straight line of quartz."

Do you all remember Oreo Cakesters? This is how big they felt when we were kids eating them.

"The wavy insides of this leek."

It just wanted to feel a little quirky, a little different. Add a bit more texture to your meal.

"My toothpaste made this perfect swirl."

This can happen outside of commercials? Wow, accurate advertising for once.

'The inside of my tree looks fake."

They just pumped the tree's shell with filler, there's no actual real tree in there!

"My belly button makes a perfect spiral."

I hate to say it this way but it does look like you've been branded with some sort of strange, supernatural omen.

"This cover painted to look like brick at a restaurant."

This looks pretty good for what it was trying to accomplish, but there's no way I wouldn't still feel suspicious about it while eating there.

"My 84 y/o grandpa’s packing abilities."

Looks like grandpa should join the moving crew from the last pic, he could teach them a few things.

"My full cup of milk that made the cup look upside down."

This is a pretty neat illusion, but I have to ask, why are you drinking milk out of a mug?

"The rain revealed a portrait of the witches buried under this tree."

They revealed themselves to you for a reason. They're asking for your help. Will you do it? Do you feel the call of their powers?

"The sand dispersed on this new bike lane make it look as though the sun is shining…"

It's real pretty until a rider comes along and wipes out on the sand because they, too, thought it was sun.

"Behold! The most seedless watermelon I have ever seen."

No seeds, thin rind, that beautiful bright red color. This just might be the most perfect melon.

"The intersection of three rooms at my new place."

On the left we have your regular old office, nothing new there, but on the right we have the cool office. In there they serve seltzer and play ska music.

"I found a leaf that is half veins-only."

That perfect straight line across is so deliciously perfect. Thank you, nature, for doing that.

"The amount of rolls I used in 6 years."

People were quickly able to tell a few things about this guy. He lives alone, he doesn't have kids, and he doesn't have cats. He did confirm all these, too. The power of deduction!

"The cling film over my bowl of proving pizza dough formed an airtight seal."

The insatiable urge to pop it is bubbling within my chest. A pin is the standard choice but I think a fork would work perfectly here.

"This piece of foil [I] found on the street that looks like a samurai warrior."

I definitely see it, too. He's on his way to fight some litter-formed beasts terrorizing his land. It will be a mighty battle, but only one can walk away victorious.

"Sand collected from various beaches we’ve travelled to."

I can just tell that you move this jar at a snail's pace, the lack of mixing is truly impressive.

"How well our movers Tetris’d our stuff."

It's all fun and games until rows of your belongings vanish because of that mattress piece finally sliding in.

'The leading lines at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, CO."

The angle here is a little harsh, but the effect is neat either way. A result of good planning and execution!

"Rubber band collapsed into a Treble Clef."

It has kept its secret long enough, it had to let you know after so many years that it dreams of being a musician!

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