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15 Things We Pay For That Should Be Free

The one thing that you realize, as you get older, is that being an adult is expensive. Everything in life costs money, but when you think about the things that cost money, you open your eyes to see that it's kind of crazy what we do spend on.

Some things in life should totally be free, and thanks to Reddit, people are pointing out just what those things are.

Clean water.

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One Reddit user pointed out that we spend so much money every year on clean water.

From buying water bottles to buying filters and things for our home. Water is a natural resource, it's insane how much we spend on it!

ATM service.

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Have you ever been strapped for cash and you're not near a bank? Most places have ATMs where you can take out money from your account, but you have to pay a fee.

Having to pay someone to take out my own money will never, ever sit right with me.

Air for your tires.

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Another person pointed out that we spend an awful lot on air, another natural resource, for our tires in our cars and our bikes.

Let's face it, air is literally all around us and having to spend money to pump it into a tire at a greater force shouldn't cost us anything.


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Others argue that healthcare should be free, because not all countries have universal and free healthcare. As Americans, we pay taxes as citizens and still have to pay such high prices for healthcare. Most of the time, we settle for less expensive healthcare which prevents us from certain treatments and medicines.

Luggage when flying.

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If you're paying for the airplane ticket, why do you have to pay so much more to store your luggage?

It makes absolutely zero sense, as you spend so much money on the ticket itself and the plane has the space to store the luggage regardless. Seems extra.


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Many people believe that food should also be free, as it's a necessity to survive.

As many different types of food grow from the ground and the Earth, some people are mindblown that we still need to pay such high prices to survive.

Education and materials.

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One user mentioned education and education materials, such as textbooks and other necessities needed to obtain an education.

As we all have to go to school by law, it should be free for us to gain the knowledge to enter the workforce.

Feminine products.

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Someone else mentioned that tampons and pads should totally be free, and we agree.

Women don't ask to have their periods and need these things, yet companies profit off of something women cannot control at all. Good quality tampons and pads are pricey. Seems like a scam to me.


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Others were quick to mention college, as the prices of tuition reach new sky highs.

College is required for any job or profession today, and many jobs require not one but two degrees. The more college costs, the fewer people can afford to attend.

Work uniforms and school uniforms.

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Another person did mention that work uniforms and school uniforms should be free, 100%.

If you are told you have to wear something or you cannot attend the job or the school, it shouldn't come out of your pocket to have to pay for it on top of things.


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While some places do give out condoms for free, like in sexual education class, for many people condoms cost money.

One person pointed out that if you are going to practice safe sex, condoms should be free of charge.

Checking accounts.

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Surprisingly you would think that putting your own money in the bank would be free, as it's your money.

But, banks actually charge you to hold your money there, and oftentimes have annual fees to keep it there, too.

Extras in hotels.

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When you pay for a hotel room, many times you think you will get to use all of the hotel's amenities when you stay there. However, many places charge you extra to use things like WiFi, the pool, the spa, etc.

Seems like a whole scam.

National parks.

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Some national parks are free, while others require you to pay to get in. Seeing as it's a national monument that was made on its own and no one really had to go build it and put it together, you would think it would be free. But, nope.

Drink refills.

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When going out to eat, some places allow free refills, as they charge such high prices for a soda or iced tea. But, now some places charge to have a refill.

The kicker is that the soda machine doesn't cost them nearly as much as it does to pay for those refills!