11+ Oddly Satisfying Pics Of Objects That Finally Got A Thorough Cleaning

Who here is a fan of cleaning? I'm not, I've got to admit that. But, unfortunately, somebody has to get the job done. Am I right?

In the cleaning world, some do it right away, and then there are those like me who tend to procrastinate. No matter what camp you belong to, you will appreciate these before-and-after pictures.

1. This Computer

If you keep your computer in a state like that, I don't envy you at all. I can't even understand how it can work when it's as dirty as that. After this person gave it a thorough cleaning job, it looks much better, no?

2. This Carpet

I've got to tell you something about carpets: They can have lots of nasty bacteria hidden in them. Once you get them all cleaned up, it's a whole other ball game. This one looks pretty impressive now.

3. This Shower

It's never fun to have to clean your shower. I know something about that since I'm usually the one doing the job. But once you get it out of the way, isn't it so satisfying to see it look like that?

4. This Pathway

Who here is a fan of the power washer? I don't own one, but I find pictures like these oddly satisfying, ha, ha! They make me marvel at the powerful ways of this appliance, and now I want to get one to clean our pathway.

5. This Frying Pan

Let me ask you something — do your frying pans look like this too? If they do, I'm going to tell you a little secret. This person used the Bar Keepers Friend, and it's no joke. It works quite well.

5. These AC Filters

Did you know that you should clean your AC unit's filters? They do, after all, get pretty dirty, as you can see here. I've got to say this looks pretty disgusting yet so satisfying.

7. These Boots

I'm always wary of buying leather shoes. It can't be fun to keep those clean. Am I right? But once you give them a good scrub and get them to look like new, you'll fall in love with them again.

8. This Tennis Court

Oh wow, can you believe how dirty this tennis court looked like before? I mean, what the heck? How do you even get it so nasty? Regardless of the answer, I think I like what I see now.

9. This Car

Most people treat their car as if it was their baby. Am I right? So I'm pretty surprised this person let it go so long that their car ended up looking like this. After a good wash, it's much better. Isn't it?

10. These Car Seats

Speaking of cars, they do get dirty inside too. You know that, right? So once in a while, it's a good idea to give your seats a thorough cleaning so they can come back to the way they were.

11. This Stove

I've got to tell you something, do not neglect your stove for a year like this person did. Cleaning this mess must've been a pain in the neck. I wouldn't want to do it, to be honest.

12. This Fridge

Oh my goodness, is this a fridge I see here? Oh, no! It can't be. If this is the current situation with your fridge, you must take care of it ASAP. Whoever cleaned this mess up must give themselves a pat on the back.

13. This Leather Purse

Can somebody tell me what I am looking at here? Is that mold that I see on this purse? Yuck! I can't believe how bad it got. But what's more surprising is how this person was able to clean it of all that.

14. This Victorian Gown

It's amazing to see that even antique garments can be brought back to life with the help of a thorough cleaning. You'd never guess that this gown was so old by looking at it now.

Wow, aren't these before-and-after cleaning pictures incredible or what?

Who knew cleaning stuff would be this fun? I do have to admit, looking at these gives me an oddly satisfying feeling, hee, hee. What about you? Are you digging these. too?

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