20 Things That Are Probably A Little Bit Cursed

The world around us is full of weird things that can creep us out a little. All you need to do is look at Piers Morgan and there's the case closed!

Anyway, that aside, from people who found apartments with no real doors to individuals who designed hellish firepits, here are 20 things that are probably a little bit cursed!

"I tried to separate my puddings…"

It was pointed out by one delightful person that this looks like a hangnail, and now I cannot see anything else. I think that such a comparison would actually stop me from being able to eat one of these cups.

"Recently found in a hospital lab, I just can't anymore."

Good God, this is one of the most horrific signs that I have ever had the misfortune of reading. All that I can say is, thank God I do not work in the sort of place where people are wiping their noses on the wall!

"Gas station in Nebraska. The station's color scheme was red. They tried to get artsy."

I do not think that a "murder spree room" aesthetic is very good for a gas station bathroom. I wonder how many people get up to this bathroom door and find themselves thinking, "You know what, i think that I'll hold it."

"Easy to lift handles my ass."

I suppose that the people who designed this abomination would argue that the handles are indeed "easy to lift," it's just that you cannot lift the box with them. Loopholes such as that are what keep this society ticking over!

"Halloween just got a little more interesting."

It obviously says, "Trick or treat," there is absolutely no way that anyone could ever read it as anything else! Although, just to play it on the safe side, I would not hang this on your door...unless you want the police coming around.

"It's time to sun your cheeks!"

Why did they ever feel the need to print this warning like this? There is so much that is weird about the design choices on this sign. I think that the eerie smiley faces also throw up a lot of issues.

"The ultimate curse..."

Ah the classic "place a curse of endless Lego underfoot upon your cleaning supplies," situation. I cannot count the amount of times that I have encountered this before. Also, if you are on the receiving end of it, then there really is no shaking it.

"This is how my girlfriend eats cheesecake."

No. Just no. Maybe if the inner circle was a lot neater then it would be...actually no, I simply cannot find a way to look at this positively. This person needs to have a long and hard think about the future of this relationship.

"I almost missed the traffic light just trying to read this."

I would not be in any way surprised if there were to be a sudden swathe of car crashes at this junction. I tried to read this a handful of times and all it gave me was a headache at first.

"Our toilet seat broke so the landlady sent us a new one and ignored our request for it to be square."

How does someone manage to mess this up so badly? Now it looks kinds of as though this toilet is really nervous about something we aren't aware of. Actually, the more that I think about it, toilets are quite understandably nervous things.

"Sure, place an ad with a guy drinking water next to rubbing alcohol of the same brand."

Now I am just imagining someone heading out for a bottle of water from the shop, taking a swig on their way home, and coming through the door absolutely hammered. Well, if they made it through the front door at all, because rubbing alcohol is literal poison.

"I wanna go to...what's it called again?"

This must be a very exclusive restaurant, the kind of place that people can only go to if they already know the name. To everyone else, this place is simply known as the Twiglets and dungballs place, which isn't a very catchy name, actually.

"Was at a friend's house and this abomination caught my eye."

I used to quite like having a Newton's Cradle on my desk in order to relax myself when I was feeling a little stressed, and yet here is someone who has managed to turn it into the most disturbing item I have seen for a long time.

"An apartment in London that has no front door. Just a set of stairs leading up to a window."

Ah yes, and the state-of-the-art cardboard carpet rolled out to welcome prospective guests into their new abode. I am sure that there will be many people emailing the landlord about this property...to complain, that is, not to enquire about the flat itself.

"Our baker is a clown!"

The placement of that red nose is so perfect that this almost appears to be deliberate! Maybe this company was hoping to somehow grab people's attention by using the fact that a ridiculously high percentage of the population are terrified of clowns?

"This 10 of Diamonds..."

I am sure that most people who were reviewing the work done on printing this card would give it a solid 9 out of 10. I can also imagine that playing a game of poker with this card in the mix would cause quite a few arguments.

"Doordash thinks my birthday is 'unrealistic.'"

One equally unfortunate person did go on to lament, "Try being born on a leap year, I had to go to court to pay off a credit card debt because their website didn't recognize 29th of Feb as a legit date."

"This firepit not being built in the centre of the pentagram."

They even made the firepit into the shape of a pentagon for just such an occasion? Also, if the pentagonal firepit is not in the centre of the pentagram then how are you going to be able to effectively summon the dark lord?

"The use by date was printed on my hamburger buns..."

I initially thought that you would probably be alright to eat this anyway, until someone explained, "Yeah, don't eat that. I use one of these printers at work pretty often and the solvents and ink are definitely something that shouldn't be ingested."

"The tilted glassware in this restaurant makes me uncomfortable."

The only time that these glasses should ever be used is if you want to try and mess with someone who is a little bit too drunk in your house. They should not be used in a damn restaurant though!

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